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Millions of people around the world take a metro journey daily to reach their workplace. Hundreds of faces cross your vision. But, how many stay back in mind. No one tries to strike a conversation with each other and thanks to smartphones which help to keep your business to yourself. In this story a smartphone helps two strangers meet. Rajeev is relatively new to Dubai his chance meeting with Karen makes him fall in love at first sight. But is this just his infatuation or one sided sad love story.

Submitted: July 19, 2014

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Submitted: July 19, 2014



I was getting late and It was 8 a.m. in the morning when I reached the Ibn Batuta metro station as the announcement was made in Arabic first which I understood less but enough to know I must hurry as train would arrive in one minute I punched my card and hurried on the escalator dodging between people standing patiently on escalator as it moved some gave me a dirty look as I shrugged through them. As the metro arrived, I rushed in but entered a women's section to face the stares of all the women. I got myself to the next section and  found myself a place to sit. So, here begins my long journey to reach my workplace, it takes about an hour to reach Deira city center metro station. I plugged in my earphones to listen to music. Sometimes I wonder if there was no music, it would be so boring to travel for so long.
After two stations, metro reached JLT station, as the door opened and people entered. A beautiful young woman in formal wear sat on the vacant seat right in front of me. She may be in her twenties with bright blue eyes, scarlet red lipstick. A knee length brown skirt that matched the color of her hair, her attire marked good taste and high brands. As she sat holding her iPhone firmly in her salon manicured hands and eyes fixed on the screen as she kept scrolling with her finger reading something that seemed important.
After a while of staring at the screen of her phone, she looked up to see me looking at her. I gave her a smile in response to which I received were not interesting get the f*** off the lake.  Wasting no more time she got back to her phone. I resumed my looking around  hobby, listening to music as people started getting in and out. After a while I looked at her again, this time fiddling with her purse as she was taking out her make up stuff.
As metro reached emirates tower I saw her hurry out of the train. The doors closed and my eyes turned towards the seat she was on and I saw she had left back her phone. I stood to see if she was there or I could inform, but it was too late the train had left the station. I could only see her go down the escalator. People around  saw me puzzled when I pointed towards the phone and said " the lady sitting here forgot her phone".  To which a man suggested it be given to the metro staff in train. I looked for stuff around, but found no one.
I thought it was better to hand over the phone to the information office of the next metro station. But I was getting late to work. Anyways, I decided to go ahead and help. I got down at the next metro station went to the information center informed the whole situation and handed over the phone to metro officer. Who assured me that they would try their best to ensure phone reaches its owner. I gave my name and phone number in case of any help or information in future. I did reach my office, but late and yes, I also received a warning from my boss. Sometimes helping others doesn't help you I think as I got to my cubicle. Digging my head in papers when my phone rang. It was an unknown number. I picked it up to hear a sweet voice on the other end.
"Hello, is this Mr. Rajeev"
'Yes, who is it?'
"I am Karen, I called to thank you for handing over my phone to metro staff. I got back my phone thank you very much"
' Your welcome Karen, it was my duty as a Co passenger'
" That's so humble of you"
' If you remember I was same passenger who was sitting in front of your seat' I said, regretting as I thought if it sounded desperate. But I so wanted to tell her it was me.
" Oh yes, I remember, " she said with a change in her voice. I followed with a silence.
"Okay, Thanks again and have a nice day bye, " she said
And before I could say goodbye, she hung up the phone. And I kept wondering if she was a snob or I was too eager.
Following week continued with rush hour metro journeys, but I always felt like seeing her again. I always kept looking around when the train reached JLT station and wondering if I ever would get to see her again. There was something about her that kept lingering in my mind. I had her number even stored it with her name but I wouldn't call her after the last talk we didn't go well. I had no hope of seeing her again, I thought I looked through the window at huge shiny towers of different shapes. When someone tapped my shoulder I turned around to see it was Karen. Beautiful as an angel.
" Rajiv, isn't it, " she said and this time she had a smile on her face.
"Yes, Karen?' I said with a smile and in a tone as though I was trying to confirm pretending I had never thought of her again.
Our conversation continued till she reached her stop and ended on a sweet note with her adding me as friend on FB.
I was happy. I wanted to see her on Skype, follow her till twitter, I wanted to be linked in with her, she had won a special place in my heart and made her way to all the social networking apps on my phone.
The next few days went from liking each others posts and commenting on statuses. One night she was online I messaged her.

