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Jinx did not know he could do this. He hopes the art of his OC will work for the image, it's rectangular, so he doesn't want the website to focus on the middle of the art, where the boob/stomach is. He'll fix it if that happens. 

Oh, I have to explain what the house is? Oh. So this is Jinx's house for one of his OCs and 15 Vairiations of that one OC, (with other OCs as side characters). This will include all the backstories/origin stories, stories with them and other characters, developments to physical/mental design and others. 

If allowed in the house to read them, do not post your own writings there unless Jinx gives you permission. There are specific planets/people/events and others that cannot be interupted by other stories that do not have anything to do with what Jinx posts. There will rarely be any stories that are not his there, but if his friends join and ask, the characters that they own have stories with the Variations, and will be allowed to post here. 


If allowed to join/not allowed to post:

1. No stealing works. Jinx will find them. 

2. Be respectful, Jinx is not perfect at writing.

3. Critiques are appreciated, but don't be an ass. 

4. Some of the designs/mentalities of the characters (whether it be Jinx's or not) are based off of other people/events, so if a character is a little too much like a noteable TV, video game, or movie character, that's kind of the point. So don't claim it is a rip-off, they're being honored in some weird way.

5. Jinks kan't speel, so plese bear weth hem. he'z tri-ing hes besst. 

6. Alot of the characters curse, some of them more like sailors than others, so if cursing is not something you like reading, click away.


If allowed to join/allowed to post (this is for Jinx's friends/trusted people):

1. Don't be an ass. 


That's about it for explanation, Jinx will go ahead and continue working on his passion project with the most time and effort put into it. 


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