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​Welcome all to The House of Book Covers​. I've created this house for all who may need amazing, eye-catching book covers. This is done by gathering each author's choice of designs, ideas, information regarding the design and design elements. Anyone is welcomed, but please read through the regulations before requesting book covers.

Regulations for Book Covers:

  • ​Please note if book cover design will be for standard book size or E-book size (so i will know how to size it correctly)
  • ​Please be specific in detail; very graphic in how you will want it to look so that I can match every single detail you vision. Such as will the design be animated character(s), human-like, etc.
  • Please be able to communicate as much as possible for atleast up to 3 days ​after I begin so that I'm able to meet all requirements and able to finish on the set time
  • ​Please specify how you will receive each preview and final copy via email or posted on Booksie for you to save from

Please remember to read all thee above info in order to make the designing process go as smooth as possible​ and satisfying. If for any reason I lose contact with someone after the set time period, I will have to abort all action on that specific design in order to continue on others work. Take Care and continue to accomplish all your dreams.


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