Rajeev: hi wassup
Karen: hey Rajeev nothing much
Rajeev: when will you be reaching JLT station tomorrow
Karen: well, maybe by 8:15 am. Why?? Anything special
Rajeev: wanted to surprise you by being there.
Karen: how will it be a surprise then?
Rajeev: that's the point. I will tell you when we meet.
Karen: okay, but remember I like good surprises.
Rajeev: I know won't disappoint you.
Karen: can't wait, cya tomorrow. GN
Rajeev: GN. Sweet dreams.
(Karen is offline) flashed on the screen.

The next day I reached my station early to reach JLT station before 8:15. Yes love can make a lazy man work. I got down at the JLT station at about 8:10 am waiting for Karen. As expected, she was there on time beautiful as usual  and perfectly dressed with not a single hair strand out of place. She looked at me a little surprised that I made it, as she came closer. I said in a serious voice "hey, what are you  doing here??? Are you stalking me" to which she burst into laughter. The metro had arrived and we got inside
"So how are you?" she said.
"Good looking" I said, trying to be fun
' Yeah, you are' she said as she smiled.
" Would you like to have a coffee with me today before you go to your work" I asked her
" Wouldn't we get late to work" she said
" No, actually its a new cafe at the metro station you get down at. Common! It will take few minutes"
"Oh! Hmm, ok let me see if I can"
She started messaging on her phone and after a while she said yes. I thought of saying many things to her that I like her and I wanted to date her. I was happy, tensed a mixture of feelings ran through my mind as we reached her stop. We got out reached the cafe and settled down ourselves. She looked at me and asked " aren't you going to be late to your work". I said I would manage. As we were talking we were interrupted by the cafe attendant.
" Would you like to have something" he asked, to which I directed at her.
Karen replied" three cappuccinos please"
I thought in my mind why three. When a man touched her shoulder, she looked around and smiled and hugged him, asking him to take the chair next to her. I looked baffled at him. He was a tall, good looking guy with a body like a mannequin in a sports shop with well groomed gelled hair.
I was lost in the thoughts of comparing myself to him. When I was shaken from my thoughts by Karen "oh! I forgot to introduce you to. Rajeev this is Josh my boyfriend we work together and Josh this is Rajeev he too travels in metro with me, we have met a couple of times he helped get back my lost phone I told you if you remember"
' Oh yeah! Thanks for helping my girlfriend' he said as he shook hands with me. I had lost the battle and paid the bill too. I left the cafe, but yes managed to reach late as usual to be at the receiving end of my boss's ire.
As I left for home in the evening I thought to myself. What a horrible day you know it's a thing about horrible day. When something goes wrong in the morning it carries throughout the day.
Maybe I was too quick to fall in love again, I thought as I entered the metro and took a seat. Next time I ever meet a girl and like her I will take time to fall. I will think many times before I fall and definitely not for a pretty face. I will try to know her feelings for me first.
As I kept lecturing myself when metro reached Dubai mall Metro Station. Someone went past me with a good smell of perfume which brought me out of my self enlightening thoughts. A girl sat right in front of my seat. Wearing long stillhetos with black skinny jeans that matched the color of her long hair. Her hair was really long enough to cover her face as she slightly bent her head while fiddling with her large purse and shopping bags. I guess she was searching something in that junk. As the phone slipped from her hand to fall on the floor, sliding to reach my shoe.
 I picked up the phone "excuse me, miss your phone" I said extending my hand. She looked up and pushed her hair behind her ear and took her phone from my hand " thank you so much" she said with a smile. That was the most beautiful smile I ever saw. She looked like an angel. I couldn't help but fall in love again.

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