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We act, usually, as silly people, that's it. And because of this we suffer most of all. In other words, at least from the times of Ancient Greece and Roman Empire, of maybe even Babylon, the human being has succeeded to become the most clever, powerful, and capable of all animals on our planet, and suffers mostly not from natural disasters, but from himself, from his own drawbacks, chiefly genetic. This is especially true for the time, more or less, of Marx (or bourgeois revolutions all over the world about 1850 and after, or the conveyor of Ford, or the Tower of Eiffel, or Russian revolutions and First Word War, etc.), and we continue to try to better the human race genetically, yet in this efforts we kill ourselves en masse, just for the fun of it. We act entirely disorganized, still nowadays, and meet with new and harder problems, not because we are unable to take care for the people, but because we want to have ... interesting life, what means chiefly risky! In which relation one heard Chinese curse, not good wishing, comes to my mind, namely: “May you have an interesting life!”. Well, we have terribly “interesting” life, and the things will become worse, if we will not at the end come to reason.
So that if other writers accept this platform, then let them move to it, too, they are welcome by me, I should not be the wisest guy, surely, and the thought is not new, it lies somewhere at the bottom of all religions (only that there the foolishness is called sin). If, little by little, the thoughtful persons like me increase in their number then the life of all of us will become more peaceful, it can't be otherwise. So that, try first to think and then to act, not vice versa.
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