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It's easy to forget the things that really matter . We live in a world where trust , loyalty , safety and love are nothing but a myth.  Growing up without a parent can be hard to someone. Feeling not loved . Hating yourself because of the way you look. Being depressed. Being in an emotionally and verbally abusive relationship and your and friends and family keep telling you to just get out ,but they don't take the time to atleast try and understand how hard it really is. Being that one who was raped or who still gets raped by someone they trusted ,someone that was suppose to keep them save. These are just a few things that can lead to suicidal thoughts . People do not realise this and often think that it will never happen to them but that's the biggest and ugliest lie you can tell yourself because you don't know what will happen in the near future. LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE. It could happen or could be happening to your sister, brother, aunty, mother, grandmom,niece, nephew, cousin, best friend etc. and you could be entirely clueless to it . This house is where we can openly discuss the truth ,the pain, the hurt and offer a ear and support to those who need it. Open up your story might just inspire someone. This is where we stand as one.  We are here for one another to listen to each other's stories and to simply let all the unspoken know that they should not be afraid ,that they are not alone. Be there, be heard, be strong, be proud .
Real Life Struggles

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