Magpies are another story

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im terrified of magies and this realy happened

Submitted: September 18, 2009

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Submitted: September 18, 2009



I hate magpies.

I always have as I play basket ball I see something fly and land arr!

One flue right into the back yard.

I was frozen in fear

I couldn’t move the basket ball droped out of my hands and rolled right onto the grass its walking along the grass

I’m frozen in once place haven’t moved a muscle then I’m saved the dog next door starts barking and it fly’s up into the sky but it sits on the fence,

I slowly walk back trying to not make a sound as the magpie turns around

I run off terrified into my room Its still their

I stair at it until im called over for dinner when come back its still in the same place the it stars raining and it flys away

I take a deep breath out few I put my T.V on and watch NCIS.

The End

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