Charmin is the one

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it is about choosing the right toilet paper! which is your favorite? Charmin or Angel Soft?

Submitted: December 11, 2012

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Submitted: December 11, 2012



Which is better, Charmin, a product made in Green Bay Wisconsin for over 70 years, or the newer Angel Soft  product made by Georgia Pacific less than 25 years ago? The Charmin name and logo were officially registered by Hoberg Paper. Charmin was designed to look like feminine fashions of the day. Well, we know which one has the higher advertising budget, or at least the more effective advertising. But does that mean the product is better?

Charmin has been a reliable bath tissue, trusted in millions of homes. Extensive tests show that when Charmin is used as intended in a properly functioning plumbing system, it shouldn't cause plumbing problems. Angel soft can stop up your toilet.

 Angel Soft's slogan is "comfort where you want it". Of course that area is one where comfort is at a most. Charmin’s slogan is chchcharmin less is more. Angel Soft contains no pulp fiber and no additives, unlike most types of Charmin, which contain scents. I don't know about you, but I like the scents. Angel Soft is "soft, but not too soft" as the slogan goes. Charmin has many different types of rolls. Each roll has something special about them. So, how do you roll? There is a roll for everyone.

In my opinion, Charmin is a lot better than Angel Soft.  Charmin may be older but it has better quality. Angel Soft leaves a trail behind. Charmin doesn’t, you wipe one time with nothing left behind. You would use a whole roll of Angel soft trying to get the left over’s off. Each time you wipe the more comes off. Charmin says less is more, and it’s true. You use fewer pieces of Charmin, and it equals about the same as using many pieces of angel soft. For example, using three pieces of Charmin is like using six pieces of angel soft.

Charmin is very soft; it is softer than Angel Soft. Just because it says its soft doesn’t really mean it is.  If you need something soft and comforting for some reason choose Charmin! Charmin has absorbing cushions, it absorb everything. Charmin is also very strong. It holds a lot more than the Angel soft does. It absorbs everything nothing is left behind to drip or no pieces to be seen. It’s okay to be a bit of a softie. Especially, when using Charmin Ultra Soft toilet tissue in the house. America’s softest bath tissue is so cushiony soft and you can use 4X less than the leading value brand. Using less feels good, doesn’t it? Go on, Enjoy the Go.

Charmin isn’t as expensive as Angel Soft. So, if I’m getting more for my money, you better believe that I’m buying Charmin. The only reason Angel soft is more expensive is because it is a newer product. Yes, it advertises more. So, people tend to want to buy it just because the name is out there. No one ever stops to check the price or how good of a product it really is.

So, why choose Charmin? In my opinion, Charmin is less expensive. You get more for your money. It leaves no trail behind. Use one piece of Charmin and you’ll be clean, Unlike Angel Soft. With Charmin less is more. It is so soft, nothing could be any softer. You can enjoy your go! I will buy Charmin as long as I live.  It doesn’t break me out, it keeps me happy.

Charmin is one of the best products out there. I don’t know what I would do without it. It is so soft, no rashes to be found after using it. I save money by buying the best product. No pieces are left on my behind. Enjoy your go with Charmin!

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Charmin is the one

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