Nightmares of a Superhero

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ultimately this is a coming of age story. The story is presented in a very unique and intriguing way. The ending is modern and I hope unexpected.

Nightmares of a Superhero

Table of Contents


Another Nightmare …..................................................  2

Reality ….................................................................. 6

Superhero Andy …...................................................... 10

My Girl ….................................................................. 13

Jordan’s Story …........................................................ 16

Edgar ….................................................................... 19

Ally’s Family …........................................................... 22

No …........................................................................ 25

What’s Real …............................................................ 27


Chapter 1

Another Nightmare

page 2

I found the perfect spot where every inch of you is comfortable.  The mattress almost becomes a part of you as you nestle down into it.  Total relaxation and then it happens.  You’re asleep.


It was an ordinary morning.  I was enjoying the last of my Diet Coke when suddenly I needed to take a dump.  A serious dump.  Like I said, an ordinary morning.  But ordinary can be a real bitch when you’re a superhero.


The story of my life begins with my mother.  My mother used to be a high exposure model.  In retirement, she spends her days eating kale and exercising.  She avoids the sun like Dracula.  She rarely speaks and when she does her thick accent makes everything she says sound special.  Her actual origins are kept a secret to add to the mystic of her image.  


She didn’t really want a child.  She knew it would further damage her already fading beauty.  However, my father insisted it was time.  She had married well at the end of her career.  My father is a extremely wealthy man who spends most of his time attending to his business affairs. This suits my mother well as they have very little in common.


My father enjoys having a trophy wife and feels she is another accomplishment he has earned for his years of hard work and his superior intelligence.  He finds it relaxing to come home to a mindless wife chosen for her intense beauty and ability to provide a male heir.  When he learned she was pregnent with a daughter, he was no longer concerned with my existence and was disappointed with the delay in producing an heir to his empire.


My mother remained under the care of esteemed physicians. With breakthrough technology they had determined my gender beyond dispute almost immediately after my conception.  It was much later when they informed my father that besides lacking a penis I also did not have arms. My father was determined that the pregnancy would be aborted.  He immediately began forming a team that would insure the next pregnancy would produce a perfect male heir.


My mother was horrified by the thought of a defective embryo growing inside of her.  She agreed completely with the termination and publicly announces her miscarriage.


The problem with esteemed physicians is they also have an agenda.  Rather than transporting my remains directly to the incinerator, I became the perfect test subject.  Technically, I didn’t even exist.


I flourished with the revolutionary care and soon it was time for me to leave the facility.  This presented a unique situation which was resolved by me being placed in the orphanage. Although my placement potential was grim at best, with substantial donations, I would remain an orphan and I could be monitored for long term complications.


Even though my care had been exceptional, I remained armless.  I learned to use my feet for everything.  I dreamed of having arms and being like everyone else, but I was not blessed with such a happy ending.


Unknown to me, my brother was extremely blessed.  His conception and delivery were a total success.  Every aspect of my brother was enhanced beyond what normal genetics would produce.  My brother is a true genius. He is exceptionally handsome; and quite unexpected by my father, my brother is truly compassionate.  His amazing abilities resulted in him finding me unfortunately my father had found me first.


My father was appalled to learn of my existence, but determined to make the most of his discovery. He had been working with the government on advanced weapons and technically I was his daughter.  The day he came to the orphanage he introduced himself as Doctor Spock.  He explained that he had developed a method to transplant limbs and was hopeful that I would consent.  I realized that there were substantial risks involved with the surgery but being an orphan offers one some freedom of choice.  I felt it was well worth the risk to be normal.


You can imagine my dismay when I awoke from the surgery and found machine guns attached to my stubs rather than beautiful new arms.  After intense training and brainwashing, I became the nations dream soldier. Slowly I adjusted and began to accept my new reality.  I had always been different.  My brother however did not accept my reality.  His compassionate nature made my father’s behavior to much to bear.  In finding my father, he completely lost his.


That brings us to today.  An ordinary day for a superhero. When the nation attached machine guns to me they didn’t think beyond the military advantages.  Sure, I can waste a military threat, but everyday functions are a whole different story.  I was being ever so careful when yhea, I blew my butt completely away.  There it was splattered on the bathroom wall.  Just sliding down the wall.



That’s when I jolted straight up in bed.  Drenched in sweat.  Another nightmare of a superhero.  And there I was wide awake at 2AM worried about realities that didn’t even exist.


