"My Life Thru The Lyrics" Vol 1

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.This was inspired (parts taken) from. my fav Eminem songs. wit his Lyrics. & Mine Mixed. 2 try N tell a bit of My story. Explain some thoughts, Feelings N Situations that I have went thru in My life.
"My Life Through The Lyrics".Volume1.

Submitted: October 28, 2011

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Submitted: October 28, 2011



"My Life Through The Lyrics" .Vol I.

It's my life...
Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd give it all for
not the expression, no, You literally give it all for,
When they know they're your heart
and you know you are their armour
and you will destroy anyone who would try to harm um,
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you
and everything you stand for turns on you to spite you,
What happens when you become the main source of ther pain
what is life?  I often think about it but now im just sayin..............

Sometimes life is like a big obstical
put in front of ya optical to slow you down,
and every time you think youve gotten past it
its gonna come around and tackel you to the damb ground,

It can feel like walking a tight rope, without a circus net
or popping perkasets, when your a nervous wreck,
Or knowing u deserve respect , when ya working up a sweat for a worthless check
dont wanna resort to busting techs , at someone to reverse ya debt,
Its when minimum wage has got ya adrenaline caged
feeling full of venom and rage, N feelin older than ya age,

Thinkin if that chick in the benzo, has ever felt the same stuff
or if shes even got an idea though, of what its  like to be broke as fuck............

These ideas are probly, Nightmares to perfect  parents
whose worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings,
Like whatever they say has no bearing, it's so scary in a house that allows no swearing
to see her walking around with her headphones blaring,
alone in her own zone cold and she don't care,  she's a problem child,
and what bothers her all comes out, when she talks about
her fuckin' dad walkin' out,
Cause she just hates him so bad that she blocks him out
If she ever saw him again she'd probably knock him out,
her thoughts are whacked  she's mad so she's talkin' back
talkin' black  brain washed from rock and rap
She sags her pants, rocks hoodies and  stocking caps,
her step-father hit her so she socked him back, and broke his nose
her house is a broken home there's no control she just let's her emotions go
she can rap but she feels like singing and so,

She sings with me, sings for the years
sings for the laughter, sings for the tears,
and she sings, just for today,  cause she never knows if tomorrow the good Lord will take her away...

Everything around me is changin, everybodys tryin to be a gangster
in the land of the killers, a sinner's mind is a sanctum,
holey or unholy,  I only have one homie
only this gun, lonely cause don't anyone know me,
Yet everybody just feels like they can relate
I guess words are a mothafucka they can be great........

Inspireing or full of hate you debate, the rule card but I tossed it
and between me and u I got some skeletons in my closet,
And I don't know if no one knows it
so before they throw me inside my coffin and close it I'm a expose it,

They said I had brain damage ever sense the day I was born
and "drugs"  is what they used to say I was on,
I always felt like, I never knew witch way I was going
and every were I seemed to be I always herd the same song.........

My adolescent years weren't shit till what I do now
I never grew up I was born grown, and grew down,

the older I got, the dumber the shit, I got in
the more ignorant, the incident, was Id fit in,
ignoring the shit how boring it'd get
when there was no one to hit,
I didnt know when to quit throwing a fit,
I know I'm still a bit flaky but its only cause they made me,
its they who raised me,  and said how they couldn't take me
its they who'd mistake me and make me so angry...........

Once I turned legal they could no longer make me ,
I escaped it and waited for the  party to start
mixing shots a Henni with that Bacardi Dark,
and when it  kickd  in I could hardly talk
and by the sixth gin i'd  probably crawl,
And i'd  be so sick  I would eventually barf
and  just as I predicted,  I would  probably fall
either somewhere in the lobby or the hallway wall.

I remember every time I ever tryd to leave
someone kept pullin' on my sleeve,
I didnt wanna, but I had ta stay
the drugs really had a hold of me ,
And every time I tryd to tell them "no"
they wouldnt let me ever let them go,
I was a sucker all I gotta say
the drugs really had a hold of me.

I would lock myself in the bedroom, bathroom, nappin at noon
snappin at eveybody cause I was always in a bad mood,
Didnt know what I was  gonna do, but I always knew that i'd keep going through, Changes..........

