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I met you under stars, the train ringing, and a glow in your eyes 


We watched the sunrise and kissed, I felt something, maybe she could be mine; 


Just the thought thee imagination, this women going somewhere so far in life 


She has all this love hidden just brought at by the two bullies that are her knights 



Her blonde hair, green eyes or maybe blue it's been so long since I've seen 


I'd hope to see them again, I've seen such a girl in my dreams; 


Her life is her own, she rules it all, she can become anything her heart desires 


What one does when seeing a true beauty is one look and admire 



Her spirt, her fight, a desire with strong will, and a stubborn fight 


For anything she truly loves she would go far and away to show them her light; 


So radiant when the sun shines down,hair  so beautifully flowing on the beach, sand sinking in her toes 


Lord my breath taken away under the stars, my blood started to flow, as I laid looking at her wanting to know 



So bright the light sheds upon her, she is truly beautiful in every way 


If I could name them all, Id be naming for days 

She Doesn't See It In Herself

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