A Note To God

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Another one of my humble works.

Submitted: December 17, 2011

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Submitted: December 17, 2011



Before, we could still feel the zephyr here

The sweet chirping of birds we usually hear

Calm flow of the oceans touched our feet

And the swaying of lush greens under the sun's heat


The beautiful sunrise that greets us in the morning

And the exquisite light of the moon in the evening

The vast expanse of the mountains is so amazing

With just one word, how could One do such a thing?


The wonderful ambiance of our dear nature

And all the best kinds of every single creature

Different colors of the flowers embellish the scene

What a perfect picture, long ago that was seen


But now, what has happened to our Mother Earth

Did it really lose its great value and worth?

So many trials and struggles came to mankind

As if the only aegis we can not find


Right then and there we see great havoc and calamities

Not only here but also in our neighboring countries

Wars, tsunamis, and recently earthquakes

That shook the world and thousand lives they take


Until now, its reasons I can not seize

Only You Father can fathom the depths of these tragedies

We pray that You open our eyes to what's happening

That we might not be caught helplessly perishing


Unlock our ears for the cries of the wounded one

Let us realize what fault we have done

In Your presence, allow us to draw near

Because these things make me fall a tear


Crest-fallen feeling overcomes our heartstrings

Evanescent hopes that soon came fading

Let us not falter because of our own encumbrance

And let us surpass our world's every hindrance


In just a flicker of the eye, don't let the world vanish

Desist not in pursuing what we ought to accomplish

It's only You God that could ever save us

That's why we lift to you all of our faith Lord Jesus


Do not let ourselves lurk in the shadows

Because it it only You who knows

Aid us to embark a change not only in our nation

But also to ourselves and to the coming generations

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