The The Order Of The Phoenix Publishing House

(Just a note, if you don't know what the literary Order Of The Phoenix is, you are unworthy.)

(No JK anyone can join really)

To be honest, other than the Houses that I'm already in, I've been having trouble finding a truly reliable and active House out there. So I decided to create my own.

I'm more of a fantasy and sci fi writer, but you can post anything here, I really don't care what.

As for rules, the only ones for now are no fighting or anything, obviously, and to be a nice person overall when you're here. I'll make more when more people join.

Anyway, that's it for now. Have fun.

(Edit, 4/18/16)

Wow, 8 members? Already? It seems like just yesterday that this house was created.

I'm flattered at the postings that our little house is getting. Thanks so much to Anthony Zimmerman and Araliea for posting. I'll make sure to post some stuff later on, I haven't really been keeping up with my Booksie life lately.

If you guys have any suggestions to improve this house in any way, PM me and it will be done.

Also, since we have so many members now, it's about time to make a Chat Forum. Enjoy.



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