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​To them, you don't belong. To them, you don't fit in. To them, well, they don't even care about you enough to decide what they think.

​We all know what that's like.

​They're wrong, though. You don't belong, you don't fit in--that enough is true. But, you won't need to fit in when you realize what you were destined to do. You won't need ​them. ​What you will need is us. The other Heirborn. The other people who have never belonged until now.

​That feeling...where you know ​what you were born to do and you know ​that it's your destiny--will always be pushed away by others, others who try to bring you down. You can stand up to these ​dimwits, ​or you can back away and ignore your own future. You can confess now. You are an ​Heirborn. You know what you were born to do, and no one can kill that belief.

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