cant stop falling in love

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A boy who couldn't help but fall in love even though he gets hurt. This boy has the heart of the new generation, a heart that cannot do anything but love.

Submitted: January 14, 2019

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Submitted: January 14, 2019



I got infected by a decease when I was young. This decease is painful, is long lasting, is uncurable, is unbearable.. It is beautiful.

A warm summer day, it was as normal as it could get. Me and my family went to a ranch where we keep horses. We keep horses because my elder sister rides them
and she participates in competitions. We visited the ranch to check on our horse and so we arrived there but it seemed more lively in the ranch because I saw some
new faces. My father went close to the different families and showed some hospitality, after that before I knew it my dad got more friends. My father introduced us to the other families
and thats when I met her, The girl that gave me this decease. It was a family of 6: 2 girls, 3 boys. They were a friendly family but one of them didnt seem to fit in the attitude which was the youngest daughter.
I wanted to know her more because I was so interested to her personality. After then I tried talking to her a lot of times but she never notices me. Before I knew it, summer ended and then after that summer I never got to meet her.

3 years has passed and it felt like a breeze, time really does fly. I tried to forget her but I couldnt. 

It was around November when my family and I went to my sister's competition. I watched my sister perform under a tree and over 3 hours have passed. 
The wind blew in my direction and when I looked to the side of where the wind came from, That was when I saw her, She grew so tall while I didnt change at all.
She brought her dog and she walked around the fields. I tried to approach her by asking If I could pet the dog but my true intentions were to talk to her. When I asked
If I could pet the dog, she only noded her head. After that she left to watch the performances.I felt like my heart was about to burst so I asked my mom "Why does my heart hurt?"
She laughed and she said that its nothing to worry about. I didnt understand what she said but I just trusted her word. We ate dinner out with some of the other families, including her's.
I tried to sit near her but her little brother took it. All I wanted was to be by her side but the world doesnt want. This made me decide that I will forget about her and find somebody else
but It was painful because I chased her for 3 years. I did everything to forget her, I threw the photo of me and her and I stopped going to my sister performances.

2 years has passed and I forgoted her...I think

Im 12 I transffered to a different school and made new friends, I stopped becoming the innocent little kid because high school is where you realize there is more out there than where you are.
The school I transffered was cool, I became more mature and I stopped doing embarassing things. Although my way of thinking of girls is different, I desired for something that cannot be obtained by wealth
I wanted to experience love because I felt jealous of my other friends who have girlfriends. I desired it so bad that it led to a disaster.

In early november I met a girl who was like an angel just by her smile. I met her when I was helping disabled kids ride horses because my mother had a project to make disabled kids feel the joy of riding.
While I was petting my horse, this girl suddenly appeared and asked if she can pet my horse. I said yes and she chuckled "ok". I blushed because in a long time I never spoke with a girl this kind. We walked together
going to the little hut near the ranch. I introduced myself to her and she got shocked because she was my sisters friend, it was then I realized maybe she is the one that will satisfy my desire to love.
We kept on meeting each other for 1 year and it was around August when I made my move and texted her what does she feel about me. It was then I realized I fucked up, she replied that she doesnt like
me that way, she only liked me as her brother. My heart had the same feeling when I was 10, It was this continious pain. I told myself to never fall for any girl again.

1 year has passed and I moved on..Im sure

It was around march when my relatives and cousins went to our house to sleepover. My cousin video called her friend and thats when all my desires of loving someone went back in me. My cousins friend had a little sister
she showed herself in the video. My face turned red, my voice was stuttering and my hearted beated so fast, she was the most prettiest girl ive ever met. Her hair is pretty because she had this hairdo wherein she ties her bangs.
I loved her smile, those teeth werent that white but all the teeth were straight. She had cute eyes and she had beautiful skin. I promised myself I would never fall in love again but I think I just did.
I wanted to say I love you so badly even though we just met. I never wanted the call to end so I tried to keep in touch with her so I asked her if she wanted to play online games and she said yes. My heart aches so much because
of her cute voice. Me and my cousin played togeher with her and we laughed and screamed all night. I made sure to remember that night, I kept thinking of her when I was in bed tucked in with a blanket, I couldnt forget about her laugh
and how we kept on joking aroud all night.It was truly the best thing that ever happened to me. I wanted her so badly but I couldnt think about her that much because of school. 

It was November 3 and we planned on hanging out, the three of us. When I woke up, I immediately got out of bed and prepared myself. It took me around one and a half hour to prepare on what to wear but after all that time, I ended up
with a plain black shirt and some jeans. I wentto the mall to be there first so that I could prepare myself. When I arrived in the restaurant, I waited for around thirty minutes but it was okay for me because my heart coudnt stop beating so fast.
When she arrived, We both said hi to each other but afte that I coudnt think about a single topic to talk about so it was really awkward. When we got out of the restaurant, it was then we got to talk properly, The first thing we talked about is how 
we decided on what to wear. She wore a black shirt with jeans, which was like me. We both had the same reason why we picked black shirts, We couldnt decide on what to wear so we just wore black. It was funny and cute at the same time.
We arrived at the arcade and played some games, I did a lot of cringey stuff so it was something I didnt want to remember. I think that she got bored of me and thats when my heart shattered. We took out the phones and thats when we didnt talked that much to each other
when we got yogurt, it was like I was never there for her. When we had to leave, I waved goodbye but she didnt wave back. After then my feelings for her shattered, It was the most painful thing I ever experienced. She even unfollowed me in instagram which made me even more hurt.
After then we stopped talking to each other and we treated each other like strangers. I realized that love is a decease, it will slowly kill you.

Why cant I stop falling for someone?

Im going to stop--I dont want to stop-but-- I have to.

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