Wildwood Dancing

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My review of the enchanting book "Wildwood Dancing". Even if you haven't heard of it, go and buy it NOW!

Submitted: August 11, 2008

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Submitted: August 11, 2008



I'm here today to tell you about a book which I'm sure, if it were better known, would be an instant classic. The book I'm talking about is Wildwood Dancing.

I know you've never heard about it, but it is a gem of literature. The plot is a twisting, turning maze of wonder, and there's shock and beauty and history at every corner. The characters are intricately created, and have each a distinctive personality. The descriptions are beautiful, and ugly, and peculiar, and whenever the author,,talks about the textures, scents and sights, you feel the words.

The story is of Jenica, a beautiful yet rather fussy maiden from Translyvania. The town is overshadowed by a mysterious realm named the WildWood. Jenica lives with her five sisters while their father is on the other side of the world; young and naive Stela, scholarly Paula, flirty Iulia (pronounced Yoo-liya) and the beautiful Tatiana, in an ancient castle called Piscul Dracului. When Jenica was just a child, she and her cousins Costi and Cezar were playing by the Lake Deadwash when Jenica was in danger, and her cousin Costi saved her; but to the expense of his life. Cezar became a broken man on that day, and carried Costi's shadow behind him everyday.

Meanwhile, Jenica and her sisters find a portal into the mysterious land of WildWood, but it is not as it seems; The Land is full of kind, english-speaking creatures who enjoy frivolity, so every full moon she and her sisters go there to dance. Jenica has a pet frog called Gogu, and they can both hear each other's thoughts. The family's life outside is different though; Their cousin Cezar is a cruel, abusive man, who wants to take over their land and rule their lives, and the town is under attack from a group of vampire-like Night People.

Then, the plot thickens! Tatiana falls in love with one of the Night People, and Jenica is struggling to pull together her family, and once and for all, dig deep to find the secrets of the Wildwood.

This book is a treasure, full of beauty and ecstaticly wonderful magic, in the form of a book.

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