My Ideas For Game Shows

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TV Shows these days are so dull...why not use some of THEEEEESE great ideas? BTW; I'm kidding.

I’m A Z-List Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!
“Celebrities” from soapies, commercials and bad You-Tube videos go head to head in various challenges to create scandals so that people will remember their name. The winner is the person who has a friend on Facebook.
Wheel Of Misfortune
Contestants are strapped to a rapidly spinning wheel. Last person to vomit up blood wins.
Checkmate; Live!
It’s Chess; Live! Commentators will cheer them on as they move small horses and castles around a black-and-white board. Yawn…
No Deal Or No Deal
Contestants must guess which case holds a voucher for 15% off twels at Myer in between 26 cases holding H-Bombs that explode when opened.
So You Think You Can RiverDance
Contestants battle it out on the dance floor in Leprechaun outfits and all! Fastest Traditional Irish dancer wins a prize of a four-leafed clover and a pint of Guinness; to be sure, to be sure, to be sure!
The Chopping Block
Up-and-coming chefs must handle the heat of cooking human heads in various mystery sauces. Whoever loses has their head chopped off and cooked in the next round.
Super Family Dream Wishing Heart Competition Starry Love Cosmo Show
Contestants must recite the game’s name correctly. If they do so, they win.
Big Brother; Janitor Challenge
The contestants lounge around doing nothing, and have to make the house as filthy as possible the person that has the cleanest room is forced to sleep in the muckiest as an elimination punishment.
10 Years Older In 10 Years
Contestants talk about what they have been doing; i.e. ironing a blue shirt, renting The Family Stone out at the video store, secretly eating peanut butter out of the jar. This continues for ten years.
The Amazing Power-Walk
Tubby contestants have to endure a blistering walk around the block to the milk bar. Obstacles involve a little boy on a tricycle, a yappy little dog (barred, though) and a chatty neighbour.
Australian Idle
A group of corpses are judged on the quality of the whistling noise made from the wind through their decaying bodies. Last year’s winner, Edie Carswell will judge. Sadly, her head has fallen off.
Hole In The Wall
Contestants must jump through a hole in a wall…the Great Wall Of China, that is. They will get killed by the ancient Feudal Japanese army if they fail.
The X Factor Files
Contestants will try to wow judges with their singing voice. Competition is only open to aliens, ghosts, sea monsters, zombies, werewolves, mutants, vampires or Paris Hilton.
Hell’s Kitsch-in
Antique’s Roadshow crossed with Hell’s Kitchen. Contestants must find the tackiest memorabilia at a roadshow, then present it to chef, Gordon Ramsay. “You call this a real Elvis Bobblehead? You’re pathetic, you sad excuse for a bargain hunter!”

Submitted: June 24, 2009

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