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Mickey Shamus, Private Dick

by Jerry Flu

Baby boomer Mickey Shamus, a retired postal worker fresh off life’s treadmill of endless mortgage payments, car payments, and college tuition bills for the kid, not to mention a healthy, three-meal-a-day monkey on his back, suddenly finds himself divorced

Pekari - The Azure Fish

by Guenevere Lee

This is the thrilling follow-up to Orope – The White Snake. Orope introduced readers to a unique fantasy world inspired by Bronze Age history and mythology. Pekari – The Azure Fish takes readers further, going to new kingdoms and introducing new character

How to Master the Art of Writing Children's Books

by Bobbie Hinman

If you wish to acquire the skills needed to produce a well-written children's book, this may be the most important guide you will ever need. It includes topics such as developing your idea, understanding story arc and structure, writing meaningful dialog

Freedom Dies

by Teresa Cage

Hope springs eternal in the human heart. When socialism overwhelms the United States one young woman stands ready to do all she can to bring back the sanity of Democracy.

How Reiki Can Change Your Life: A Sourcebook for Students, Practitioners, and Reiki Teachers

by Veritas2210

Unlike the author’s first book, It’s Hard to Die! “Do I Hold On or Do I Let Go?” which focuses on the practical and clinical aspects of the dying process—this book presents the subject from a metaphysical and transcendental approach.

Dominion of the Hidden

by Jora Dublinn

Her father’s off-world war with mindjackers nearly ruined her family. Now, when raiders bring the war home, Linayd’s sudden loss of control puts everyone she loves at risk. How can she stop the attackers? And how can she overcome her own deadly impu

Streetfight chicks 2

by Rick Suttle

The second book in the "Tough Girl" series, featuring Coyote Ugly Rejection, Rogue Cheerleader and Big Bertha Brotz.


by Benn Perry

Written is a wide and occasionally weird blend of social commentary mixed with a dash of poetry, random thoughts, heartfelt concerns, philosophical meanderings, and a fair degree of word play that ultimately classifies this literary effort in the general

Heavenly Glade Haiku The Book

by Ronald Lee Bunch

Ron has been studying poems for years, and he has written some really good ones, especially, haiku! If you like haiku, you're sure to enjoy this book. Funny or not, Ron thinks you'll salivate over these haiku poems. There are Christian poems and other

Cousin Andrew

by S.C. McCormick

Rosanna Flynn is pregnant by a man she hardly knows— a man she met in a tropical paradise on the vacation trip of a lifetime – her first vacation since leaving the convent to care for her dying father. Defying her suffocating family, Rosanna decides to ha

The Taliban & The Soldier

by Gordon Clark

A routine patrol in Helmand Province that goes horribly wrong, leaving Ben Noon having to rebuild his life. From scratch. Ground zero. A story of a soldier going from low to high, and helping others on the way.

How to be a Sh*tty Boss

by Jason A. McDonald

If you could define the word “boss” in just one word, what would it be? Coach? Leader? Manager? All good words, but I prefer "Top Dog". I know what you’re thinking: that’s two words, but I’m the boss, and I can do what I want, and so can you! In my new bo


by sidney j bailey

A Reporter investigates two suspicious murders involving a teenage prostitute and her wealthy, respectable, clients who will stop at nothing to protect their dirty secrets.

The Ronin Express; A Literary Journal, Volume 5

by Elizabeth 'Wild' Roberts

THE RONIN EXPRESS is an eclectic literary journal featuring selections of some of the very best fictional short stories and poetry from all genres. Within these pages you will find the creations of the most talented independent authors and poets from arou

To Fall is to Fly

by Bruvton

To Fall is to Fly features a collection of Brighton's best work from over the past three years. Embark on a poetic journey through pain, passion, and power.

Night Zero

by Rob Horner

Scientists have developed a way to vaccinate entire cities without consent or the possibility of refusal. The theory is sound, but something goes wrong, and a highly contagious combination of virus and prion is unleashed, a middle-stage organism too dange

Signature of a Soul

by Riona Kelly

Spain... sultry, fiery, burning with passion. Lindy and her niece meet men who can capture their hearts, but is this any place for a seventeen-year-old girl? Captivated by history and romance, her niece falls for an artist, who is robbed. Curious about

The Bayou Katt Murders

by Ron Micci

Upon Katt Hall's return to her ancestral Baton Rouge plantation, she learns that some maniac is killing off her old high school boyfriends. In fact, that maniac is her ex-husband, who is determined to kill everyone and everything in the way of his posses

The Days That Followed

by David Crane

The most powerful and advanced supercomputer on the planet designed to assist with colonization of planet Mars gains self-awareness during World War III. As civilization dies in nuclear fire, the Artificial Intelligence devises a plan to save humanity for

Zodiac's toy

by Lev821

I hope you will please check out my new novel 'Zodiac's toy', available on the kindle store and print-on-demand. Do you believe in astrology? No? You soon will.

Once Upon A Christmastime

by Peggy Perry

Christmas is a time for miracles. In the past, in the present, and sometimes, when we least expect it.

Pico the Pesky Parrot

by Erika M Szabo

Bilingual storybook for children 4-12 The story delivers a message that when we don’t take the time to listen to each other, we tend to judge others quickly before we get to know them.

Bullies of Madison High

by Rick Suttle

A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader takes a job as an English teacher in Columbus, Ohio, and encounters a dangerous girl gang.

PUNishment Too ~ The Sea Quill

by Benn Perry

PUNishment is meant to be punny, to be enjoyed. Crack a smile from time to time, it's easier than cracking an egg, and far less messy. ENJOY!

The Mummy Cursed

by Jerry Flu

NOT YOUR MAMA’S MUMMY MEME! Now, for the first time in over three thousand years, the story the ancient ones said could never be told: the life, death, and afterlife of Djoe the mummy, as channeled by Jerry Flu. Thrill to Djoe’s tell-all tale of scorpion


Science Fiction by john japuntich

Atropos is a sci-fi, mystery, whodunnit, philosophical romp that explores the consequences of forced immortality and infertility. Do you want to live forever?

The Little Girl Who Lived in the Town of...

by C. A. Stokes

Most stories start with Once Upon A Time, this story starts with a raspberry! But, there once was a little girl who lived in a small town. A small town that made everyone smile and laugh. She just didn’t know it. She didn’t know that she made people sing

Beyond the Dark Horror Stories to keep you awake

Horror by Yvonne Varsan

Dou you love horror stories so much that you think nothing can scare you? Well then think twice before opening this book. Not for the faint of heart. Five full length horror stories that will chill you to the bone await inside the pages of this book.

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