Crystal Rose

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
About a mother and her children running from the mother's mistakes

Submitted: November 22, 2011

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Submitted: November 22, 2011




Once there was a little girl named Jessica lee Fern she was an arrogant, selfish, pushy, smart little girl, she would always get into things even when it is none of her business, but then one day her life would change forever. One day jessi was in her families garden to get some fruits and vegetables when suddenly she trip on a crystal, she pick it up and thought “this is the most beautiful I ever saw, I wonder how much its worth”?

When she was about to take the crystal home she heard noises coming out of the bushes but she just started to walk again, then she heard “give me that!” Jessi turned around and saw a woman with blonde hair, orange eyes, and a long red dress, “I don’t know what you’re talking about” said jessi “you must think I’m a fool to fall for that old trick” said the witch “Um it wasn’t a trick I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about” said jessi “SILENTS you human child and give me that crystal now!” “Finders keepers, losers weepers” “you don’t understand that crystal holds the key to the world’s destruction, now do you want to be blamed for the world’s destruction”.

“It sounds like to me that am what you want to do”, “listen, I’m going to that crystal the easy way or the hard way. It doesn’t matter to me as long as I get what t want”, “yeah…here the thing….NO” “why you little brat!” jessi started running and so did the witch”.

When jessi went home she ran straight to her room, “jessi were is the vegetables and fruits?” said her mom then suddenly the witch went to their door and blast it open “who are you!” ask jessi’s father the witch didn’t say anything, “I’ll say this once more who are….” The witch blasted him, “you monster!” cried Jessi’s mom “thank you” said the witch then she blasted her too.

Jessi went out the window and look inside to see what had happen to her parents. “you destroyed my family now I’m going to destroy this crystal!” thought Jessi “hey witch!” cried Jessi the witch turned around and saw what she was about to do.

“don’t you dare!” said the witch Jessi throw down the crystal which smash into a million pieces” NOOOOOO…..” said the witch “did you just realize what you just done?!” “Yes I destroyed the crystal the source of your powers” “Haaaa” “what’s so funny?”” you foolish child that wasn’t the source of my powers, like I said that crystal was the key to the key to the world’s destruction” “ so then I stop your evil plan” “yes you did, now guess what I’m going to do next” “what?” “I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!”

Jessi started to run but the witch was too fast for her and knock her down” face it child it’s your fault, it’s your fault that your parents are dead and it’s your fault” “for what?” for destroying that crystal!” “I’m sorry” “it’s too late for that isn’t it child?” “Goodbye” when in a quick second Jessi throws sand in the witch’s eyes.

Jessi got up and started to run again intill she and bus and got on it “it’s all my fault if I never would have found that stupid crystal my parents be dead” jessi started to cry feeling scared and guilty for what she has done.

“Were that child she is going to pay for that!” “O well I guess I’ll let out my anger out on this town” a few hours later Jessi’s home town was destroyed, there was no return for Jessi now.






New leaf

Jessi got off the bus still haunted of the memories of what happen a day ago, she knew that she would have to start a new life.” I’ve had heard of this town before but I don’t know where to go. (The town of May, “I don’t know what… then she remember “now I remember this town, this is where my aunt April lives at” she walks four blocks to her aunt’s house “ding dong” “who is it?” said aunt “ it’s me Jessica” cried jessi “hey what’s… what’s wrong? “ jessi told  the whole story.

“Sweet heart it’s alright” “no its not it’s all my fault” “no it’s not you did the right thing by destroying that crystal and coming here “yeah I guess so “ “I know so, now you want something to eat” “yeah that sounds good”. In the morning aunt April look at the news “ on today’s news we are under a state of alert, here is Jeff for more news “ well Mary I am here at the once beloved dove town now it’s a deserted town” “ do you know how this happen” I have no coverage right now but… wait! I think I see someone what it’s a woman” what is she doing?” I don’t know it just looks like she just standing there doing nothing, ‘I’m going to talk to her to see if she know what has happen”.

“Hello my name is Jeff Stone from channel 17 news channel and I just want to ask you some question” “leave me alone” said the witch “but can I ask you one question?” “Fine then” said the witch “do you know who is responsible for this mess?” “Yes I do” said the witch “well, who did this?” “…I did” then she blasted the news reporter.

She pick up the microphone “here is a message to everyone and when I mean everyone I mean the whole wide world, I’m looking for a 7 year old little girl wearing a blue t-shirt, and blue shorts if you found this girl give her to me dead or alive and if you don’t this world will be destroyed, thank you have an good day” “well that was an warm welcome” “well that’s great!” said aunt “what is it, what happen?” ask Jessi “well that witch you were talking about last night she has threaten the world and now you are wanted” “oh no” thought Jessi “I mean what am I going to do now?” ask Jessi “I know what you are going to do, you are staying in the house” said aunt “ but aunt what happens if she finds us, she might her you” “I don’t care your just a child and I’m not going to let anything happen to you, now come on so you can eat some breakfast.

