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The Stroyteller's House consists of flavours within "The Bordello Tales Collection", "The Hardline 80's", "The Fantasy Collection" as well as other "Series" and "Collections which will be completed by 2023.

WARNING: Some Episodic Books are "Erotica" and therefore are ONLY suitable for persons over the legal age of 18, thus the House being Private. Though not all Books are for Adults, several may cause offence or be of an upsetting nature.

As realisticly as possible, my intentions for this Series was to open up the whole Fantasy World of Resheen (and The Island) to the day to day happenings, struggles and problems that real people would confront. In my opinion, though I am no expert, I have done just that in such books as "Evermore", "Midnight Sun", "Breathe" and "The Opium Emporium" (3 Part) books.

If you are a fan of Steampunk, Vigilante's and stories that are of no set era but their own, then you'll love many of the Collections available. As well as this, however, I would love to hear from those other Writers/Authors who write in the styles that this House covers, and maybe put our minds and ideas together.

As this is a Public House and, as mentioned, some themes are Adult/Mature orientated, I have only one Rule:

1. Please DO NOT expect any innaproprite content leading to off-the-cuff pornography, and/or any material that is considered Illegal or Restricted. Anyone posting "Innopropriate Images" will be asked to leave the House or they will, in extreme, be reported and booted.

That said, please enjoy the reads and welcome to my House.

The Storyteller - MKDS

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