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Da Rules (Oh I love references) : 1- Bellum is the greek word for constant battle or war. Feel free to argue, but use facts and reliable sources to speak. Fx: Man 1- Xbox is better than Ps.      Man 2 - Prove it!      Man 1- This study at *blah blah blah* says that the Xbox comes with better resolution and stuff.      Man 2- Well this one says that the Ps has a better stuff/thing. 2: Read stuff and shut up.      Don't come here just to adveratize some other house. Go somewhere else. 3: Political Issues     STAY AWAY YOU. GO....AWAY........GO. 4: Religious Issues     AHHHHHHH GO AWAY YOU HOLY PRICKS. AHHHHHHH........ 5: My stories are stories, people. Not fanfics.     Don't ask to be put into my story. Sure, I could reference you and put you in, but if all of a sudden I hear xXnoobslayerXx wants me to write in a kissing scene with xPortaguyX, I'm not going to. 6: Reccomend stories     If you have a good idea for a story but can't write it for yourself, give it to me! I will always give you complete credit for your own work. Even if I type it, it's still yours. 7: Have fun     If you don't, eat my shorts. (Ahh, references. I love them.)          
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