Chapter 2


page 6

I'd like to say I’m just an average twelve year old, but what’s average?  I go to a very large school.  That means you have lots of options while you are surrounded by total strangers.  Except for my best friend Ally.


We meet in preschool.  We sat next to each other on the first day and instantly bonded.  I remember how pretty she was all dressed up in a brand new outfit with matching everything.  Ribbons in her hair, shoes and backpack.  She actually had different backpacks to go with different outfits.  She still does.  Mom let me dress myself.  I don’t remember what I wore but I’m sure it was worn out favorites.


Today, I roll out of bed and find yesterday’s clothes on the floor.  The jeans look good enough to wear again, but the shirt smells so I grab a clean one and head to the bathroom.  Thirty minutes later, I’m at the bus stop.  Ally lives in a much nicer neighborhood, so I put on my headphones and  ignore everyone.  


My first class is Physical Education which makes taking a shower this morning a total waste of time.  I nail Fat Boy Andy during dodgeball.  He’s already all red in the face and I think he might start to cry.


Andy yells, “Leg cramp!  Why you’d do that when you know I’ve got a leg cramp?”


My goal is to make him cry every year.  It’s good to have goals.  It all started in the first grade when I came to school crying because Molly, or dog, died over the weekend.  Andy made fun of me for crying at school.


I wait for Ally after P.E. to tell her how cute she looks today.  It means alot to her.  Andy comes out of the gym and calls me a dike.


“Back at you Fat Boy.”


“I’ve got a slow metabolism.  Just wait till football starts.  I’m a natural born killer!”


“Yeah, a heart attack waiting to happen.  Hey Ally, you look really cute today.  Green goes so good with your red hair.”


“Thanks, Little Jo Jo.  See you at lunch.  Mom made cupcakes for us.”


Lunch is amazing.  Ally talks non stop about who knows what.  I always feel so comfortable with her.  She’s coming home with me on the bus today.  Her dad is picking her up in his way home.  Sometimes he works late.  Ally’s little brother, Max, has autism and everything at her house is charts, stickers, rules, rewards and consequences.


She doesn’t mind the mess in our house, but I wish I would have picked up the floor in my room.  Ally’s house is always clean and smells good.  I microwave some pizza rolls and everything is great until a text ruins my life. Ray and Jennifer broke up.  Ally has always had a thing for Ray and now she’s all excited.


“Maybe I should wear my short black skirt tomorrow.”


“It’s really cold outside.”


I can’t believe I said that I sound like her Mom.


“Who cares?  This is my big chance!”


“They’ve been together forever,” I reply.  “You know they’ll be back together in a few days.”


She doesn’t even hear me.


“I don’t know why he wants to be with her.  She’s so stupid and she’s mean to him all the time.  He’d be so much happier with me.”


Tomorrow comes way too soon.  I’m waiting to say hi and there she comes down the hall with a non stop smile and Ray hanging on her arm.  I could puck and I mean for real.  My stomach flipped as she walked right by me. She didn’t even look my way.  She just giggled and smiled while Ray strutted along.  He’s so fake and really short.  She looks stupid all dressed up with her sexy high heels looking down at the top of his head.  


“Don’t start crying Little JoJo,” Andy says sarcastically.


“Fuck you! Fat Boy.”


“What your girlfriend found a real boy to play with?”


I slam Fat Boy into the wall and punch him in the gut.  He pushes me off and runs down the hall.


That night I cry myself to sleep.  We ate lunch together, but all she did was talk about Ray and how she wished he had the same lunch shift.  I bet Jennifer is crying herself to sleep tonight too.


Chapter 3

Superhero Andy

page 10

Andy saves the day again.  It’s great being a superhero.  I can suck in tons of water and then blow it out.  I can put out a fire, force a hurricane back into the sea, or bring a criminal to his knees.  


It all started on my tenth birthday when I blew out my candles and the cake, ice cream, decorations and everything went flying.  I burst into tears, ran upstairs, and locked myself in my room.  No one could explain what happened and it was years before I had another episode.


I was driving through Jack-in-the-Box one night and a really pretty girl was in the parking lot with a flat tire.  Her boyfriend was yelling at her like it was all her fault.  Without even thinking about it, I just got out of my truck, took a deep breath, and blew right into the valve stem.  When I stood up her, boyfriend was just staring at me and then she thanked me for helping them.  She even leaned in and gave me a kiss on my cheek.  That’s when I knew taht this weird thing was going to turn into something great.


