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by Renae Marie Schwemmer

After being dumped at prom by her high school sweet heart 20 years ago, Natalie has struggled to find true love. Reunited by her old flame, will she have a second chance at happily ever after?

The Pocket Guide to Surviving Loneliness: 60 easy steps to follow when you feel like a complete weirdo and a total failure

by Elena Jdanova

"When you hold a book that is not afraid to be neither weird nor ordinary, you can't help but feel befriended by it. This is an outstanding book if you need a pick me up. Classic and uncomplicated suggestions made with original humor and wisdom, these are

American Corporate

by Jeb Stewart Harrison

A playful, big-hearted tragicomedy in the Russo/Irving mold, American Corporate chronicles the misadventures of middle-aged Jack Sullivan and his family as they bounce across the country in search of gainful employment, domestic tranquility, and a few peo

In the Beginning

by Jaime Reyes

Early man had unorganized beliefs and superstitions until someone came up with the idea of using those beliefs for power and profit

The Healing of Howard Brown

by Jeb Stewart Harrison

“This is your last chance to do something right, son. Don’t screw it up.” With these words ringing in his 60-year old ears, Howard Brown, Jr., sets out from Kentfield, California to find his wayward and possibly psychotic sister and return her to their dy

Flight United 999

by obsorber

Flight United 999, “A mesmerising read and a psychological experience that will have you questioning the world as you know it.”

Bedtime Stories for Robots! Vol. 1

by Dr Oolong Seemingly

In 2017 a time capsule from the year 2077 was opened. Inside, along with a lot of lurid and incomprehensible items we shall not mention, was a collection of novels and short stories written by Dr. Oolong Seemingly entitled: Bedtime Stories For Robots!, of

A Turn of Pandemonium

by Miranda Brock

A dark and dangerous circus paranormal romance for fans of The Night Circus and Caraval!

A Ghost of a Chance

by Minnette A. Meador

Keenan Swanson is a typical graphic designer, except for hundreds of pesky poltergeists that make his life a disaster. When Isabella enters the scene, he wants her. With the ghosts, a horny succubus, a burly cop, and an evil entity who’s hell-bent on usin

State of Vengeance

by Jake J. Harrison

A classic revenge story wrapped in global terrorism, financial drama, quantum computing, political conspiracies, and end of the world prophecies.

I love Being Black

by iloveme2

The book is on and those like to buy a book can go to that link. I am Facebook as well as Instragram in addition l do have my own website

Echo from Shady Mountain

by cccwriter

Sequel One of the Echo Valley Series: Eliza begins another phase of her life journey back to her birthplace. Answering a call from the valley college where she sent her niece, she becomes more involved than she intended.

Fortesque's Friend

by easywriter

From riches to rags and back again. This heartwarming story of a young boy who inherits immense wealth through the untimely death of his parents is told through the eyes of his court appointed guardian. The process of overnight personal wealth turns youn

En el Principio

by Jaime Reyes

Los primeros proto humanos como Neandertales y Cromañón enterraban a sus muertos y cuidaban de sus enfermos y heridos. Es seguro asumir que experimentaron alguna forma de conciencia espiritual primitiva. También, no es difícil creer que alguien tenía que

Peaches, Pears, and an Apple Tree

by Victoria Lauriente-Hillebrand

This fictional coming of age tale, follows a nomadic girl and her adventures with her un-medicated mentally ill mother post Woodstock. She navigates her life in new environments, and meets influential people along the way. She finds herself struggling wit

The Man Who Would Cheat At Cards

by James G Riley

Imagine waking up after being in a coma for three months, to discover you now have special abilities – you can read people’s minds and influence their actions. What would you do? Help fight terrorism, thwart industrial espionage, or fritter your talent aw

The Real Truth

by Anderson A Charles

When there is chaos we all question the world around us.

FALLBOY - Unseen Beginnings

by dena-writes

Light hearted, fun, fantasy story about a middle school boy that discovers something special about himself. This is his beginning.

Three-One Juliet

by Tim W. Nordberg

Robert and Joel are back after being hijacked, but what happens with Robert is targeted after foiling the hijacking attempt with him and the Governor?

Call for Obstruction (The Courier #1)

by Winnie Jean Howard

Want more angels and demons? Introduce yourself to a new fantasy book series on Amazon in eBook, paperback, and audiobook.

46 Secrets To A Successful Marriage

by Dr. April V. Martin

Who doesn't want to get married and live happily ever after? We all know about the common things that people seek in a relationship: honesty, trust and loyalty. But doesn't it take much more than that? Of course it does! The truth is that you need both si

One-Three Juliet

by Tim W. Nordberg

What happens when the Governor of Minnesota is taken hostage and aboard a hijacked airplane?

Angel of the City

by R.J. Leahy

In the last city on Earth, a brain-damaged thief is hired to rescue a political activist from a state prison.


by R.J. Leahy

Marooned on a desolate world, an elite soldier must fight to protect an alien creature who's secret will change the galaxy forever.

Running Cold

by Steve Zell

An ancient gift becomes a nightmare for a young mother in 60's-era Southern California. Mourning the loss of her husband and oldest child, Brit Helm struggles to create a new and normal life for her youngest boy, Michael, in a small beach town. But the in

The Greatest Treasure in the World

by Scott Curtiss Tucker

For her hand, the maiden demanded a treasure . . . the greatest in the world. For her heart, the knight would risk everything searching the world to find it.

Tales of Hank

by Elena Jdanova

"Tales of Hank" hints at love's many bright and shadowed manifestations. In the tradition of the fairy tale, you won't end up where you think you're going." "This book is very unique. The stories are told i

The Destiny of Wysan

by John Arfstrom

Travel back in time to the dawn of man when a race of small people battled huge and deadly apemen with the help of the bow and arrow. This story surrounds the epic adventures of Wysan as he embarks on a quest to raise the first war party of bowmen and lea

Fate's Intervention

by Barbara Woster

Marcelle is as free-spirited as the horses she breeds; and as stubborn as any mule. Can Matthew capture the heart of this wild and strong-willed woman?


by Donald Harry Roberts

There is a new crime fighter in Southampton UK

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