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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic
A young mother looses her fiance to war.

Submitted: November 14, 2013

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Submitted: November 14, 2013



Well how to start this story of lust, love, passion and war. There are many people noted in this book but you will notice only one. She was the most beautiful girl in world. She could converse for hours, she had the largest heart and kept it on her sleeve. 

We take ourselves to new Hampshire England in september 1939. The lady who is spoken about above is called Isabelle, she works for the local ironmonger. This is quite an unusual job for a lady but as i said before she is no normal woman. She has been working for Mr Steele for 3 years since she was 25 and he has become to like her even though he will never show it. "Miss Timber where is Mr frogers order?" Bellowed Mr Steele. Running from the back of the shop and clambering through a a small wooden door was a dishevelled Isabelle with a small iron in her arms. " Here we are Mr Froger" said Isabelle. "I suppose you made this one Miss timber" exclaimed Mr Froger "oh no sir, I'm not allowed or as skilled as Mr Steele, i have been watching him closely and...." Before she could finish Benny came in and shouted drunkenly "SHUT UP ISABELLE, you couldnt even heat up a (hiccup) rod". Benny is Mr Steeles 20 year old son and is a drunken sponger that lives off the good name of his father. He is always aggressive towards Isabelle but she is slightly protected by Mr Steele who on this occasion throws him a few coins and said " Benny off you go boy". Off shuffled Benny through the door of the shop. Isabelle slumped her head and went through to the back. 

Isabelle was joined by Mr Steele who asked Isabelle to come in to his office. " Isabelle, i have something to ask you. I would like to train you up to take over the shop. Im no longer strong enough to be here everyday. I want to have some time off occasionally. I cannot leave it to my son, he drinks far to much". "Oh MR STEELE I WOULD LOVE IT, i would listen carefully and watch your every move" exclaimed Isabelle. " The war is coming emily, it will ruin this village and a lot will change, you will keep the shop for me if needed wont you". " YES OF COURSE SIR". 

"BANG" (The office door swung open)" you fat lazy old bastard" shouted Benny. " this is my shop, you cant give it to that thing". " BENNY GET OUT NOW, your drunk" claimed Mr Steele. 
"Fuck off, you get out .... Go on" Benny picked up Mr Steele by the bag of his jacket and kicked the back his legs. He dragged him across the floor through the shop whilst sneering at Isabelle " you"ll get yours you whore". He dragged Mr steele out to the street and said " FUCKING GIVE HER WHATS MINE.... YOU WAIT". Isabelle was frozen to her seat, her nails were scrunched to her seat....her eyes watching the glass on the table checking the reflection to see if Benny was coming back. Slowly a large figure darkened the glass .... Benny was standing the door way... His left arm leant at the elbow on the frame and his hand barely above his head. His
Legs slumped and his eyes set like cement on the back of Isabelles head. "Issy.. Going to take whats mine ... I dont think so ... I think ill take WHATS MINE FROM YOU..." 

Benny unzipped his trousers and put his hand as to cup the back if Isabelles neck. She winced from the heat of his hard, callous hand. As he connected with her neck she felt him thrust his groin into her back. 

"GET OFF HER, OR LET IT BE YOUR LAST BREATH ON TO ANY HUMAN". Mr Steele was standing there with his 44" shotgun and at a perfect distance so that when Benny slowly turned he was pocked in the nose by cold circles of destruction and pain. 

Benny retracted his hand and placed zipped up his pants. " get out my sight you shit". Benny ran out of the office bouncing off the walls as he goes. 

" issabelle im so sorry, he doesnt mean it. He doesnt know himself when hes had that stuff. You get yourself home and forget about it"

" ok Mr Steele, i shall see you tommorow!" She slowly stood up shaking from head to toe she made her way home. 

Isabelle arrived home at midnight to the two men that she truly loved with her whole heart. Her son Hamish and her fiancé Daniel. They had a beautiful farm far from the village. They supplied the village with butter, eggs and meat. 

They were well known for being exceedingly happy and although they sometimes argued they always knew that they had been always meant to be together. 

It was Sunday afternoon and the night after the incident with Benny. Every sunday Isabelle, hamish and daniel made there way to the village for the market. Taking all there produce to sell. 

The market was bustling with all there friends and they set up stall in the usual spot in front of the village green so that Hamish could play. Isabelle was content as could be, she watch would hamish run to daniel and he saw that truly in Dans eyes he loved that little boy and would run over coals to make sure he was safe. 

The market stall began to shake and two eggs fell from the table on to the floor. As Isabelle knelt down to pick them up she looked up to see a large green truck heading towards with Benny, Mr Steele and other men standing in the back. 

A stout man with a large belly led this truck in to town and shouted "WE ARE AT WAR, WE ARD WAR WITH GERMANY, TODAY AT 2pm THE CHURCH BELLS WILL CHIME AND THEY WILL NOT CHIME AGAIN UNTIL THE WAR IS OVER" ..... 

