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To understand the character of Hafiz in the movie Forbidden Love.


Narration like in English movie pictures �"Smile Works- Secrets Studios Gifts- Silent motion picture presents: Unexpected happenstance Productions: AdheenaHafiz- Forbidden love. Based on true imaginary life story. Character names changed. History-Non fiction. Storyline.

As seen in book of Genesis, Yahovah do not like His angelic sons to go and follow the girls on earth belonging to other castes. Yahovah also do not like His angelic sons wearing women’s dress. In Jewish Torah same as in Christian Bible, King David, Prophet Jeremiah and Yeshua Christhu are depression afflicted personalities. We as human beings should not worship the creations as idol worship. We should worship Yahovah[the only true God-Swayam Bhu]. Yahovah is against idol worship. Yahovah is also against same gender sexual relationships[unnatural relationships]. Yeshua Christhu’s 2nd coming sign is 888.

One girl from a wealthy middle class family meets a boy from a semi rich middle class family in the middle year of 90's. Both the boy and girl have talent and beauty. Both the boy and girl are like angels. But Yahovah [the only one God] has given depression and anxiety for both of them which is growing up according to their time in this world.

The girl is acting in depressed state and the boy is in it. The boy's name is Hafiz , aged 7. Hafiz is born on 2nd August,1988. He stays in Goa with his parents and is studying there in Goa. The boy is coming back with his malayali parents to Thrissur, his hometown . The boy's mother grown up in Central India till now. And the boy has been born in Central India and brought up in Goa till now.

The girl is on holiday with her Konkani parents in Goa and her name is Adheena, aged 9. Adheena is born on 5th January, 1986 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The girl is coming back with her parents to her hometown, Bangalore from Goa. That afternoon, both the boy and girl travel to their destinations with their parents in the same berth of the same air conditioned train compartment.The girl come to know about boy and boy's parents while conversing in english. The boy also come to know with the girl and girl's parents . The girl was observing the boy and the boy's parents as she wants to aspire her talent in acting in future . The boy waits for his time to come in future . The boy's mother is beautiful and has talents but the boy's mother has diabetes from a young age and she has already been married and Hafiz's mother do not want to become a celebrity. Hafiz's mother has already got a public sector bank job . Hafiz's father works for government service in railways. Hafiz came to know from his senses of imagination that Adheena is observing him and observing his family for using his and his family's characteristics in future for her movies .

The train that they are travelling is Okha express which is moving south of India. Hafiz and his family has to change their train travel from Bangalore to Thrissur. As a narrator, I have to say that Thrissur is famous for its culture, festivals, music and melam. While leaving the compartment Hafiz exclaims to the girl. "From where are you coming? She says,”India”, So Hafiz say to her, “no, you are from paradise. “ After sometime Hafiz says in the presence of  that girl in his small voice,”I love you." Hafiz said like that because that Adheena loved his mother and his family. Hafiz might have said in the presence of Adheena like that because Hafiz may have thought in his conscious mind that Adheena may not perform good in movies, but in Hafiz’s sub conscious mind ,Hafiz know that Adheena will perform well.

Hafiz is presenting his love in the presence of some girl for the first time in his life and after that he can never use his love for one other girl as Yahovah knows. The girl does not like what Hafiz said to her. Adheena do not like it. The girl in her inner thoughts wanted an older boy to love her. The girl is 3 year older than that boy. Adheena's anxiety increased. But the boy smiled hurtingly to her and waved the girl goodbye. They both are not going to meet again in real. Whether Hafiz said the girl, 'I love you' with the innocent childish naughtiest anxiety inside him; no one knows. No, Hafiz said everything to that girl, Adheena very sternly even though Hafiz is a child. Only Yahovah [ the true God] knows it. Hafiz in his imagination remembered the girl as Gayathri, his school friend in Goa and Hafiz laments because in his forgetfulness said,’ I love you’ in the presence of an older girl. Whether to accept her Hafiz’s elder sister or friend, Hafiz, would not know. Hafiz cannot marry her because the girl is from another caste and religion, The girl aspire for modelling and acting so she might have many boy friends in the future. How can Hafiz trust the girl as his friend!? In Hafiz's imagination, that girl Gayathri would get a pure goan husband in future. Why should Hafiz quit this enjoyable life with Yahovah only because of an other caste girl or boy? Hafiz’s mind is strong even if he do not go for acting artificially in movies or he does.Everything Yahovah provides.