Till Love crept up and rearranged my addiction,
thought I had a clear vision, Of our love lasting for the rest of our life,
I would hold her till morning, hold her all through the night
and when id put my arms around her, she would sqweeze me so tight,

We were so young,
so full of life and vibrant,
side by side wherever she was ridin, I went,
so close it was some Bonnie and Clyde shit,
She even had the same type of childhood I did,
sometimes I think howd  we ever survive it,
she ran the streets I nine to fived it,
It was all  good Life was right on track
when I said "I love you baby" she would say it right back,
But we started to grow apart as time went by us
blindless, the tighter I gripped it slipped away just as fast,

" Spend some time with me u say'd that youd be mine,
I never thought I'd find someone like you  who'd be mine".
Only Lord knows I was right, Cause she ended up crossing the line,
we were foolin eachother tryin, but was it all just a waist of time ?.........

So we went our seprate ways no joke,  both heart broke.
but I stumbled into a new face that rose up faster than smoke,
I can't tell you what it really is
I can only tell you what it feels like,
feels like most a the time it's a steel knife in my windpipe
I can't breathe but I still fight while I can fight,
as long as the wrong feels right it's like I'm in flight
high off of love, drunk from my hate,
it's like i'm huffing paint and I love it the more I suffer, I suffocate
and right before I'm about to drown, she resuscitates me
she fucking Love/hates me and I love it.

Like im just gonna stand here and watch her burn
but she says "its alright" cause she likes the way it hurts,
Im not  just gonna stand here, and hear her cry
but she still says "its alright", cause she loves the way I lie, she loves the way I lie.

Mentally un-stable Its sick,
but who could ever predict, after all the time thats gone by
kinda feels like,  i'm doin the same old shit.  She says "we don't",
says "we do it for us",its  just lust,
Cause neither one of us trusts,  each other
so we fuck til we bust, then we cuss each other, out,
I know what it's about.
Shout till I throw her out the house, she throws me out the house,
I throw her on the couch, punch her in the mouth
and we fist fight till we turn this mother OUT,
And apologize after, Laughter, pain, it's insane,
to be back in the same chapter again,
and it's sad but it's true, sayin " when I'm layin' here with you,
there ain't nothin anyone could ever say or ever do"

Cause I hate her,  and she hates me
I Love her, but I think shes so fuckin beautiful when shes angry,
kinda makes me wanna just take her,
and just throw her on the bed,
and fuck her like I don't even know her,
She fucks other people, and I fuck other people,
she plays tuff,  and I'm equal  but so what,
we're both evil in our ways,
But neither one of us would ever admit it,
cause one of us would have one up on the other  so forget it,
Screamin at her,  " Im tired of arguin - I love you  just shut up the fuk up please"
I don't mean to be mean but its pointless to me......................

This is all I can be is just be me ,
cause I am, whatever you say I am
if I wasn't, then why would you say I am
Love me or hate me Im me and everyday I am,
whatever this is just the way I am ,

In my mind I'm a fighter, my heart's a lighter
my soul is the fluid, my flow sparks it right up,
My destiny,  is yes money and no I am not running
so get off of me,  I'm not slowing or softening ,

And dont ask me  If im okay, dont ask  if I'm happy
I know your only asking cause of all the shit, that's been thrown at me N keeps happening,
so no apologies, im not acknowledging you at all,  so say nothing
that is un'till I get a call,  saying that god's coming........

And in my last minutes here, I'll see the Light at the end
and every time I take a step,  it'll get dim
I'll ask myself,Was that hell I was livin in?.
Thinkin If so,  heaven's got to be better
but if i'm hellbound, Whatever, i'm goin down............

<3 L.W.M .OnElOvE. 2011 <3
.This was inspired (parts taken) from. my fav Eminem songs. wit his Lyrics. & Mine Mixed. 2 try N tell a bit of My story. Explain some thoughts, Feelings N Situations that I have went thru in My life.
"My Life Through The  Lyrics".Volume1.

.By. Lisa W. M.

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