Tomorrow I’m going to be on T.V. showing off my amazing talent.  I’m like a celebrity because I don’t hide my identity like comic book superheroes always do.


“So Andy, it’s really great having you on the show today.  How many lives have you saved?”


“I don’t keep count, but it’s a blessing to be able to help so many people.”


I say it like I really mean it and the audience eats it up.  357 lives to be exact.  


“Our audience is looking forward to a demonstration.  You know we take things just a little bit farther on our show so the audience is ready to get wet!”


The entire audience is wearing swimsuits and they recruited some beautiful girls with a lot to offer for the front row.  I bet I can blow the tops right off a few of them.  This could be the best day of my life.


The whole audience goes berserk as I spray them with water.  A few tits do flop out while the girls jump around screaming.  This is the greatest.


“So Andy, can you spray anything besides water?”


“Well, I’ve never really tried, but it sounds like a great time to me!”


“Ok Andy, we have a giant chocolate shake ready for you to test out!  I hope you like chocolate.”


“I love chocolate.  You really do things bigger and better around here!”


The audience is going wild.  I know I’m not the only one enjoying the front row when cameraman number 2 moves in for some close up shots.


The audience is screaming with anticipation.  Wet tits are bouncing up and down.  I suck in the entire tub of shake and as I start blowing it out brain freeze sets in.  The last thing I see is the beauties in the front row licking ice cream off of each other. I admit I die with a smile on my face.


Chapter 4

My Girl

page 13

I didn’t wait for Ally to ignore me after P.E. today.  We'd been friends forever and now some boy has her forgetting I exist. I should just move on with my life.  She obviously meant more to me than I did to her.  But, I remember in grade school how we always lined up beside each other after recess.  I’d be all sweaty and out of breath from running around the playground or playing kickball with the boys.  She’d always run to the swings at the beginning of recess and beat all the other girls there.  But, when the teacher blew her whistle, we’d always end up in line together.


When I got to my next class, the boys were giggling like girls and the girls were whispering.  Then at lunch I found out why.  


“Show and tell!  What did you bring for show and tell?”  The boys were chanting in the lunch line and everyone was laughing.


Ally ran out and I went after her.  She cried half way to my house before she could tell me what was going on.  Jennifer’s brother, Jordan’ was saying Ally let Ray play with her tits and she would let them play too.


I loved the way her tears got my t-shirt all wet and I didn’t mind her snot either.  I was pissed as hell, but so happy to have my Ally back.  She is closer than ever.  When we were little we’d hold hands and stuff, but as we got older all that slowly changed.  Now, the trees are in bloom.  The breeze makes the flower petals snow down on us.  Ally smells clean and earthy all at the same time.  Her arms are wrapped around me super tight.  She is depending on me to be here for her.  My heart is pounding as the blood rushes through my body.  It is perfect and then Ray sends her a text.



“Wuz up?”


My joy instantly turns to hate.  The fucking moron is scarfing down his lunch and can’t figure out where Ally is.  She spends the rest of the day at my house texting Ray. Invisible me feels her slipping away as her tears dry on my shirt. He walks over to my house after school and then his mom picks them up.  


The next day they are back at school with his arm wrapped around her waist as they walk down the hall.  His hand slips closer and closer to the tight ass with each step she takes.  Why wouldn’t everyone believe Jordan?


I want to get back at Jennifer just the same.  Jennifer has always been perfect.  She has perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect grades, and a perfectly stupid ex boyfriend.  More than anything, I just want her to get her boyfriend back.


I get on Jennifer’s bus after school.  I sit in the back and pull my hood up over my head.  She is one of the last girls to get on the bus.  Her straight blond hair flows as she works her way to her seat.  Everyone wants her to sit with them, but she lands right next to a tough kid that looks too old to ride a school bus.  He seems shocked, but pleased all at the same time.


I almost miss her stop.  It is at a run down apartment complex.  You think someone has everything and then every once in awhile reality hits you. Jennifer lives in a dump.  I realize I made an even bigger mistake when Jordan shoves me hard.  


“Stop following me you creep!”  Jennifer screams at me.


“Stop saying shit about Ally!”


“I’m not!”


“I am.  Do something about it.”  Jordan replies.


I run off feeling stupid and weak.




Chapter 5

Jordan’s Story

page 16

Physical pain is what I really enjoy.  You know you’re alive when you feel it and it builds up the hate you need to pass it on.  I started sports young and joined all the right teams.  Dad had all the connections and it didn’t take long for everyone to want me.  I was on a strict diet from day one and expected to work harder than the rest.  I never cried.  If i got hurt, I just got up and got even.