Hafiz said these words from his innocent conscious or sub-conscious, but Adheena irrelevantly dramatically feels that Hafiz said it only by acting like those time actors like gay foolish advocate Mammootty and footballer SRK. Hafiz only have lots of hair over his face from those times only because Hafiz is less accompanied by his daddy for a hair cut to a barber shop. Adheena thinks Hafiz is a paagal lover like SRK, together when Hafiz said these words in presence of her. How could Hafiz become a paagal lover like SRK or a gay actor like Mammooty when Hafiz has not studied acting course. Hafiz is a slow motion song dance actor, with action ofcourse. But it is not that acting what foolish gay earthly actors like others make it for making money in earthly movies. Hafiz is a heavenly boy or man and a Godly man.

[Presenting song.]


Both the boy and girl reached their homes safely. After reaching Thrissur, the boy forgot everything whatever happened. The boy is Godly depressed and naughtily anxious with his talent and beauty and he is God fearing . Hafiz looks up to Yahovah for his help. Hafiz with his parents again went to Goa for his studies while his parents work there. Hafiz keeps the train incident in his mind, but gradually forgets everything slowly from Hafiz’s conscious mind while enjoying  Goan culture and Goan mates. Hafiz stayed in Goa till Hafiz was 7 year old and he came back to Thrissur with his parents.  While at home and school in Bangalore, Adheena looks over that Hafiz as a special boy inside her thoughts. Hafiz got a younger brother after sometime. Hafiz wants to love his brother and to love his other friends, but Hafiz has already said, ‘I love you’ in the presence of  a girl that they all do not know and see Hafiz is going to be misunderstood by everyone of his age from this point. But everyone knows inside and Hafiz is in his inside a brave talented man or boy. Hafiz’s daddy was the person who said to Hafiz to forget everything what happened through Goan way and continue in Thrissur . But how can Hafiz forget all those things which shaped his character. Hafiz continued as he was. Hafiz’s forgetting mind made him anxious. Hafiz is not anxious naturally but it is produced by forgetting things as Hafiz’s daddy said to him to forget Goan way. Hafiz is happy always naturally.

But Yahovah[ the only true God] does not like Hafiz’s and Adheena’s connection which will lead to plunging of worldly desires. Hafiz is a Catholic as Christian. Adheena belongs to other caste.

Hafiz and Adheena both become very silent in their daily lives from then but they both are brave and God fearing in their own ways. Hafiz is thinking that something very bad is going to happen sometime.

Many train accidents, natural disasters, manmade disasters, climatic changes go through their daily lives each year. Inside of both of them, their anxieties grow up, but outwardly it is not seen.

