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    Welcome to "The City." What city? The dark and dangerous City where gangsters, prostitutes, crime, and violence rule, as the crooked police and politicians look the other way. That City!

     This is the street dealer and hustlers house, and for the law enforcement that catches them. Where stories both fiction and true are welcome, from the either side of the law. If your story is about gangsters in the past, present, or future, or follows a hookers tale as she walks the night.... Then, this is where your story will get play and action. If crime is a genre, then this is the crime house. Stories about murders, thieves, scumbag detectives run down and over the hill, rookies on their first patrol, pimps, prostitutes, cat burglars, mob bosses, degenerate gamblers, drug sellers and users, a Hollywood Madam running a prostitution ring, or even hackers getting away with hacking major banking corporations, all are welcomed here! 

       The only requirement is you post stories, poems, or actual literary works. Personally me, I don't want to see a bunch of social psychologists or statisticians  posting numbers of drive-bys, drug use, purse snatchings, and using the this house for literal research and scientific works. This house is for fun, and imagining yourself, your characters, or the characters of others, in dangerous or shady situations they either barely escape via street smarts and guile, or bulldog their way out of it like a madman. If it's got grime on it, we want to read it here! So come get lost in The City, if you dare!

The City

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