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<p><strong>Hello Wrestling Fans!</strong></p> <p>As an avid wrestling fan who loves to write, I thought I would go ahead and create a house specifically for wrestling content. If you enjoy or create wrestling related content of your own, I can&#39;t wait to see you here. I don&#39;t care what it is that you are posting in this house, though I prefer it to have some connection to wrestling. It can be essays, stories, poetry, song lyrics, you name it. Relate it to wrestling, and it is amazing.</p> <p>I might also suggest downloading an app for Android and iOS known as Wrestling Amino, where you might be able to further increase your passion for wrestling. It is a Social Network devoted to wrestling fans.</p> <p>Send me a private message if you have any wishes, concerns, want to talk about something with me, or you can sit back, relax and read some wrestling content.</p>

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