Everything for Hafiz and Adheena is connecting with the number 2nd. Like 2 towers crashing down which is the world trade centre attack in 2001. Hafiz’s both grandfather and grandmother die unexpectedly in the year 2000. Hafiz gets surprised when Hafiz learns about 2nd coming of Christhu in his moral study classes in school. Hafiz also gets astonished when he learns about the dancer and singer warrior princess Mastani of Madhya Pradesh- 2nd wife of Rao. During Hafiz's growing up period, relatives, friends, neighbours and others mistook him, with Hafiz' forgetfullness and secrets, yet Hafiz is happy inside with his anxieties. Hafiz is not literally anxious. Hafiz is at this life doing good. Hafiz started to be speedy right thinker leaving other things of others to another side. Hafiz shows off his talents while in school and college but he cannot remember this girl. Everything is in Hafiz' subconscious mind. Hafiz did not know what study or work to choose after his school studies. So Hafiz’s parents decided to send Hafiz for health care job[nursing]. Hafiz accepts this professional study. Hafiz in his anxiety and depression, felt jealous and anger watching unnatural relationships among teenage boys and girls during Hafiz’s late teenage period. Sometimes while in train travel like coming back from Gandhinagar[Gujarat], after visiting Hafiz’s mother’s relatives; tears roll down from Hafiz’s eyes. The boy do not know the reason for tears rolling down from his eyes. Maybe thinking of forgetting failures through out his life or because of missing Goan incidents after coming back to Thrissur. The rain comes down with cool breeze with Hafiz’s tears to soothen Hafiz’s mind and body. Hafiz smiles. Hafiz has not got the recognition what he has to get as a human being till now and from here continuing, while others gets the normal recognition. Yahovah is seeing it. Hafiz wants his family and friends safe. While Hafiz pursue his bachelor’s degree in nursing in Bangalore, from 2006 to 2010; this girl pursue her study in sociology, and then she went for her modelling and acting career, both of them in Bangalore in the early years of 2000’s . This girl, Adheena, show off her talent on screens starting up with connections with this boy she met in her childhhod. She connects movies with Hafiz. Adheena wanted Hafiz’s life acted in her movies. In Bangalore college, even if a hostel mate named Tody understood the reason behind Hafiz's forgetfullness and silence and even if Tody tried to make Hafiz remember, Hafiz would not remember Adheena from her movies. Tody's birthday is on 28th January,1989. Adheena used Hafiz’ life. Adheena used all information from Hafiz’s facebook account to make her fabulous movies which were all blockbusters. Adheena has not forgotten anything. The girl smiles and remembers Hafiz. Hafiz said what he had something more in common with his anxiety, to make Yahovah’s path straight. The girl kept it in her conscious.

In the year 2011 and 2012; Hafiz goes to Horsham, London finds job earns money, gets fucked and drunken with malayali friends and with a Srilankan friend; the boy likes the climate over there but fails and come back and after coming back to Thrissur starts to play violin by going to violin classes. The first song Hafiz played in the violin is ‘twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are’. Hafiz goes to attend his cousin sister’s wedding party in Vendore. Hafiz's cousin sister's birthday is on 22nd day of second month in 1989. There he sees Rapha[Hafiz’s sister’s friend]. Amid concerns over Hafiz's life; A new way of hope and happiness is getting wings to fly high in the senses. Hafiz subconsciously advances to Rapha, keeps Rapha in his own sub conscious, did not speak to him and continues his own way. Hafiz is now 24 years old. Hafiz like the word Rapha as it means heal as in Yahovah Rapha as it says about Yahovah who heals Hafiz’s memories.

After one week Hafiz passes his first driving test and starts riding bike and start to drive car. Hafiz is weak in maths ,so he could not complete his hospital management course. Hafiz undergo with his circumscision procedure in Thrissur because Hafiz’s foreskin is tight and it does not fully retract and it retract painfully without getting full erection and there is little bit of sexual dissatisfaction for Hafiz while doing with depressed girls like Adheena. Hafiz is a small cut thick long juicy cock straighty thug. Adheena and Hafiz, both started to take prescribed drugs for their anxiety with their own wish. But the boy, Hafiz cannot remember the girl after she grew up. All visions, environment, and climate changes by itself when that cousin sister’s friend’syounger brother, Rapha meet Hafiz and tries to know about Hafiz fully through facebook. Hafiz messaged him in messenger and Rapha called Hafiz back, but Hafiz was not in a position to take Rapha’s unexpected calls eventhough Hafiz and Rapha is innocent . Rapha is working in Gulf country. Hafiz is 26year old this time Hafiz gets relieved from many inner secrets. From then a period of memories comes slowly from Hafiz’s forgetfulness. But Hafiz cannot accept himself in this condition as to get known to someone through facebook and Hafiz goes to forgetfulness and anxiety and continue with his job by caling bad names to Rapha and his friends. Rapha likes movies but Rapha started turning up bad for Hafiz. Rapha is born on 24TH June,1989, and is a freaky tall jovial talkative dark VijaySreenivasnSRK fan. Rapha studied his diploma course in Delhi.

