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Fiona of Kinsale

by Antoinette Berthelotte

No desperate duchesses, or lusty Dukes in this story! Fiona and her are caught in the 1601 battle for a free Ireland. Surrounded by war, hunger and disease her life is turned upside down, She must with a secret, forcing her into decisions she doesn’t wa

Liam The Bodyguard and the Heir vol.2

by C.S Luis

Former Special Forces Marine, Liam Mason, is a rebel at heart and far from what his younger brother, Nathan Mason, was - a devoted bodyguard. Working for the cartel has its ups and downs and training the cartel’s army of dangerous renegades is a hard bu

The Children of the Stars; Book One, SAIQA

by A.L. Whyte

A compelling story of the future using cutting edge science. A group of heroes working to stop a major conflict find they are being influenced by aliens. The AI that runs the giant space station, Sanctuary, suddenly becomes self-aware.

All Nature Sings

by Ben Cooper

All Nature Sings is a devotional book about animals in the Bible. It is written to answer the question, "What can we learn from animal characteristic traits as it relates to our Christian walk with the Creator of all things?" Since all scripture is "God b

Posse of Thieves

by Marc J. Reilly

Book One of the Tinman Series. Join this lovable gang of crooks as they tackle maniacal museum guards, impregnable security systems, and an epic run of rotten luck. Chock full of mystery, crime, action, and plenty of fun. Long Live Laughter.

Intellectual Property Law: A Practical Guide to Copyrights, Patents, Trademarks and Trade Secrets

by VictorDLopez

This book is intended as both a primer on intellectual property law and as a general reference for authors, artists, musicians, librarians, entrepreneurs and others interested in learning about intellectual property law and the processes for obtaining cop

Love and Marriage: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book I

by Nancy Lou Henderson

Love is like new wine which will be aged then tested over and over before it becomes a great wine. The same is true of love. A love between two people to become lasting and eternal will be tested, as it ages. Marriage takes both people working together

Kudhu the Magnificent (short one-act play)

by Ron Micci

The mighty Kudhu, mystic seer and prophet of things to come, holds forth at a carnival sideshow. First presented at First Stage in LA, Hollywood United Methodist Church, spring 1999. Now available as part of the "Biff Bang, American Hero" collection of

His Fantasy Made Real

by Beverly L. Anderson

Elliot has a desire for something taboo and he may have just found the people to fulfill it.

Didi's Demise

by Andrew Glen

In "Sebastian's Fish", Sebastian buys his first fish. Now the family are going to get a cat. What will that mean for Didi? Read on to find out. Beautiful illustrations by Jay Anderson.

Rescue Road

by Gayle M Irwin

In honor of #AdoptAShelterDogMonth, gift this story of second chances for people and pets to yourself or the pet-lover you know! Part of sale proceeds donated to pet #rescue groups!

101 Compositions of 101 Words

by jeffrey a paolano

101 snippets of life created to entertain, educate, be well composed, to be interesting and believable. Enjoy your read.

I love Being Black

by iloveme2

The book is on and those like to buy a book can go to that link. I am Facebook as well as Instragram in addition l do have my own website

Dreamer of Destiny

by Barbara Woster

Her dreams will alter the destiny of a people. Can Christina interpret her dreams in time to save her life and the lives of a people of whom she has no knowledge?


by J. Rutherford

A grisly war veteran struggles with his inner demons while considering his unlikely conversion as a peace activist.

Fragments of Fear 3

by michael kelso

A former classmate with a thirst for vengeance. A cannibalistic retired couple. A carnival freak that’s covered in tattoos What do they all have in common? Nothing except they live in my imagination and the pages of this book. Welcome to the third

Love in the Time of Nebuchadnezzar: (short Stories from ?Mesopotamia)?

by Ali Al-Zaak

In the spirit of classic Mesopotamian love stories, many are tempered by the harsh realities of tragedy.

the haunted pond

by clyde

If you love mysteries and adventures, then you are going to thrill as Clay, Luke, and Sally Jane discovers a Haunted Pond. Some old mountain men told the kids about a pond hidden way up in the hills. They said, "Word has it that it is haunted." The kid

House of mysteries

by Daryl Wilkinson

House of mysteries is it a supernatural or a Physiological short story. Why not read it and decide for yourself

Hunger Pangs

by Marc J. Reilly

Book Two of the Tinman Series. Tinman and the Posse have their sights set on a collection of rare coins. To pull off the heist, they have to deal with Burners, Clampers, the FBI and—parents? Chaos ensues, absurdity abounds and the laughs roll on.

Panther Creek Mountain Twin Treehouse Mystery

by clyde

The kids build two tree houses in separate trees and connect them with a rope walkway, high off the ground and over a creek! One day they find some mysterious objects in their tree houses! Who has left these things in their tree houses? Are the objects

Good Night Evil

by Estela Vazquez Perez

Good Night Evil is a collection of five short stories that transcends time and genres. Each tale is a unique world of fascinating characters and their unforgettable stories.

Da Vinci Visits Today

by Al Lautenslager

This book takes you through an intellectual journey, in these capacities, as if he were by your side, along the way. Imagine having a conversation, a debate, a lesson from the master himself. If he visited today, you would be able to do this—unless he spe

Book of Dreams: Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction Short Stories

by VictorDLopez

This collection of five science fiction and speculative fiction short stories probes the interrelationship between dreams and reality, the nature of reality itself, and the dangers attendant to the single-minded pursuit of wish fulfillment with its attend

A Dark and Stormy Night

by Grant Fieldgrove

My Dear Dreadful Family!Archie and Elise are called to a hospital by a dying billionaire for a job that could mean a nice weekend getaway for them. Only, things go wrong. Very wrong.Welcome to Greystorm Manor, high in the mountains of Big Sky, Montana, wh

The Prince of Snipers

by Ali Al-Zaak

This book is about two lives, wars, lies and the fantasies of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. It is self-portrait of a man stands in the empty train station of his life, unites memoir fiction with truth and fascination with the past.

Panther Creek mountain

by clyde

Clay and Luke are brothers who live in the Appalachian Mountains during the 1950s. They live with their folks in log cabins on Panther Creek Mountain, high above the Wild Cat River. Their cousin, Sally Jane, lives with her Mama, Aunt Olive, in the same mo

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