Reasons To Jump

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We're studying The Great Depression, and this is a poem I wrote about it, from the perspective of a man about to hang himself, due to losing his family, job and hope.

Submitted: June 21, 2009

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Submitted: June 21, 2009



His hopes are as dark as his teeth are black,
His feet are sore and bruised from the unforgiving tracks,
Can’t remember the last time he wasn’t eating from a sack,
It’s all another reason to jump
Standing on the table, it’s a final take-a-bow,
To go down clawing or to end it now,
Like the beads of sweat on Joseph Lyon’s brow,
He finds another reason to jump,
If his friends were there, they would have stopped him from tying the final knot,
But he felt that they might take pity, and deny their final shot,
There were far too many people of the same fate that he had just forgot,
God, give me no more reasons to jump,
Balancing on the ledges, he swiftly kicks it away,
A shock hits his collar as the light enters the day,
It’s amazing grace, salvation, and in the waking morn he prays,
I hang myself only for these reasons to jump,
And he remembered the last time that he tasted fresh bread,
And he remembered all the women that he could have wed,
He remembered all his family’s ghosts, swimming in his head,
His final reason to jump.

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