Many Todys, Raphas, Romeyos, SRK fans, facebook friends, far friends, boys having height and fairness, came and gone through Hafiz’s life. The actual thing that Hafiz should talk to Tody and Raphas were about the tension and depression when if Hafiz goes for acting and the tension when he is asked to kiss another caste girl that Hafiz will stop going for acting if anything such physical intimacy occur during acting with other caste girl, only if Hafiz goes for acting instead of doing Hafiz’s valuable nursing degree. Hafiz has not said this thing about the forgetfulness of these things and Hafiz has not spoke about this to any of the Todys or Raphas. But due to Hafiz’s anger, forgetfulness, low voice talking problem, life acting, crookedness, depression, anxiety and comedy, all became upside down. Hafiz put a stop to all unusual friendships. Hafiz put a stop to all bad friendships which only heighten the anxieties between those friendships. Hafiz put all of them to a side and deleted and blocked all such unusual friendships from entering his life. Hafiz does not need such friendships. Hafiz understood that he needed a wife who will be his lifelong partner where they will both support and help each other in this enjoyable life. Hafiz opted near good friends. Hafiz started to hate all forms of digitalization and digital friends.

[New song]

Hafiz went to Chhattisgarh for working and new movies and new songs of Adheena in her movies connecting with Hafiz started up. Adheena is using Hafiz. She does Hafiz's childhood photo manipulation to video edit her movies. No one could find it but Yahovah knows it. Many natural disasters happened in coincidence, with the deaths of notable artists, from the year 2014; only then Hafiz remembered everything slowly . Hafiz was doing his tiresome nursing job that time in Thrissur, Chhattisgarh and then in Bengaluru with increased urge in physical bonding with strangers. By that time Hafiz earned many unlucky and disgraceful mates in his forgetfulness. Adheena showed Hafiz through her movie but did not reveal Hafiz as her childhood boy-friend to the real public; yet she revealed her all present movie boy-friends. Hafiz wants her to know that Hafiz remembered Adheena from Hafiz’s memories, from the year 2017. Hafiz recorded his high pitch voice for tragic,sad and exciting songs of both women and men in smile song recording with good quality music, with good response and he tried women’s dress for spin dancing and recording but could not record the dance. Hafiz bought many new clothes for his relatives and neighbours from his earned money from his nursing job in Bengaluru and helped his family with his earned money. Hafiz revealed and published his story by writing online in writing in women's revealing writing site in English in many world famous writing sites with many online readers. Hafiz warned by writing to Adheena that if she would not delete those movie songs and films that connect Hafiz, then something bad , very bad is going to happen like 2 million people or viewers of those songs will die soon. Particularly writing about Kerala people’s and world’s misapprehension on Hafiz’s only life on Earth. Hafiz fought his own anxiety by writing and revealing because majority in the world thinks that depression and anxiety is for women only but actually it comes to boys and men too. Many celebs start to know who Hafiz is. Again many unexpected floods happened in Kerala. Adheena became anxious after watching Hafiz's revealing. Adheena regrets for using Hafiz’s life in her song and movies.

Drug addiction - There are many incidents in Kerala, such as killing a boy; The wall of women; Transgender movies are released in Malayalam
About the entry of women to worship in front of idols of the Hindu God and go to the hills for prayer.

