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Coyote Horny

by Ron Micci

Hilarious take on marital frustration. Transplanted Southern beauty obtains the ability to shape-shift into a shadow coyote from the high desert medicine men, the better to track down her errant alcoholic husband. But her lust grows so great she nearly

The Gift - a novelette #13 from It's Not Always a Happy Ending

by C.A.A.

novellas, novelettes, short stories, romance, drama, realistic fiction, tragedy

Saving Cowboy

by Leslie P. Garcia

Jody Colton sets out to save the bronc that ended Joe Roberts career from slaughter--but can they save the other 62 horses from kill pens?

A Ghostly Heart

by Werewolfbattlestorm

The white and pink leaves are falling off the cherry blossom trees as I'm walking down a trail that leads to a pond. The water shimmers in the sunlight, and I can see my reflection. In my reflection, I see a newer version of myself. Someone I don't recogn

The Legend of the Galactic Alliance

by TheQueerUnicorn

Star wakes up after what must have been a fall, but xe doesn't recognize where xe is. The last xe remembers before waking up here is how xe tried to stop the Darkness by driving her spaceship into it, after that it's black. Now, mountains and hills surrou

Stolen Innocence

by Beverly L. Anderson

Kieran Sung finds himself on the wrong end of a mob war brewing in St. Louis. Through trauma and recovery, there are those waiting to help him.

The Mummy Cursed

by Jerry Flu

NOT YOUR MAMA’S MUMMY MEME! Now, for the first time in over three thousand years, the story the ancient ones said could never be told: the life, death, and afterlife of Djoe the mummy, as channeled by Jerry Flu. Thrill to Djoe’s tell-all tale of scorpion

An American Love Song in Survival Japanese

by Kenneth Wright

Very different cover on Amazon. Link to paperback version on same Web page.

Interwoven 2 Jacob's Story

by T. Atkins

For some reason, Jeff Whitmore has decided to make Jacob’s junior year of high school a living hell. Almost to the point that Jacob considers asking his mom to change schools. That is, until a Spellbook shows up in his backpack one afternoon. Inside Jaco


by J.D. Wilson

Pete Garrison is retiring soon. The plan is for he and his wife to spend time with their only grandchild. However, circumstances begin to unfold that will change their lives forever. During the long, hot summer of 1982, malevolent darkness will settle in

The Gene Puddle

by marclevytoo

See the boy run. See the man keep running. See the dummkopf Drumpf keep bumbling from behind.

The High Cost of Service and Expose in PTSD and Agent Orange

by DrJo

In the late 1960s, a naval ship set out on a deployment that would change the lives of the sailors who were aboard. Secrets can affect the lives of those who unwittingly become the guardians of military top secrets. Many of those who sailed on the ship we

Circle of Betrayal

by Ruth O'Neill

A breath-taking psychological suspense thriller.

War and Commitment: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book II

by Nancy Lou Henderson

In 1971, Frank Henderson left his home and his new wife, Nancy, to fight in the Vietnam War. As you will read, the distance would neither quell their passion nor stop their love. Rather, in the face of such adversity, the love that Nancy and Frank shared

Sanditon on Reflection

by DB Thomas

Jane Austen began writing her last novel, Sanditon, in 1817, wrote 12 Chapters then put it aside and with her death the same year, never finished it. ‘Sanditon on Reflection’ tells the rest of the story as seen through the eyes of Jane Austen's heroine, C

Mickey Shamus, Private Dick

by Jerry Flu

Baby boomer Mickey Shamus, a retired postal worker fresh off life’s treadmill of endless mortgage payments, car payments, and college tuition bills for the kid, not to mention a healthy, three-meal-a-day monkey on his back, suddenly finds himself divorced

Faith and Eternity: The Love Story of Nancy and Frank: Book IV

by Nancy Lou Henderson

God performs a miracle for Nancy and Frank while in College Station, Texas. Read about this amazing miracle. After graduation from Texas A&M, Frank and Nancy will begin new journies in new towns all across Texas. Their experiences in these new places will

Another Hot Mess- Start ur Engine!!!

by Patricia Brusha

Kali wasn’t sure what she loved most, stripping or cocaine. They both had become a dangerous passion for the 23-year-old exotic beauty. She would do anything, including breaking the law, to keep her addiction fed!Liz had a perfect life, a fantastic job,

Dream Weavers

by Glenda Norwood Petz

Personal items that go missing, rodent and insect infestations, a stench of decay that won't go away...welcome to the Borloff estate!

The Gill People of Outerborough Queens

by Ron Micci

Aliens have landed in Queens, intent on subjugating the human race by replacing human brains with alien ones, advertised out of a PO box in Grand Central Station. But a mad scientist may just be able to stop the monsters before it is too late. Hilarious

The New World: A Near Future Dystopian Tale

by Doug Felton

One vote changed everything. One girl made it count.

Prince Albert and the Cursed Village, Part 2; The King is Patient

by Kindel Daniels

This is the continuation of the fantastic tale of Prince Albert and the Cursed Village.

Shadow Shinjuku

by Ryu Takeshi

Shadow Shinjuku is a dark, yet magical journey into the depths of Tokyo’s nightlife and of the human soul. Ryu Takeshi’s novel is a unique and mesmerizing blend of the imagery of Japanese animation and film, the colors and details of street photography, a

State of Vengeance

by Jake J. Harrison

A classic revenge story wrapped in global terrorism, financial drama, quantum computing, political conspiracies, and end of the world prophecies.


by T. Atkins

Taylor Watson’s life is like most teenagers in their senior year of high school. Studying for tests, going to band practice, hanging out with friends, and dealing with an overbearing mom, are just a few of the things on her to-do list. And now with the so

Panther Creek Mountain The Haunted Pond

by clyde

If you love mysteries and adventures, then you are going to thrill as Clay, Luke, and Sally Jane discovers a Haunted Pond. Some old mountain men told the kids about a pond hidden way up in the hills. They said, "Word has it that it is haunted." The kid

Cucaracha: Short Stories- Microbial Fantasies

by Ali Al-Zaak

The author blends facts with lots of fantasies to create an amusing book that suits readers gifted with a fertile imagination. It is a collection of short tales about creatures living among us in real yet fantasy fashion. If you are feeling alone in spite

Swingers Delight

by Valerie S.

Follow three couples as they explore their sexuality. From long term friendships to first time meetings, join each couple in their moments of fiery passion and lust.

The Venator

by C.S Luis

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