A Night at the Surfside Motel.

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This is a reflection my experience at the Surfside Motel.

A Night At the Surfside


To start off this short story I want to provide a back round of myself to make clear the feelings that I want to convey in this story.  I don't consider myself to be a great writer and if you are reading this as a critical reader, you should look into the bigger message I want to get across. 

I'm at an odd place in my life, not the mid life crisis type of odd place but an emotional odd place. I am 16, I go to high school, I'm not popular, nor am I un-popular, most people know of me and can pick me out of a crowd but also wouldn't care whether I was there or not. I don't make a significant impact on any of my peirs lives, in fact I have just begun to let go of a past life where I was popular to be around. At home my family is not rich but also not poor, we are the average middle class, Italian-Canadian family. We do not need for anything, yet we splurge when we fell we want something, which in todays world, most people wouldn't think twice about.  To become grounded, to realize how lucky allot of us are, people who are born into a place with no war, no conflict, where most of our worries lie in our own entertainment. So with that I will begin, A Night at the Surfside.

To become grounded and to truly appreciate something as simple as your own life, I feel like you need to experience the Surfside for yourself. Everyone see the adds on TV about saving the starving people of Africa or, taking a trip to a third world country to see what their life is like. I have found out that you don't need to go so far away from home to find this type of grounding.

Everyone has seen the type of motel the Surfside is, in her day she was a good place to be, central to the Sea Side Heights boardwalk, clean, the average middle class motel, but what happens after the motel becomes run down, miss treated, and neglected. It turns into a melting pot for a plethora of people of different ethnic backgrounds, who aren't as fortunate as I. 

After a long day of laying and walking on the beach, me and my family come back to our motel, the Surfside, now why is a middle class family from Canada staying in a motel on the Jersey Shore comparable to a slum, well I will chalk it up to fate. Upon approaching the Surfsideyou will see the pool, just as rundown as the motel which it lies infront of, it was the center of my observation. I sat in the far left hand corner at a table infront of the pool, with my can of coke. I look around and to my surprise I see an amassing example of how our world should be. Across the pool to me where a family who where clearly from Mexico. Along with their families they brought a slice of their culture to the Surfside. A short look up to the second of the motels three floors, I spot a boy, no more than 2 years younger than me with his father, both smoking their cigarettes, an odd sight to a small town Canadian boy. Just to the right of the father and son where two friends who brake out into a fist fight of nothing other than their own jealousy. But they aren't the only part of my story. Sitting by the pool side I notice something heart wrenching, an older white brother and younger sister swimming in the pool, both loosing their hair because of chemo therapy, and the children of the Mexican families who also resided by the pool side. Each of the children play and laughing with each other as if there were no difference between them. The brother and sister playing happily with the younger Latin American kids, like they had no problems, to them the Surfside was equivalent to Disney Land.

See all of this and really taking it in made me feel terrible, terrible about everything I had every wanted and not needed terrible for thinking that my life was bad because I don't hangout with friends that often. To see a more diverse group of people living so closely together and not judging one another but encouraging one another. This made me see what was wrong with the world, we have this view like just because we are on top, make more money, or have a better status than other people than it makes it okay for us to judge and to criticize one another for no apparent reason. Being at the Surfside is like being on a different planet compared to the kushy suburbs of Canada or America. To see a father and son together tweaking because of the drugs they taken, to see the best friends tear apart their friend ship over nothing, to see the guy who came there to nothing more than party or have sex in their room. To think that they had missed out on something that I feel wont be around for too much longer, humans being human. 

Being able to see how people react to each other when they have nothing else to spare, the kids who's lives might be cut short for no other reason than the pollution in todays foods and drink, to think that they might not beable to live to see another year and they don't have a care in the world. Everyone says that if they were going to die in one week that they would do everything they ever wanted to do, their bucket list. To see someone who knows very well what they have and its outcome and then enjoying something as simple as playing catch with some other kids makes me wonder, maybe I will wouldn't waste my final week sky diving or doing crazy things, but rather just being the person I've always wanted to be. In stead of being shy become outgoing, become the popular kid for my final week, or maybe not. Would I want my popularity and longing to come from pity? I think it is clear to see how fucked up our world is today, we can't get anything straight, nothing is ever good enough, we always want more. We should all become more like the people of the Surfside. 




Submitted: September 04, 2013

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Criss Sole

That was such an important lesson to take away, and I am so glad you shared it. Makes you look very differently at life, doesn't it?

And I thought this was written very well.

Sat, September 14th, 2013 8:25am

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