By that time Adheena had got many boy friends in movie field and Hafiz's exclamation of 'I love you' with his naughtiest anxiety remained a rising wave. Adheena married another male artist from her caste. Again unexpected natural disasters happened. Adheena did not try to stop Hafiz . The girl mocked at the boy .Both the boy and the girl got into each other's private life. This became a world disaster by becoming a world pandemic. No one knows it still now. All people with their ignorance pray to their idol gods to save them from these natural disasters but they do not know Yahovah[the true God] is the reason behind all these occurences. Hafiz is still concealed for many, while many know. Adheena is now a celebrity known by all but she is suffering inside due to Hafiz' powerful lamentations. Hafiz is still waiting for his time. But Hafiz is now baptized in Yeshua's name. Hafiz deleted the revealed stories and Hafiz wants to follow Yeshua's' Yahovah's spiritual gifts of sweet goodness. Hafiz is now a true Christian believer. Hafiz uses Yahovah’s true name as Yeshua and not Jesus. Hafiz avoids idol worship. Four of Hafiz’s family members died of old age problems in these years from 2016 till 2018. Hafiz is now married and going on with his small business firm. Many people including Adheena’s and Hafiz’s relatives and friends lost their jobs due to hindrance of travel due to the unstoppable pandemic Hafiz and Adheena succumbed to the natural disasters happening again and again or to say they both were born to Earth as human beings and now their time of their death came and they both die at their own times. Hafiz died and after his death rejoined with Yahovah's spirit. Adheena relieves her depression together with remembering Hafiz by acting situation with Hafiz with equivalent actors in her acting field. Adheena also got fullfilled by her worldly desires but while Hafiz after his death rejoined with Yahovah's spirit, Adheena as an idol worshipper and jalpana reciter, without revealing the boy to the world, after her death, perished with her anger and self-boastings in satanic spirits or she remained an art in her spirit. Let Yahovah have mercy and grace with Adheena [the girl-the art goddess]], to know about the true God[Yahovah]. Let the girl and the world get to know about the boy who loved the girl in his sub conscious mind. The boy says to Yahovah-'Let Adheena get eternity'. Yahovah asks Hafiz, ‘Whether you want someone who manipulate, use and mock you as a partner !?”. Hafiz says. “No No” Yahovah’s angelic sons should not go behind girls of other castes. Yahovah provides everything.

[ Another new song ]

Yet; As written by Apostle Poulose in new testament of Bible, ‘If one believer has a partner who is not a believer, the partnership is only a way of good judgement.’ Because the girl, Adheena is not a Christian, this is not possible. The girl; Adheena also started supporting same sex relationships[unnatural relationships] in public media. So it is impossible for good judgement of her character.

Everyone wants this real life story to be a silent secret. But Hafiz wants this life story to be revealed by himself.

Depression, anxiety, comedy, life acting, crookedness and every other things are for people to reach their aim and will be there, till they achieve their aim in a perfect way. Yahovah will judge surely among these villaining depressed bollywood stars and Yahovah will judge both Adheena's false pride in herself and Hafiz's innocence.


Saying thanks to Hafiz’s parents,few relatives and few friends for being God fearing together with Hafiz’s life.

[Soothening Violin Music].

Continuation of the movie narration :

Hafiz’s daddy was the person who made Hafiz to forget her and the incidents on the way back through from Goa to Thrissur. Hafiz’s daddy is a fool and now paying for it, by making Hafiz more exhausted. Now Hafiz’s daddy is having trouble in finding Hafiz, a woman of Christian background without having proper nursing job in those pandemic era. Or did Hafiz’s daddy act wise? May be. But Hafiz’s only love to a girl that he expressed is going out of value and now all world problems and issues are arising. Yahovah sees everything. Is it Hafiz’s mistake or Hafiz’s daddy’s mistake? His daddy may have told him to forgot all those incidents for Hafiz’s good. But there is something that is right for Yahovah of what Hafiz is doing throughout Hafiz’s life. Hafiz loves his parents and Hafiz is Yahovah lover.