The greatest moment in my life, so far, was last year.  Everyone said the guy was unbeatable.  He moved here from Nebraska where wrestling is an institution.  It was a tough match, but suddenly my opportunity was there. He knew he was in trouble.  His face was filled with pain and switched to disbelief when his arm snapped.  The exhilaration raced through my body as the pain and despair surged through his.  The whole gym went silent.  I guess the referee thought I would stop, but I just kept twisting his arm back further until the referee pulled me off the guy.  By then, blood was spurting out and he gasped in pain like a fallen baby bird dying on the sweltering sidewalk.  My coach pulled my away as his coach came after me.  For an instant he looked right into my eyes and froze.  He saw the killer inside of me.  A gladiator covered in his opponent's blood gleaming with pride and the desire for more.


I hate everyone, except for my weakness, Jennifer.  She is everything a girl should be.  While I was becoming a man, Jennifer was perfecting every aspect of her existence.  When she walks into a room, her presence fills the space.  I’ve always been there for her, but when Dad let us all down, she became my responsibility.


We used to have it all.  Now we just pretend we do.  Dad knew how to work a room and networked all the time.  He was always making deals and making money.  We lived in the biggest house in the best neighborhood. Then, he lost it all.  He fell for an amazing deal and lost millions.  He dragged plenty of investors down with him.  After that, no one trusted him.


Mom could have moved on and taken Jennifer and me away from this downward spiral, but she didn’t.  Men still stop and admire her, but now Dad gets all pissed off about it.  He knows she could replace him in an instant.  At first, we downsized.  Then, Mom started selling clothes at a fancy boutique she used to shop at.  Dad took a job at some telemarketing firm.  He says we needed to move here to maintain our lifestyle.  It’s pathetic.


A few remains of the finest furniture fills this dismal excuse for a home. The walls are dingy and thin. The carpet smells and the linoleum peels away from the floor trying to escape this hell hole.  I sleep on the sofa in the living room.  At night I listen to the neighbors fight in their drunken battle.  They blame each other for their existence, but they were born inferior.  Subhuman existence is a way of life for them.  They don’t deserve better.


Mom and Dad’s bedroom is consumed by their king size bed.  Rich velvet drapes cover the window and almost keep out the reality of the outside world.  Mom takes her pills and pretends it will all be better soon.


Jennifer has the other bedroom.  Her clothes overflow into the hallway. Her room is beautiful and smells like spring.  She keeps everything clean and organized.  She has become obsessed with maintaining what she has. She’s lost so much.  Before, the house was filled with her happy laughter and the girlish chatter of her friends.  Now, she is alone except for me.  I shield her from the despair.


A true man protects his family and provides for them.  He dominates the world and his offspring reap the rewards.  The cycle continues.  I am destined to dominate and Jennifer will reign beside me.


Chapter 6


page 19

Ally, Ray, Jennifer and Jordan are all spinning in my head.  I feel so helpless and lonely as I drift off to sleep.


Atoms, they make up everything.  My reality is swirling bits of elements.  I have a deeper knowledge.  Its a curse; not a blessing.  I could cure illnesses and help society, but instead I am a prisoner of evil forced to create destruction.


“Good morning, Edgar”


Madame X is beyond beautiful.  Today she is wearing her nurse uniform and is accompanied by the talking monkeys.  The monkeys scammer about jabbering to each other about world domination.  I created them.  They mimic what they hear much like a parrot.  They were merely a project used to test my abilities.  I don’t know how Madame X came to be.  The mystic of her creation only adds to her intense appeal.  She was obviously created to please the male senses.


“Good morning Madame X.  What do you have planned for my day?”


“I am so glad to see you are in a cooperative mood today.  I can’t stand to see you suffer when we both know you will ultimately give in.”


Her words wash over me.  Her voice is rich with love and pure sexuality.


“Suffer, suffer, suffer!” chant the monkeys.


“Yes, Madame X, resistance is futile.”


“Master is in his lab.  He is anxious to discuss the applications of your abilities to his latest project.” Madame X explains.


Moments later I am in the lab.  It is a remarkable facility.  Much like a chef with an unlimited budget, the lab is stocked with every delicacy and the most basic essentials imaginable.  The shiny tables and glistening glassware are intoxicating to my senses.  It is a dream within a nightmare. Master is impeccably dressed with an immaculate white lab coat over his European tailored suit.  His appearance is both elegant and intimidating.


