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The Night Walkers; In the search for who im not

Book / Fantasy

Mar 14, 2009

The Booksie Classic House

The Night Walkers. Nicole is a vampire. isn't she? She lives in a small colony of vampires, all made by one, who they call the "Lord". But she is not like the others. Ohh, yes she drinks… Read More

The Promised Suicidal

Book / Young Adult

Mar 26, 2009

The Booksie Classic House

Kassandra promised she would join her best friend soon. Read More

Fit Into Love

Book / Romance

May 10, 2009

The Booksie Classic House

Lee Marss has a been the invisible girl all her life. But now she wanted her crush to notice her. to have a perfect moment with the perfect body. To finally be happy. This is now for… Read More

Lady Necromancy

Book / Thrillers

Aug 01, 2009

The Booksie Classic House

Grabiel lives in New York. She feels the dead around her. She knows the dead is following her down the streets, until something happens to her boyfriend and she is determinated to find out what and do… Read More

Pleading for Dead (A Script)

Book / Thrillers

Sep 11, 2009

The Booksie Classic House

Students are commiting acts of violence, more than the usual and worse than usual. They are killing others and them self. Read More