Or if what Hafiz said to that girl is foolish it should be valid. If Hafiz would have remembered that incident, Hafiz would have gone to Mumbai searching for acting agency and Hafiz would have been on time of that first making the of movie of Adheena and another famous hero of 2007, depicting Adheena’s life on screens. And Hafiz would have met her on that spot and even if Hafiz forgot her, she could have introduced her to Hafiz by making Hafiz remember that time Hafiz and Adheena met. Hafiz would have exclaimed, “Oh that day we both met with our parents, said something, I love you.”, “ Yes”. That is the situation how things get remembered. Then Hafiz and Adheena together in their first movie. Then they both kiss each other, find each one. May be they would marry even they are both from different castes, and soon Hafiz would be together with all the movies of Adheena. Like that happy life for both to know each other and happy ending in this Earth. After that no one thinks. But, the truth is Hafiz dance like a crooked pig and act for by average though he know action song in the year 2007.

Hafiz does not know acting. So, it may be impossible for Adheena to continue in her all movies by meeting with failures with Hafiz. But, how would Hafiz remember Adheena if he would be locked inside the nursing college hostel in Bangalore. No way. Hafiz,” better luck in future to play a drama role with Adheena”. Hafiz imagines as saying to Adheena, “ Ruk ja o dil deewane.” Haaa This is life outside films. Real life of people. Without meeting in real again what is the meaning of continuation of love. Only by showing off screen and on screen chemistry of Adheena with other actors, will it be possible to continue Adheena’s and Hafiz’s life story? The answer is never.

Or If Hafiz goes for acting in Mumbai instead of doing nursing degree, even if Hafiz see Adheena there as new comer there in Mumbai and even if they both continue with ‘Ruk ja o dil deewane’ song in movies, but if Adheena asks for kisses or French kiss from the actor Hafiz on the sets, Hafiz will be tensed and depressed after giving kiss as Hafiz do not like kissing another woman of different caste. Usually actresses talk to their co actors and ask for a kiss which make person like Hafiz to leave such acting field. Hafiz likes a girl from Christian family background and Hafiz cannot act further and the movie will be discontinued for Hafiz but Adheena will go up in continuing with other actors in movies. That is the case. Now essentially there is a nursing professional bachelor degree with Hafiz that Hafiz can be proud of on this Earth.

More about Hafiz’s life- Narration of the story :

The memories with people whom Hafiz love to talk and do something about flourishes in his conscious mind after coming from Goa to Thrissur, Kerala. Hafiz’s daddy made Hafiz to forget all Goan memories and mid travel memories from Goa, by telling him in Malayalam spells. But, Hafiz remembered those memories in his sub conscious mind. And all his old Thrissur memories became his part of daily conscious mind inside his pre-present mind due to his low voice in anxious talking problem. If Hafiz regret anything what he said in anger to some friends because when those friends asks Hafiz about other old friends of Hafiz, then Hafiz forgets what to tell and get angry at them after sometime for no reason. But when Hafiz re memorize what is the real reason of choosing such old friends he likes to explain it to his present friends with love but sometimes whom he love to talk to as friends are ten years lesser from Hafiz’s age and Hafiz is not sure that whether Hafiz should keep silent or should talk to. Yes, Ofcourse Hafiz can talk to any kind of his friends whom he like to talk to whether they are of Hafiz’s age or other age. But after coming to the sweet life as of Yahovah and Yeshua Christhu’s , Hafiz should know friends so much lesser from his age is not practical to be so much in physical contact, as Hafiz has grown up and has reached an age of marriage and his parents are aged and always at home and Hafiz should chose friends who are good about his same age. Also, Hafiz’s low voice to talk such things to friends of such lesser age and amid such a pandemic era which is prevailing now, Hafiz should be as he is in a normal way. Hafiz should forget all old matter and he should forget all old things. Hafiz wants to choose friends who are ten years lesser from his age as when Hafiz was at Bangalore and Chhattisgarh he had lesser age mates to stay with him accommodation rooms who was there to talk with him when he was doing job there. But now the situation is pandemic era. Hafiz is at home and should behave and act according to the prevailing circumstances and according to Hafiz’s age. Particularly when somebody asks Hafiz about Rapha, then Hafiz should say that Rapha is a friend whom Hafiz considered as a gift or instrument of Yahovah Rapha[The healer] or Angel Raphael[Satan] used Rapha for refreshing Hafiz’s actual Goan mid travel memories where Yahovah Rapha healed Hafiz’s memories and there is nothing else between Rapha and Hafiz. Sometimes Hafiz forget about this to tell to Hafiz’s present friends about Rapha who came across Hafiz’s life in 2014. And now Hafiz puts his photos continously in social site because he knows and others know that he can never act in motion pictures.