“Edgar, as you can see I have been waiting.  My associate does not have the luxury of time.  You need to analyze the lab specimens to determine how to prolong my associates life so he can achieve my goals.”


“When he takes over Europe, I will reap the financial benefits and ultimately inherit his empire.  Edgar, you will be a part of it all.  You were wasting your life before, but now with proper guidance and motivation you are changing the lives of great men and ultimately the face of our world. You will go down in history as the scientific guinness behind it all and live forever in the hearts of your successors.”


“Yes Master, but I will not be proud of these accomplishments.”


“Edgar, after world domination, you can work on your philanthropy and ideologies.  You can rebuild society like a God with superior vision and insight.”

Later, after contemplation, I realize Master is correct, except I do not need him or his dying associate to achieve a new reality.

I will cleanse the world of evil and replace it with angelic creatures.  I will create the perfect Eve.  Heaven and hell will cease to exist as I dominate my reality.


Chapter 7

Ally’s Family

page 22

“Agency FB, first,” Max tells himself.


“ Arial, Arial Black, Arial Narrow.”


“Max, dinner is ready,” Ally tells her brother.


“Arial Rounded MT Bold,” Max tells the floor.


“Max, look at me,” Ally responds.


“Dinner is ready.”


“But, Dad’s not here,” Max replies in his emotionless voice.


“I know.  He’s working late.  Come on it’s 6:00.”


“But, Dad’s not here,” Max repeats.


“I know.  He’s working late,” Ally pleads.


“You don’t want to get in trouble.  Come have dinner.”


Max returns to telling the floor, “Arial Rounded MT Bold, Arial Unicode MS, same first name.”  


Ally yells for her mother.


“Ally, don’t yell in the house,” her mother shouts from the kitchen.

Max repeats himself, “But Dad’s not here, cursive Freestyle Script, cursive Lucida Handwriting, cursive Magenta.”


Max slowly moves to the kitchen table for dinner.  With a deep sigh, Ally follows.  They eat in silence except for Max’s continual listing of fonts.


Ally remembers when Mom and Dad were fun.  When she was little and Max was just a baby.  It seemed like Dad was always home.  They played outside and Dad would push her on the swing.  Mom would carry Max around the yard telling him the colors and names of all the flowers.  The swing gone now and so are the flowers.


Ally’s Mom remembers too.  Dan was a year older and played football.  The team would come to McDonald’s after practice on Mondays.  She had started working at fourteen.  Her parents couldn’t afford much and the job gave her enough money to get a few nice things.  She felt guilty spending the money on herself, but she felt deprived at the same time.  Every time she talked to Dan she got nervous and she messed up his order.


Then, one day he started talking to her at school.  After that, they were together all the time.  It was perfect until she got pregnant.  At first, Dan didn’t believe her.  He insisted she was just late.  They broke up and he went off to college.  She was left to finish her senior year pregnant and alone.  It was suppose to be a wonderful year full of celebrations.  Instead, she stayed at home and prepared for the reality of being a single mom at seventeen.


Christmas break changed everything.  There she was looking at car seats at Walmart with tears pouring down her face.  She just wanted to go back in time when everything was perfect.  She looked up and there was Dan frozen with his high school buddies all around him.  Slowly, he walked over to her.  She wanted to run away, but she couldn’t move.  It was just like the first time she saw him when her heart pounded and her brain stopped working.  He was talking to her, but she just couldn’t seem to absorb what he was saying and then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.


College wasn’t going very good and Dan seemed relieved to leave it behind and start working for his uncle.  He worked hard and always provided for them, but everything changed with Max.  She loved them all, but sometimes she just wished she and turned and ran away.


Later that night, Ally stops before her parents know she is there and listens to their whispers.


“What’s your excuse tonight? You know consistency is important!”


“Fuck consistency!  What about us?”


“Don’t throw that at me again,” her mother snarls.


“It’s not what I signed up for either, but he’s our son.”


“So that’s it for the rest of our lives.  It’s not like he’ll ever move out and live on his own.  I just want a break.  What’s so wrong with a night out or God forbid an actual vacation. Just the two of us.”


Chapter 8


page 25

I waited at the buses for Ray, but he never showed up.  I texted him and got nothing back.  I’m so worried.  I thought I knew what love was, but now I see it is filled with worry.  What if he’s sick or hurt?  It’s just not like him to leave me waiting.


