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Hello This gourp is for Peole to share their "Personal Life Experiences" that are:  Please Read complete Desccription of this House. Please join and make it a place where everyone can share without Negativity of any kind. A Place to Feel Comfortable with others who "Have been There!"

  1. "Out of the Normal Everyday Experiences"
  2. "Have an Amazing Situation or short story"
  3. "Have been personally Touched by God"
  4. "Have a Pet Story that is not an every day happening."

NO Religion unless it "Fits the criteria of Number 3 above." 

NO Politics for any reason.

NO debating or criticizing anyone's experiences. NO negativity of any kind.

Sincere questions can be asked, but if the writer does not answer, leave it at the fact, that they do not want to! Thank you.
True Story Child to Adult 'Writings and Poetry"

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