The Great Experience

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This peom I wrote in less than a day. I was in church when I felt like writing. At first I did not know what to write, but then I started to write some little things, and ended up writing a poem. The title cam last since I did not know what the poem was about. The title is not a lie it was a great experience. But it is mainly about how I feel.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011




The Great Experience

By: Wendy Lopez


At first I was afraid,

Afraid of what would be.

Little did I know,

That later I'd be free.

I thought it was a show,

I thought it was a trick.

It all seemed unreal,

The way it made me feel.


It all was confusing,

At the same amusing.

I got so glad,

That it made me mad.

I was in, I was out.

I would smile, I would pout

I would yell, I would scream.

It all felt like a dream.


The first time I was there,

I really did not care.

That when he said, “Hi”,

I felt like saying, “Bye”.

He tried to shake my hand.

But I didn't understand,

Why he was being kind,

What was going on his mind?


I tried to ignore,

But he waited at the door.

I couldn't resist,

So I opened my fist.

And shook his hand,

Now I understand.

Why people go there,

It's because they care.


You should meet the brothers and the sisters,too.

They'll always be there because they care for you.

But wait until you hear them sing,

It's like being under an angel's wing.

Feeling safe and sound,

Without danger around.

Without a worry,

Just feeling God's glory.


You should see how happy the little kids are.

That when it's time to come, they're the first one's in the car.

Then there's Pastor and his family,

Who will always great you so happily.

They're like a family who is united.

And already has been invited,

To be in Paradise.

Don't you think it's really nice?

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