Excuses, Excuses

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A student's lame excuse for being a bad kid-hehe!

Submitted: May 14, 2008

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Submitted: May 14, 2008



What's that miss? Why am I late? Well, you see, I went out on a date, But the boy turned out to be a secret spy, And he took me on a plane to East Dubai, Then King Kong came and took me away, To New York City, but it was there I didn't stay I distracted him, and fell out of his grasp, I was attacked by squirrels in Central Park, Then I fell into a hole,came out the other side of the world, And that's why I'm such a late school girl!

Where is my homework, you ask me, miss? I was in a spa, soaking up all the bliss, Then the plug popped out, and I whirled through the drain, It was flushing like mad, because it started to rain, I was floating in the ocean, and got eaten by a shark, I stayed there for an hour, it was quite stinky and dark, Then, someone caught the shark, but what do you know? The person that had found it was a U.F.O! They stole my homework, and transported me, Right back, here, that's how, you see?

Why is my uniform gone, you ask? Well, I was walking my dog out in the park, We ran into a superhero, he took us on a flight, Over Paris, which looked like diamonds in the night, We dropped off the Eiffel Tower, and slid down the side, We did a loop-de-loop, then we took a ride, On a rocket ship, which headed straight to Mars, We thought it sounded fun, but we didn't get that far, Because we started to fall, and I lost my cool, And the reason that I'm wet? I fell into my neighbour's pool

Okay, I know that's not the truth, It is a lie I speak, I didn't do it before school, i did it just last week!

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