Whimper's Warmth

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a little Taste of dragonlore

Submitted: May 30, 2012

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Submitted: May 30, 2012




By: 1234ctaslane, and all us dragonkin alike.


Whimper's warmth,

A dragon's tale,

Speak his tongue,

and not to fail.


Wings that cut,

Through the air,

Wind That drifts,

Through human hair.


Riding bareback,

Place of freedom only,

Til' she must leave,

In the morning


~A dragon's life,

Quite soft and fragile,

But still they Fight,

for survival.~


One day the human comes,

Greeting her friend,

But in the cave,

He lies dead.


Trace of humans,

All across the floor,

Sword with blood,

The dragon is no more.



She cries out in angish,


Pain, and sorrow,

Laying by her dragon,

She won't leave til' tomarrow.


The dragon still bleeding,

But cold as a rock,

The human she kissed,

The dragon named Nocc



'It's over' she thought,

the dragon being her only friend,

''But I promise you soon,

we shall meet agian''


The human laid a rose down by him,

as she said her last goodbye,

This was of the many dragons,

That should have never died.

© Copyright 2017 1234catslane. All rights reserved.

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