If’s that character Hafiz could have done but will fail by doing so :

After meeting Adheena in the train, Hafiz and Hafiz’s family could have asked their home number to call, but who will ask such rich  people’s call number? Even if Hafiz ask the family’s number and talk to them like asking ‘Had your food?’ or something else. Hafiz do not talk much. Hafiz talks slowly so does Adheena, usually girls talk slowly. Nothing is to be told here about talking matters. But had Hafiz asked Adheena’s number after the year 2006, if they could meet at Bangalore, while they both were there in Bangalore from the year 2006 till 2010. But Hafiz is in an unknown place for him, and Hafiz’s mobile phone is with the strict nursing college management  and Adheena  is somewhere in other college studying sociology and then she moved on for her acTing career in Bangalore then she moved to Mumbai to act in Bollywood. Even if Hafiz meet her in Bangalore by going to her and to her home to meet their family. May be some intimacy happens. But you know Hafiz is shy and lengthy in body measurement with phimosised weenie, where they both try they both cannot have offsprings. Mainly Adheena’s family is from hindu background and Hafiz is a catholic Christian now. Adheena will surely marry a hindu actor from her acting background. Hafiz has not having a face for acting and Hafiz will continue his nursing studies and job, but when it comes to marriage, Hafiz can leave nursing field and marry Adheena ,the successful actress, if her mother  asks Hafiz, “Whether you are a hindu to marry my daughter ?” But even if Hafiz marry Adheena with his beauty and power, either with a circumscised dick or uncircumscised one , babies will not be born and Hafiz would be termed sterile or depressed, and Adheena would be later termed as depressed and sterile. Yes, ofcourse Adheena will continue her relation with another actor from her acting field still sterile leaving behind Hafiz. It is better that only Hafiz exclaimed his  love in her presence for making art and beauty in successful films. And it is better that Hafiz became an actual Christian after getting baptized without regretting about Adheena. Let Adheena live her life on this Earth and let Hafiz live his life. From childhood itself, Hafiz has not spoken about the love train incident to any of his younger sisters or brothers. Better it remain a secret even if many know this. Hafiz has to write this to relieve his own naughtiest anxious thoughts. Do you know, Hafiz has been very much been misunderstood by his mates and friends. Yet, Yahovah is with Hafiz. Presence of God makes it perfect.

O, Father-in-law, Hafiz act like old comedy movie actors, show some twink,teen ,men porn to Hafiz, and watch it together with your Son-In-Law-Hafiz. Say your daughter to see these things together with her boy. Some astonishing magic may happen.

Hafiz has only one thing to say to that idiotic actress Adheena, “Do not judge others and yourself, at last the actual God will judge you for your perverted actions in this Earth. The examples are coming on. Warnings will come again and again. It is time for you to repent and come to actual God. And why are you so idiotically angry for what? Are you mad? I have only praised you in that train because of my loneliness that time. I was the only child that time. I saw you were also. Or are you feeling inferiorly complexed or are you a child to behave so? God will never hold this immaturity again. You are older than me. Behave like that.  And for what you are making all those songs and movies connecting with my name ?And why are you being so depressed and rude among men. Your behaviour is not normal. It shows satan being in you. Actual God will not tolerate this. The rising immature children will suffer because of this because they misunderstand such older people and I am not a person who will bear and hold this immaturity of children or of other people. Yahovah will ask you Adheena. It will be time soon.”



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