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This is a house for all types of books.

I want yall to feel free to ask questions. This is a prefect place to interview people. Maybe you want a differnt perspective on a subject. I once went around my job and asked the men how do they feel when they are in love. I needed a males point of view. It's things like that we can do here.

 I find that everyone wants someon to read and comment on their work but they don't want to do it for others. This has to stop. I think that if we were to support each other by reading and commenting on each others work we can improve our craft (and even make friends).

 I know it's nerve racking to post your work (and if you here you probaly alrady have. Thats the hardest part). But having no one comment is even worst(at least to me). I want to know what the the readers are thinking and we can do that in this House if we work together!

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