Second Chance; A New Beginning

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
About second chances.

Submitted: March 03, 2010

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Submitted: March 03, 2010



Antonio Mariez; that was the name that was we heard on and off in our school. He was a shy dark african american. But with a mexican name. He was good looking, tall and smart. He wasn't very social because he had a rough life, he learned to be quiet. Antonio graduated Charleston Senior High School in 2008. For some reason we all loved to talk about Antonio, he had a soft spot in his heart and he cared about people. Or so we thought, the last time we talked about Mariez was May 4, 2009, a year after Antonio graduated, he had been in and out of jail for drug busts and robberies. Nobody could know that something like this could have happened, but it did. What happened?

"Hey! Class, pay attention! Will ya!" Shouted Mr. Brown. Me, (Kate) Melissa, Jordan, Shawn, and Justin all sat in the back of pre. caululaus. We always loved sitting back there because we could taunt our teacher Mr.Brown, he had been super crabby sense he quit smoking. That was our chance to make fun of him as much as we could. We never got caught though, we always blamed it on MaKenzie James, the high school beyotch. She had no friends what so ever and deserved some attention, so we gave it to her.

I really hated teasing MaKenzie because in middle school we where the best of friends, she became a different person after Melania moved here then moved away, MaKenzie ignored me and became best friends with her. Then when we where fresman Melania moved away, MaKenzie became rude and self centerned. Nothing has been the same sense. No one knew that she had a rough home life but me. I don't know if she does now but she did in middle school, her parents would beat her and yell at her. There where so many time she came crying to my door and we talked on the phone for hours about her life. I loved MaKenzie. [As a friend.]

The bell rang, it was now lunch time. We all walked to the hall and grabbed a table. Melissa sat next to me as Jordan did to. Melissa was one of my bests friends in the whole world. Jordan was the love of my life. We started to date in 8th grade and have been together ever sense. We had plans to get married and have a family. Shawn and Justin sat next to each other and Justin sat next to Melissa.

"Hey guys, am I the only one who thinks Melissa can't cook?" Shawn blurted.

"Shut up Shawn! That was one time okay? I burt cookies that looked like boobs yea I know! Hahaha." Melissa said.

"Hey guys, am I the only one who thinks Shawn can't kiss?" Justin said.

"Ewwww! hahahaha. everyone said."

I could feel Jordans hand on my knee. I laughed a little laugh, "What's so funny?" Melissa said confused.

"I just remembered when we where about 13 and Melissa and Cole Greenway started to date---"

"Oh no you don't! Kate you shut your face right now!"

"And Melissa wanted to kiss him, but she was to afriad so I had to dare her, for her infront of us all."

"Kate you bet---" Melissa demanded.

"AND, Ms. Smith was standing right behind us and you guys missed! That was so frikking funny!" I laughed.

"Yeah, Yeah heard it all before, what about the time you where dreaming about Abbygail?"

"I was sick as it gets!"

"I'd say!" Lauhed Jordan. "Why didn't you tell me about this?" He smirked.

"You all are a bunch of assholes.'' Jordan gave her a hug,

"Honey, I love you."

", Yeah, whatever." He leaned toward me and lay a soft kiss on my lips, I called him blue eyes because his eyes where as the sky. And those eyes where mine:).

The main door by the bay opened, nobody seemed to notice untill we saw a man all dressed in black, black hood pants shoes, the whole works. In his pocket he carried a gun, of course we didn't know it was there. His face wasn't covered, probley not the smartest thing to do because we could all see his face. Antonio Mariez.

He pulled out a small hand gun and opened fire, "BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM!" We must have heard that 50 times. "Run!" Someone shouted. There must have been 1000 teenagers in that room. We all ran in various directions, some out the door, some down the hallway, and some toward. The idiot to try and save us.

Jordan and I where still holding hands as we stood up, he went toward one hall way and I went out the other. It took me less than a milla second to realize we where no longer holding hands. He disapeared into the crowd. I made a quick get away. I ran outside with lots of others, the only person I could really see was Shawn, running toward Melissa who I didn't reconzie. My leg started to throb in pain, it hurt more than anything could have. I fell to the ground, a trampled crowd came running over me. No more could I see, good. Just fuz. Someone screamed my name, "Kate!!". It was MaKenzie, she was crying sitting next to me. I felt lots of tugging. She somehow picked me up and carried and dragged me to the grass. With in 7 minutes came to the school. I was out of energy to know anything. . Antonio killed 7 people including my best friend Melissa. He injured over 20 including me. I was the worst injured, my leg was bleeding so bad because of the shot, and I had bruses and scratches, and cuts all over me from the trample. MaKenzie James saved my life.

We all heard the police sirons, they all sourouned the school. There must have been 25 men and women there. They all had guns and they where every where. They searched the school throughtly to make sure they couldn't find, him. Antonio had taken off; they found him 2 days later on the shore of Bella Lake. He had killed him self after the shooting.

It had been nearly 3 hours before it was quieter. It took a half an hour for someone to find me and MaKenzie on the grass. She did everything she could to save me, she cleaned my wound with water and kleenexes, from her lunch bag. I was alive because of her, what she did wasn't much but it was a miricale.

My life now is very hard. But I am living. I have half of a leg, becasue of an amputation. I married Jordan, the my high school sweetheart. Melissa died right away, my life with out her still is a mystrey because that is all i have ever known, but its getting better day by day. As for MaKenzie, she lives in Austria working on her problems. She has come a long way from who she was.

This story proves that one person really can make a difference. They can either destroy or rebuild the world. Antonio changed all of our lives forever. He destroyed us, but together we are comming back. Nearly 9 years after this shooting, we are the greatest people in the world. I don't think I still would have Jordan in my life if it wasn't for me almost losing my life. He was with me all through that, and still is.

Sometimes these things happen, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. But when all is said and done, there are things we can and have done to make it better. That day turned my world upside down, and it was all because of a boy who felt left out, and needed a friend.

Just remember that the next time you reject someone. This could be you and your friends.


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