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I've designed a private house for people who want to self-publish.  This is for SERIOUS applicants only, who have decided they want to publish.  There will be workshops about marketing, blurb/author bio clinics, A/B testing, all sorts.

So, why join?  I'll be honest, most of the "advice" forums you encounter are populated by fellow new writers who want to get their name out there.  They post to get noticed, not to offer sound advice.  I'm no expert, but I do have 10 publications on Amazon, so I have experience and connections.  I was very lucky to have one author, in particular, work tirelessly to promote me when I started out (P A Priddey, author of Vesta Mansion) and I try to give back to new authors in return.

Consider this house one of the many tools you can use to get your work on Amazon.  Good luck :)

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