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This is a place for me to play writer. I have trouble organizing my... well everything. I need this as an office space... my computer in general is a disaster due to not understanding how anything in this cyber world works (I'm old, and I have Asperger syndrome) so I am just going to keep random stuff here so I don't lose it. You who ever you are, are welcome to stay or to leave, to gawk, or play along, comment, troll, add anything from two cents to a 'C' note... participation is not expected, totally up to you. 

I think of word doodles as writing down ideas from short incomplete yet interesting thoughts, to long rambling concepts of possibility seeking a sense of logic by attempting to find a path to their meaning and/or purpose finding a description in the void of a blank page. A place to try poetry something I know nothing about... or maybe experiment with dialog and conversation without the need of a story and or background in order to help me understand and play with accent and location. I am self taught and unschooled so although I am old the writing process is new for me, about six or seven years now. This is a place for me to think out loud to illustrate my learning process and save it so I don't misplace the work or forget the thought. 

Similar, but more personal is what I think of as Free writing which is for me like free diving in the deep ocean, to just take a deep breath and dive into the depth of my mind. Allow the fluidity of open imagination to create a flowing current toward understanding my life's lesson. To explore in open contemplation concepts of possibility in the overall reality from playing with the idea of creating a personal religion or belief structure, how it all works. To trying to understand the absurdity of being confined in a human reality, how do I deal with our political insanity, just what is good, evil, love, hate... beauty? What makes sense to me, decide in my mind who's right... or are they all wrong? I have found that for me writing in this way is a process or tool to help me think in a deeper way.

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