Conversion Information for Booksie Members

Basic Overview

Welcome to the new site. All of your content, comments and profile information have been converted and transferred over. To access this information, you can login using the same email and password that you used to access the old site. To login, click on the Login button at the upper top right of the page.

When you login, you will come to the new homepage, which provides messages and alerts that might be of interest to you. You can always return to this homepage by clicking the Booksie logo at the top left of any screen. If you do not see your homepage when you click this logo, you need to login again.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage with red arrows pointing to the alerts and the section where information about the Houses you have joined will appear.

Post Your Writing

Use the blue Post Your Writing button at the top of the page to begin posting your novels, poems, and short stories, essays, articles, scripts, and more

The biggest difference when publishing is that on the new site you must select which House you want to publish the content to. All content must be part of one House. Houses are ways to organize the content and for groups of people to get together to create common themes, publishing memes, and more. For those who are confused by Houses, just publish your writing to Booksie Classic House for now. This is equivalent to publishing content on the old site.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage with a read arrow pointing to the Post Your Writing button.

Finding Content to Read

You can find content to read by finding new content on your homepage (click the logo to get to your homepage) or by clicking the Read menu option at the top of the page. Once you get to the Read page, you can see content from across the site, from writers in the same Houses as you, from those you have fanned, and also sort content by genre and type. You can also search for content by tag, title, and author.

Below is a screenshot of the Read page with the different search options pointed out.


Houses are new on Booksie. Houses, short for Publishing Houses allow anyone to create and organize their community on Booksie around a certain genre, theme, meme, or whatever else you want. You can recruit friends, family, and fellow writers and build the membership and readership of your House. The leaders of the biggest Houses will have the ability to help set the direction of Booksie.

Anyone can create a House by going to the House tab and pressing the organge Create House button.

Every House created has its own message forum, its own membership, its own Content lists, and its own homepage. Create a House and see if you can build a publishing empire!

Below is an example of what the homepage of a House looks like.


On the new site, there is now a forum for each House where writers can interact, post messages, and share news. You can see links to the forum on your homepage.

In addition, you now have several other new ways to interact.

You can leave a Quickee message on any member's profile page. A Quickee is the new name for leaving a message on someone's profile.

You can send each other private messages.


The old site had a Like button to press if you appeciated someone's writing. On the new site, you can show you like a piece of content by adding it to your shelf. Shelves are a measure of how many other writers on the site feel strongly enough to display it on their shelves.

Below is some content and the red arrow is highlighting the blue Shelfit button.

Pirate Story Competition image

Welcome New Writers