The tale of the Spiky-Head-Face-Blood-Man

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Sasha, Melanie, Cassie and Abbie are girls who listen to a simple campfire tale...a tale of death and doom! A tale of...Spiky-Head-Face-Blood-Man!

Submitted: May 13, 2008

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Submitted: May 13, 2008



"...And then...He ate Grandma!" Cassie said dramatically.

"Eep!" yelped Sasha. "But you can't eat Grandma!"

"What a naughty wolf!" Said Melanie

"He wasn't naughty, he was hungry!"

"Whatever. He wasn't very nice, then." Melanie retorted.

Abbie sighed. "That's not a scary story! Might I remind you of...Spiky-Head-Face-Blood-Man?"

Cassie gasped. "No, Abbie! Th-that's too scary! It's only for grown-ups or stupid people!"

Abbie's eyes glowed amber in the flickering light. "Too late!" she shrieked, "I'm gonna tell it!"

Melanie whimpered. "Mummy says I'm not supposed to listen to scary stories!"

"Wel, mummy doesn't have a brain, doesn't she?" Abbie retorted. "Anyway, once there were these four kids, and they were having a campfire, and-"

"B-but that's us!" yelped Sasha.

"No, it isn't! Then, they heard a strange noise, so the ugliest one went to check, and she found-"

"The ice-cream man?" Melanie said, hopefully.

"No, it was-well, you'll find out."

"Did she come back with an ice-cream?"

Abbie grinned devilishly. "No, in fact, all that came back was; a SKULL!"

There was an awkward silence.

"What's a skull?" asked Cassie.

"It's a human head that's all bony and stuff!"


Melanie looked up at Abbie with puppy-dog eyes. "Please stop, please please stop!...Okay, keep going!"

Abbie cleared her throat. "The next girl wandered after the noise as well, but all that returned was her leg! The third girl came back, but with no arms!"

Sasha, Cassie and Melanie all listened closely.

"While the last girl was weeping for her friend's deaths, she heard the noise too, and when she turned around, she-AAAAAAAAAAARGH!"


Abbie looked sheepishly at her friends. "Sorry, I stubbed my toe on that rock."

Abbie stepped forward, the look of a madwoman in her eyes. She lapped up the suspense, standing up dramatically. The finale had to be big, it had to finish the ultimate horror.

"And, as the young girl turned around she saw...a big pink bunny, that told her everything was going to be okay, and they got married and she lived in a golden castle and pooped on a diamond toilet, and lived happily ever after, with her pet unicorn, the end!"

The forest clearing was silent, except for Melanie who said; "I wet myself."

Sasha broke the silence.

"Well, now that we know that the story was pathetic, let's sing a campfire song!"


"All right!"

"Let's start!"

"Hey, it wasn't that bad!"

"There....was a farmer, had a dog, and Bingo was his name-o! B...I...N-G-O! B...I...N-G-O!...

Meanwhile, Spiky-Head-Face-Blood-Man watched from the shadows.

"Hehehe...yes, sing your little song, soon you will be mine! Wahaha! Hey, that's catchy! B...I...N-G-O! B...I...N-G-O!...

ThE eNd!

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