Create a Writing Legacy

Booksie Legacy

Booksie Legacy is a membership option which keeps your writing on the Internet no matter what happens to you. A one time upfront payment provides Premium membership and ensures your content remains alive on Booksie for as long as the site stays in operation.

Why is it needed?

Free and Premium membership on Booksie is great but it doesn’t solve a major problem on the Internet. Many sites, including Booksie, delete content from inactive or dormant accounts after a period of time. That’s why you sometimes see errors when clicking on a link. If you get ill, or pass away, all of your content could be deleted.

Keep Your Thoughts and Writing Alive

Booksie Legacy ensures your poems, stories, articles and more remain on the site to be read and enjoyed even if you are not able to login and be active on the site.

When you sign up for Booksie Legacy, you will benefit from:

Premium Membership that lasts as long as Booksie is in operation.

The assurance your work will be not deleted from Booksie due to inactivity or lack of account activity.

The ability to designate a beneficiary who will have access to the content in the unfortunate event you are incapacitated or pass away.

The ability for you or your beneficiary to download the content on the site in a variety of formats.

The cost of Booksie Legacy is a one-time payment of $500.

Have a question about Booksie Legacy? Email us at and we’d be happy to answer your questions.