Later on Jessi went into the guest room, “I can’t let this happen, I’m not just going to sit here and let anyone get hurt” whispered Jessi “I’ve got to run away again”. Jessi climb down the window and started walking “were are you going?” said aunt “well…um…you see” said Jessi “I don’t want to hear it, I know what you are going to do” said aunt “I’m sorry” said Jessi aunt April and Jessi went back inside” why were you about to run away?!” ask Jessi “I can’t just stand here and let you get hurt” said Jessi “I understand but there is still no reason for you to run away like that, you just an child” said aunt “your right I’m sorry” said Jessi “now go back to bed so you can get some rest, and no runny away” said aunt “yes ma’am” said Jessi, Jessi gave her aunt April an hug and kiss good night.









The Boy Next Door

Jessi being 16 years old has been living a good life since the accident 9 years but is this new life going to last long or is this short paradise. “Hey, aunt April need any help around the house?” ask Jessi “no why?” ask aunt “you know because I was just about to go…”said jessi “go were” said aunt “out” said jessi “were” said aunt “at a friend’s house” said jessi “and who is this friend?” ask jessi “Ashton Mill” said jessi “a boy huh?” ask aunt “Ashton a girl” said jessi “oops well you have fun then” said aunt “I will!” said jessi “remember to come home before dinner” said aunt “yes ma’am”. Jessi was walking to her friend’s house “oops I’m so sorry’ said jessi “no it’s was my fault I should have been looking” said Kyle “hey you look familiar” said jessi “yeah I’m your neighbor Kyle Jackson White” said Kyle “now I remember you, hey what up?” ask jessi “nothing I was just heading to the Library to study for a test, maybe one day we could study together” said Kyle “that would sound great” said jessi “and I was also thinking maybe tomorrow you since it’s Saturday tomorrow maybe we can go out to get something to eat” ask Kyle “that would also sound great” said jessi.

Later on jessi went home form her friend’s house then suddenly she heard noises in the ally “who’s there” ask jessi, jessi saw an shadow approaching into the light, it was Kyle “oh my goodness you scared me what were you doing over there in that alley?” ask jessi “there is a grocery store there that is where I work at, besides what are you doing here you know it’s too dangerous to be here alone” ask Kyle “what do you mean?” ask jessi “I heard on the radio that the witch is still looking for that girl and she is heading for our area” said Kyle “oh no” said jessi “what’s wrong?” ask Kyle “ can I talk to you?” ask jessi “yeah sure” jessi told him the whole story “jessi I’m so sorry” said Kyle “it’s all my fault, maybe I should go to the witch” no jessi you were just a kid you didn’t know better” said Kyle “ your right but I can’t be here anymore she will find me” said jessi “then if you are going then I am going too” said Kyle “no Kyle you need to stay here with your…” said jessi “my parents are dead” said Kyle “how?” ask jessi “in a car accident” said Kyle “I’m so sorry but you have to take care if your uncle and niece don’t you?” ask Kyle “no not really my niece is old enough to take care of him beside I’m 18” said Kyle
“well ok then” said jessi “meet me outside of my house at 9:00 pm I’ll be ready then” said Kyle jessi went home “Jessica where have you been?” ask aunt “I’ve been talking to a friend” said jessi “let me guess Ashton mill?” said aunt “no actually it was Kyle White” said jessi “that good looking guy next door?” ask aunt “yes that him” said jessi “ ohh so you like him?” ask aunt “no not like that …I mean he is a nice guy” said jessi, jessi started to blush “he sure is” said aunt “ aunt can we stop talking about him?” ask jessi “sure so are you hungry?” ask aunt.

Saturday night jessi was all pack up and ready to go, jessi climb down the window she was making sure she wasn’t being watch, she ran to Kyle’s house where she saw Kyle “hey Kyle” whispered jessi “hey, now are you sure you want to do this?” ask Kyle “I’m positive” said jessi Kyle and jessi went in the late night bus. “How many times do I have to run away, I’m so sick of this!’ said jessi “jessi don’t worry everything will be fine I promise” said Kyle, Kyle kissed jessi on the forehead, jessi blushed.

Meanwhile… jessi’s aunt woke up to check on jessi, “jessi are you asleep…” said aunt jessi was gone “oh no, where is she…what is this?’ ask aunt




Dear Aunt April,

I’m going away, I can’t stay here anymore all I will bring is trouble to you and the town, I’ve run away with Kyle, he’ll protect me, I’m sorry for everything and I hope you can forgive me

Sincerely, Jessica lee fern

P.S the witch is coming

“Oh Jessica” said aunt


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