The Other Half

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This is a short one-shot "fan fic" of a post from tumblr about everybody getting a necklace since birth and whoever has the same necklace as you is like your soulmate. I found it I think:

Submitted: June 30, 2013

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Submitted: June 30, 2013



It was shaped like a circle with a cross carved  across its surface. The simplest design I've ever seen yet but it was okay. To me it is beautiful most especially  because it is mine. I had it since the day I was born. It's sort of a thing here. They say that who ever has the exact same design as yours would be the person who was meant to be with you.  I asked people questions like, "What if you lost it?" and they say that it has a way of coming back to you then they give knowing looks to each other. People wear their necklaces proudly but I hide mine because  the people usually give me this weird look because mine is so simple because usually these necklaces have very intricate designs but mine was just a circle with an x, kinda like a crossed-out option or something, like the guy who made mine got lazy cause he already made all these necklaces and was just like "Fuck it." and made mine.


I usually hang out with my friends but I didn't feel like hanging out with them so I just went to the library. I always hang out at the library because I was very interested in history and our town librarian is so nice to me. She lets me actually read the original copies of books because she knows that I'm always careful with them.


"Hey, Mrs. Stephens! Good afternoon." I said while removing my coat. It was a cloudy day and it was cold outside. I'm assuming it's gonna start raining soon. What a better place to get rained in than the library?
"Good afternoon, Amber. I know you're itching to go to The Place. Go on, now before  someone sees you." Good, old Mrs. Stephens.
"Thank you!" I call after while jogging towards the authorized personnel room.


The room was filled on one side with boxes and boxes of new books. While on the other side was a book case with glass slides filled with old books. I take out the gloves out of one of the cabinets then proceed to look at my selection. There were original fairy tale books, historical accounts, diaries, and many more but there was one I've been eyeing for quite some time now because it was the only one that didn't have a name on its spine but I didn't try reading it because it was way at the very top and I don't want the other books to come crashing onto me or worse getting damaged.


I grabbed a chair and slid the glass slide so there was enough space for careful grabbing. I pushed the other books to one side gently then grab the book and slowly, so very very slowly slide  it out. I slid the glass slide back again and then sat down and looked at the book. It was leather bound and it looked like someone ripped the pages to it that only 3 pages were left. It wasn't very obvious when it was at the shelf. Since it was just 3 pages, I might as well read it.

"To my other half,

You might've noticed the ripped pages and think that somebody has sabotaged this book to prevent some sort of information to pass but I'm afraid that is not the case for the saboteur was I. I kept trying to write you a letter but I am so easily unsatisfied with the results that I ripped the pages off  and failed to notice that I had but only 3 pages left so I apologize for this letter would be short, though I wish it not be.

I have conquered many trials for you. I have killed hundreds of valiant men for you. I have traced thousands of miles for you. All for you.

All I have done were blatantly idiotic but I was getting desperate. All my treasures seemed useless. All knowledge I have been known to have were absolutely useless. I still felt empty. So I started looking for you.

I hope you know all that I have  done just for you. I don't do charity quite easily, you know. I have even been asked by a lot of women to be theirs and I have rejected them all.

I wrote this letter---"

I stopped reading. It seemed a little personal and I know when to back off from personal moments. But hey, maybe I'll just read the end to know who this fella is. He seemed quite nice even though he seemed sort of proud.


"All for you.

This all seems quite preposterous now that I've reached the last of the pages. I have done everything I could for you. All of it.



All for someone I hadn't even met. I hope you know that I tried everything. I truly did. For you.





Well that was an unpleasant ending. Is it possible not to meet your other half? Poor Charles. I should ask Mom or Dad or maybe Mrs. Stephens. I carried the book gently. I didn't want to let go of it because I don't know. Maybe Charles needed some company. I'm here for you bro.
"Um, hey Mrs. Stephens?" I tapped her on the shoulders while still holding the book.
"Oh yes, sweetie? Oh! You want to bring that home? You can but you have to be really careful okay?" she said while eyeing the book I was holding.
"Oh no, oh well, yes that too. But I was gonna ask you if it's possible to not meet your other half?" I asked. She giggled and replied:
"Sweetie, that's not possible. Nobody, and I mean nobody has ever not seen their other half. So don't you worry now, alright?"
She tapped my cheek lightly then proceeded to do her work. I decided to leave now and ask my parents since it was getting kind of crowded in the library already, and so that I won't get the book wet.


I rushed home just in time before the first drop of rain fell.  I looked around for my dad. He was a big history buff and he does these lectures all over the world so maybe I'll ask him. I don't understand why this feels so urgent but hey, adventure.


"Hey Dad? You home?" I yelled.
"Yep. In the kitchen." He answered.
I entered the kitchen and saw him making grilled cheese sandwiches, the only food he's allowed to cook and knows how to.
"You want one?" He asked while pointing his spatula at the grilled cheese he was making.
"Yeah, sure." I said. "Hey dad, is it possible to not meet your other half?"
"Well, first of all, you're too young. And second of all, that's impossible honey. And third of all, is this peer pressure? Do you wanna talk about this?"
"NO DAD, THIS ISN'T PEER PRESSURE. JEEZ. I was just asking for a friend. I'll be upstairs, 'kay?"

So maybe this book is a very clever fiction. Well done, author, who ever you are. Well done. But was it necessary to rip all those pages? I jogged up the stairs when I heard something fall out of the book and hit the stairs with a 'ding'. I panicked and thought maybe I broke the book but then I remembered that books weren't made of 'ding-able' matter. So I looked down and saw a necklace. It was a round necklace with a cross on it. Ugh, I can be really clumsy. So I took the necklace and put it in my pocket but then I felt something in my pocket. It was my real necklace. The other necklace came from a cut out part of the  leather cover of the book. I held the other necklace and it looked exactly like mine. I looked at the back and there was another scratch on it.






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