Fork in the Road

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A dialogue only short story. No character prompts. See if you can figure it out before the end (;

Submitted: August 17, 2012

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Submitted: August 17, 2012



A fork in the road

By: 1122



“What the hell is this? No one said anything about a fork in the road!”

“Take it easy, Rusty.”

“Stop calling me that.”

“If the name fits…”


“Let’s just think about this for a minute.”

“That’s a mouthful coming from you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?”

“If you had a brain you’d know what I mean.”

“If you had a heart you’d know how much of a low blow that was, jerk.”

“I say we go back. No one told us anything about a fork in the road. I say we go back and ask directions.”

“Of course you would say that, Yellowbeard.”

“What?! Why I oughta—“

“Go on then! You’ve got the mouth, let’s see you back it up!”

“BOYS! Bickering isn’t going to help us. We need to stay together.”

“Sorry, Dot.”


“Let’s try and look at this logically. The road splits in two here, and one way is the right way and the other way isn’t. We just have to choose wisely.”

“Well that leaves Haystack’s opinion out of it.”

“Shut the hell up, bucket-head.”

“How ‘bout it, scaredy-boy? Which way?”

“Call me that again and you’ll have a third direction to choose from: Left, right, or dropped to the ground.”

“Oooooo, I’m trembling!”

“It’s your safari, Dot. You choose.”

“Sigh… I don’t know. The left path looks well used. The right path heads in the same general direction that we’ve been going. I don’t know…”

“I am NOT going back through that damn forest.”

“For once I agree with Haystack.”

“Left or right, right or left…”

“Left. No, right! Right!”

“We have to go one way or the other.”

“I’ve got it! Someone give old Puss N’ Boots here a good scare and see which way he runs!”

“That’s it. Put ‘um up… put ‘um uuuup!”

“Down boy. Someone toss kitty here a biscuit.”


“…Clear skies to the right.”


“…The birds are flying towards the right horizon.”


“Right. It looks more open – less places for monkeys to hide.”

“Right it is then. There, see? That wasn’t so hard, was it?”

“No. Sorry, Dot.”

“Look, I know we’ve been walking for days and we’re all cranky, but we need to stay together as a team or we’ll never get to where we’re going. I want you boys to apologize to each other.”

“Sorry, Rusty.”

“Sorry, Haystack.”

“Sorry, Puss.”

“That’s better. We’d better keep moving while we still have daylight. Come on, boys, where are we off to?”

“Weeeeee’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz…”



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