As I walk to my locker, kids keep pointing at me.  I wish I knew what was going on.  Maybe Ray has some really romantic surprise for me.  I’m so lucky to have him.


I see Jo down the hall standing against the wall.  Faded and wrinkled, but always relaxed like a panther ready to strike.  I haven’t been much of a friend lately.  Ray consumes my every thought.  Jo’s head turns and shock sets in.  Then, I see it too.  Ray and Jennifer are coming around the corner. Ray’s arm is around her waist and he is whispering in her ear.  Her dress is inching up her leg as she walks.  Ray moves in closer and licks the top of her exposed breast.  Then, he kisses her neck.  She stares with pride right at me as my heart drops to my stomach.  Everyone is looking at me and laughing with their eyes.  I run to the bathroom and throw up.  


Josephine.  She’s always there for me.  She doesn’t say anything.  She grabs my hand.  Her warmth washes through me as she walks me to class. Then, she runs down the hall with her chestnut ponytail flying behind before the late bell rings.  


It’s horrible.  Everyone is staring at me as I find an open seat in the back of the room.


I text Ray, “WTF”  


This time he texts me back.


“What did you expect?  Jen and me are made for each other.  We always have been.”


I try to hold in the pain, but my stomach isn’t listening.  Just like that, I mean nothing and she has him back. I throw up all over the floor.  Kids are screaming and laughing all at once.


Chapter 9

What’s Real?

page 27

I saw him from way off.  His glow was like no one else.  It was pure evil. The rage of hate was hot like a fire.  Not a red fire, but the really hot blue flame with bits of yellow and red.


This part of the city was unfamiliar to me, but I had to pursue him as we wound our way deeper and deeper into the city.  I never saw such an intense glow before and then he was gone in a blur.  He seemed to just vanish.  I was mesmerized.  I walked the area for hours hoping to find a clue.  The houses were old and unkempt. People snaked in and out of the alleyways.  A group huddled around an open fire for warmth.  A small boy covered in dirt with hollow eyes asked me for money as he took a deep drink from a bottle of cheap wine.  


Then, I heard a hiss.  It seemed to come from deep below the street.  I saw the steam rise from a manhole.  The closer I got the more clear it became. He drew me in.  Calling to me.  My whole body responding.  I was overcome with fear.  Every bit of my existence was terrified, but beyond my belief I saw my hand reaching down to the manhole cover.  It was blistering hot.  My eyes knew, but my hand still reached out and got burned.  I wrapped my scarf around my hand and tried again even though my brain was telling me to stop.  


I jumped back before my entire body was engulfed in pain. I just kept backing away until I finally turned and sank back to my house.  My house is my refuge from the world around me.  It is filled with cheerful trinkets and memories of the past. A time before my super powers determined my future.  A time when life seemed complicated, but was so pure compared to now.


I need help.  Before my abilities allowed me to help others, but now I needed help.  I needed Ally.  She is my soulmate, but never to be mine.  It is the curse of all superheroes.  The weakness that makes them human.  My intense love for her will never be returned.  


Together, we find the man hiding in the bowels of the earth.  It is a dangerous journey deep into the manhole we go.  As we creep forward, we are greeted by the remains of his victims.  Small, helpless children dragged into his world.  Tortured and victimized until death releases them from his world of pain.


He senses us only moments before we are upon him.  Ally Cat follows me as we trudge along, when suddenly I see the glow slip from the slits of his eyes.  With intense strength, he leaps forward at the same moment Ally Cat darts ahead of me.  Risking everything to distract him for only a moment.


A moment is all I need to encase him in my cocoon. He will never emerge like a beautiful butterfly.  He remains deep in his cavern surrounded by the spoils of his evil.  The cocoon glows from within.  He basks in the world he has created.  Forever trapped. He can no longer slither from the depths of the earth to harm the innocent.


And, then I wake up.  My heart is pounding.  I’m  drenched in sweat.  My whole body is still responding to the experience.  Ally, the most beautiful girl in the world is now Ally Cat, my side kick.  My dreams and my reality are becoming one.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

© Copyright 2021 15516. All rights reserved.

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Sharon King

I enjoyed your story. Personally, I would classify it as as novella. You definitely have voice that I can recognize!Please keep writing.

Tue, August 6th, 2013 9:03am


Thank you. I am deeply touched that you took the time to read my work and comment on it.

Tue, August 6th, 2013 7:16am

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