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It was during the early part of the next morning. I was sure I had found the place in the forest where the path forked back, and I was so relieved. I finished off the last of my water and sat for a moment to close my eyes, I lay back but it was too itchy to relax all the way. I must have fallen asleep for a time. Bugs and dry grass were getting all around under my clothes. I was so sure it was the right place, and I had only about an hour more to walk to get to the parking lot. The car would be there and there would be food and more water. I would drive home and take a shower and then spend the day recovering. I was not where I thought I would be. By the middle of the morning I was so hungry, and plenty discouraged, trying to not panic. I decided to stop and listen and try to figure out how to get out of this place.


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