A Dying Soldier

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a short story about a soldier and his thoughts.

Submitted: June 20, 2014

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Submitted: June 20, 2014



A Dying soldier:

I'm bleeding out... losing too much blood, it doesn't seem to bother me however, I don’t know why but in this place, in the middle of this forest, my final resting place, I found peace , I'm about to die but the birds around me doesn’t seem to care.. Neither does the ants and even the beetle resting on my shoulders, the birds squeak and the ants keep dragging leafs in a hurry... life goes on and soon i cease to be a part of it, i'll just be a pile of forgotten dirt.

I feel tired.  

I wonder what's rank they will give me after I perish, a lieutenant or maybe brigade general... yea that sounds fine "brigadier general", just like they gave my father, how ironic, a child dies just like his dear old man, in a puddle of blood surrounded by dirt, dead bodies and the sticky smell of fear and agony, I wonder why they promote dead people, it's not like it will be of any comfort, not for the man who died nor those he left behind, maybe it's to let themselves feel better I don’t really care.

My vision becomes blurry.

I could stand up , try you find my way of this place, but what's the point, those man died at my commend and their death are on my hands, so it's only fitting that I die as well, then again maybe I'm not the one to blame.. I didn’t started this war nor am I the one to finish it… as my comrades death on my hands... so does my death will be on the hand of our big leaders

its hard to keep my eyes open.

So I die... the hands of our greatest enemy… I die by the hand of another human,  leaving a caring wife and a worried mother, remember me , my name so I won't be forgotten , its captain of the first brigade... the

My name is…

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A Dying Soldier

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