Message of fate

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'If I didn't find out I don't think my life would have been safe a second longer. "Go on then! open it, it will probabley be something stupid" Tom encouraged, as I opened the cookie my fate was revealed...'

Submitted: October 25, 2012

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Submitted: October 25, 2012



Message of Fate(part 1)


The beautifull lake lay glimmering silently in the full presence of the moon. My heart could be at no better place than this amazing scenery. Wow, peace was at work on my mind, who knew life could encounter such peace at a time of crisis in ones life. A silent tear drop joins the lake as thoughts of my own life crisis occur. Sadness over takes me, giving my heart despairing ache. I miss everybody. Oh that stupid fortune message! However it's intentions were certainley not stupid, it saved me but left me in this lonely place.This is the story of what my dangerous life led up to now. Why did it always happen to me? Only one person can truely answer that question with dignity and truth...Me

"Ugh! My only day off and we can't even decide where we are going to eat!" I moaned to Tom. Honestly, boys say girls are picky when they cant choose a single thing or make a single decision. Suddenly his face light up like a bulb. "I know! Lets go to that new place up on the high street, the chinese one. Chop and um... oh yeah, Chop and Wolk." he yelped. With a murmer of aggrement we set of to 'Chop and Wolk'. I have to say it was a beautifull scene. Chandelliers dangling from different sides of the ceiling, deep red velvet carpets lay on the floor. Patterns of a different kind encrusted on the smooth burgendy walls within the heart of the restaurent. It really was amazing. Randomly choosing a table for two, we sat down and observed the menu before us. Such a wide selection I thought. Finally Tom ordered for us. "Hey Amira you know what would be really cool? If we ordered fortune cookies! It would be amusing to see what the fate of: Tom Barley and Amira Liya was." he whispered. It would be amusing so we ordered two for each of us. Then it happened.

As we ate, the fortune cookies arrived. It was odd because they specificaly handed the fortune cookies to us. On a count of 3 we both ripped open our cookies and saw the message. "Amira, your life is in danger say nothing to anyone. You and Tom must leave the city immediatley and do not return. I shall meet you and Tom by the town station do not go home.In the next fortune cookie is some money hurry and buy some essentials that you will need.Meet me by half past 4. Do not be late." Tom and I exchanged looks. I gulped and my visual perception got blary. Oh god, what about mum and dad, nan, granpa everyone? "Come on we have to go and get some stuff then meet him or whoever at the station come on!" Tom said. He reache over and firmly grabed my arm and pulled me out the shop leaving a couple of notes to pay for the food. We silently walk through the crowd. "Tom what about my family they have to know! I am going home and going to tell them this might be a joke!" I say to Tom who shakes his head and ensures me it isnt a joke. Somebody grabs me and pulls me back, suddenly everything turns black.

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