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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Talula is a peculiar type of girl. Peculiar meaning fatal, and girl meaning demon.

It was a horrible thing when Talula tried to help people, but it was so much worse when she didn't.

Talula's parents were rather normal, so they wondered how they could have got a child like this. Like what? you ask, in your innocent, naive poise, while people who are around her suffer.

Of course, I should start at the start.

Talula had a peachy, round face, and adorable ringlets that hung around her pink face. She had full, baby-pink lips, and fluttering eyelashes. But her eyes were a wicked grey all the time, except for when she was angry.

When she was angry, her irises disappeared, and her pupil dilated over her whole eye, giving her a terrible look of-evil.

Talula was picking grass from the lawn in the backyard. The backyard was not very interesting, just a square of lawn, but this was how Talula liked it to be. Her parents had put in an expensive telescope, a climbing-frame, and a sandpit, but she turned the sandpit into a pit of quicksand, which had to be removed by a tropical hazards expert. She used the sun's rays through the telescope to melt the climbing frame, and then made the telescope shatter into a million pieces. Why? Because the neighbour's children kept peeping over the fence to look at them, and Talula liked peace and quiet.

Only-peace and quiet.

The neighbour's children were very lovely children, and often would talk to Talula , but never as so to make her angry, of course. Their eldest child, Miranda, had bangs that went over her eyes, thus making it difficult to see, so when they first met, the conversation went a little like this. \"Hello! Are you new here?\" \"Yes.\" \"Whath ith yoth narr?\" \"Sorry?\" \"What is your name-I just couldn't say it because of my bangs. They get in my mouth, they're so wild and long. I really hate them. Neth tith I goith toth hathres-\" \"I can't hear you.\" Talula was being humiliated, and she didn't like that. \"Oh, it's the bangs, again. So annoying! I said, \"next time I go to the hairdresser's, I'm getting them cut off.\" \"Oh.\" \"Oth corth, i couth...\" Now Talula was getting very angry. This girl was hard to understand, so Talula though very hard about what she could do, as her pupils flared. \"Oh, I'm sorry!\" cried Miranda. \"It's just these bangs.\" she said, twisting her fingers through her hair. \"They just get in the w-\" Miranda looked at her hand. In her curled fist was a clump of hair. her hair. She pulled her fingers through her fringe, and it came out clump by clump. It rolled down her back, and she plucked it all out like leaves of a tree. Talula grinned. \"Now what's the magic word, Miranda? I fixed your bang problem.\" A bald Miranda could not answer, she was running to her house.

Of course, Talula just wanted to help. Like another time in her classroom. Her teacher, Miss Prinze-Stewart was not a bad teacher, but students will be students, and decided to gang up on her. Whenever she called attendance, the students would say, \"No, he's not here.\" or would answer to someone else's names. Miss Prinze-Stewart was already under pressure from the Child Safety Association after some other of Talula's \"accidents\", so she was nearly collapsing as the students tricked and teased her.

Except for one. Talula liked to know things, and she hated people who tried to stop her, so she had a bitter relationship with the rowdy students. Apparently, as the students were sitting down, they had set a tack in the teachers chair. They were eager to hear her cries, so they all sat down immediately. Then they stood up sharply, as they noticed (and felt) the tacks on their chairs. Miss Prinze-Stewart sat calmly down on hers, and asked the class what was wrong. When they told her what had happened, she glared at Talula, almost forgetting that Talula did not like angry motions towards her. Her pupils swelled.

Miss Prinze-Stewart was found a few weeks later locked in one of the school lockers. She had been forced to eat some rather odorous Dunlop Sneakers.

Then, at Christmas, her young cousins came over. Her cousin Billy-Bob had received a bike for Christmas, while Talula did not receive presents. All she wanted was peace and quiet, so she was not angry at this. The bike was a real beauty, a wicked red machine with eight gears and hugely pumped wheels. As he rode it proudly around the living room, he chanted at his relatives rude words, and boastful phrases. While he was preening, he came across Talula, pretty as a blossom in a pink frock. \"What'd YOU get, Ta-lu-laaaaaa?\" She disliked his use of syllables in her name. \"Bet you got nothing. Bet Santa doesn't like you. bet it's 'coz you're a bad girl!\" He rode off. Talula glared, her pupils flaring. \"You're right, Billy-Bob.\" she said, as he hopped back on the bike.

\"I am a very, very bad girl.\"

Billy-Bob grinned as he started to pedal, but he went faster than a boy his age shoul be able to. Faster than anyone should be able to. He zoomed around the house, wailing, as the bike pedals whirled, the bike riding him more than he riding the bike. It is estimated that he kept going for about three days until Talula forgave him.

Of course, people started to realise. They found out how these unbelievable things were happening. And they wanted her, but not to give her a hug.

To kill her.

Her parents did not disagree. Her father had already been choked nearly to death with his tie after Talula said it did not suit him, and he ignored her. Her mother could never forget the time Talula made her famous chicken-pot pie into a tidal wave after Talula refused to eat it.

She had to pay.

One day, while playing with her dollhouse, a whirring noise came from outside. Upon peering out the window, she saw a helicopter, but it wasn't there for long, due to a \"freak\" cyclone. Tanks patrolled around her house, but they were all shaken away by an earthquake. Talula fought, but a hand from behind gagged her, and carried her away, girl unconscious.

It's said she was sent into space, to serve her existence in an anti-gravity world. Some say they just killed her, there and then. But I, and many witnesses of the event believe that with powers like hers, she must still be alive.

And you know now, too.

So please, if you DO see her, for the sake of human existence, do NOT make her angry.

Submitted: August 15, 2008

© Copyright 2022 122333MexicanPeanut122333. All rights reserved.

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wow its interesting. I like it.

Sun, August 24th, 2008 11:13am


Thanx! I wanted to make it slightly gothic and dark, I hope this perspective worked. You rule!

Mon, August 25th, 2008 3:21pm


i sort of imagine her with red eyes. i think that her middle name should be Jane. it just suits her, don't ya think?

Sun, December 14th, 2008 12:17am


You should get that Twilight-insanity hecked by a doctor.
Preferably not Carlisle.
Merry Christmas, good chum!

Mon, December 22nd, 2008 1:51am

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