"All men above 18 get on one of these trucks. Bring any weapons you have and say goodbye to loved ones" .....

Isabelle looked over at the village green to where Daniel was holding Hamish in his arms. Hamish was sitting on his right arm and his head on Dans shoulder. 

The stare from her eye met his his and even though he knew what she was thinking he smiled. Purely to reassure her that everything would be ok. Inside his stomach was wrenching and his heart filled with tears from the fear he knew he was beginning to feel. 

The atmosphere in the market was jovial.... The younger men that didn't remember the first world war believed they were merely going to travel the world and widen their horizons. Daniel knew from his fathers talks that war was a sad and unforgiven time and that he may never see the one person in the world he truly knew he couldnt live without ...

Daniel arrived back from the farm where he had armed himself with the farms shotgun. He pushed
past the mothers kissing there sons, wives kissing there husbands and fathers kissing there children to where isabelle stood with hamish holding her hand. Although the biy was young he knew that his strong, dependable role model was going away for a while. 

Isabelle not usually one for showing affection grabbed Daniel around his neck and cuddled him as tight as she possibly could. The tears began to roll down there eyes as they realised that this would be the last time for a long time they would see eachother. 

She tip toed to his ear and said " Come home, comd home safe.... You will have to meet someone new!...." Daniel slowly moved backwards and looked downwards towards her tummy. 

He glanced upwards and met her eyes.... He could read that she was happy, scared, confused all at once. He smiled...." I prr..." . " dont promise" she said.... He watched a tear run from the corner of her eye and down to the crease of her perfectly formed lips.... "BONG,BONG" 

The silence that only they were aware of was snapped like a bomb going off. The church bells began to run and the army sergeant shouted " ALL MEN ABOARD THE TRUCKS". 

Daniel kissed Isabelle on the cheek and he trailed his hand behind him so she could follow until he climbed on to the truck. She knew he done it to have contact until the last moment. 

The trucks engine roared in to idle like the growl of a lion. Daniel climbed aboard and sat down on the benches. The truck moved off down the lane with the gaze of the two lovers not breaking until she saw a large hard callous hand settle on Daniels shoulder......

It was Benny.... Would he say anything about the night before.... Would he make up lies about Isabelle..... Would he hurt Daniel in spite..... ? 

Isabelle's heart sunk. She had lost Daniel once to war but she couldn't live not knowing his feelings if tainted by another. 

Isabelle didn't even pack up the stall... She sold all the produce and left the table.... She put Hamish in his pram and took the long walk back to the farm. 

Arriving at the farm with hamish asleep and thesun setting she realised that this may be the rest of her life.... All alone and with a farm and a son to look after how would she cope. There would be no income from the ironmongers and is was closed indefinitely. 

6 years passed with no contact from Daniel.... Hamish was now 8 and done what he could around the farm to help but the fact was ..... People had
Pillaged the farm for resources and the only thing they had left was the roof above there head. 

"Knock knock"

The door opened and the bright sun light shone through with the outline of a small man clearing the door. 

"you home"... I small peircing voice claimed.... " DAN" shouted Isabelle. 

She ran to the door to cuddle her lover that she had not seem for 6 years.... But as she came close she saw a man she had not seen before.... All in army uniform and with a letter in his hand.... 

"Isabelle, im sorry..... I really am. I was a .... " 

"Who are you" shouted issabelle...

" its me its Benny, i wanted to say sorry, i was not a man back then and i ..."

" where is Danny, what have you done...." 

" he here... And from the side she saw her one and only Daniel ...

"hello issy, im back... I promised" 

Daniel had the whole night explained to him by benny one night when they were I'm the trench. They both had been gassed and Daniel gave his mask to Benny to help him survive. 

Benny left, but left the letter with his fathers pension bond in it. He knew his father would have given it to her. 

Daniel looked over to Hamish and finally saw his
Little girl that he had always wanted. She was 6 now and knew exactly who this strange man was. Isabelle has spoken about him every night since Bella was born. 

Bella ran to her daddy and he grabbed her with both arms and began spinning her around and sobbing. He was incredibly scarred by the war but his knew his family would help heal them because he WOULD NEVER NOT WANT TO BE WITH THEM.


That night bella and hamish were in bed and Daniel slowly run his hand up Isabelles leg. She had not been touched by anyones hands for years and she shivered from the touch. Her wrists went weak as he slowly reach her lips... He placed his fingers inside her and knew exaclty where to go. She pushed her face in to his neck and moaned. He pulled her on to his lap where he had already undone himself. He began to cry knowing that he had waited years to be close to his baby again. She cried in to his bare chest as slowly moved on him. 

He felt his hands unclip her bra and he held her breasts not to be sexual but just a reassurance that he would never leave her again. She moved closer in to him and began to feel herself orgasm. Pulling on him harder and harder he moaned in euphoria.... They laid on the floor with the fire burning with there whole life ahead of them. 


The end.


© Copyright 2020 02wagerd. All rights reserved.

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