Being human and loving it!

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Submitted: January 10, 2012

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Submitted: January 10, 2012




Chapter 1: Happy, The Angel

Once upon a time, in the paradise of Eden, lived a golden haired boy called Happy.

He had the most beautiful skin in all of Paradise. It sparkled like stardust. His emerald eyes shone with fulfillment and satisfaction and that smile was the talk of whole of Eden. His mint coloured wings were like sprays of the ocean waves, dappled by sunlight.

Happy grew up under the protective shell of his father, Time. Happy hadn’t met his mother. Her name was Change. His father had met his mother at the gates of Heaven. Her beauty was enthralling and her silver hair was like a magnificent storm, wild and out of control, and as they say opposites attract they fell in love. But just like her unique name Change would change constantly. It was impossible to pin her down or to yank away the many masks she wore to hide her true identity from the world, even from Time.

Soon after Happy was discovered in her ever-growing tummy, Change left Paradise in the dead of the night, forever. A depressed Time searched Paradise and lands beyond the dangerous ocean but Change and his unborn child were nowhere to be found.

Almost a year later, Happy, who was just a toddler, was discovered on the shore of the mighty ocean inside a basket.

This story had always bothered him and deep down he harbored a secret wish to find his mother and to find out why she left Time and him. Not that he was complaining because Time was a great father and teacher. He was just curious, like most teenagers were.

With the big bang, every thing in the galaxy fell pell-mell into the great ocean and Paradise was lost forever.

Time was flung back into the dark matter in outer space and Happy was washed ashore on Earth.

Chapter 2: Happy the Human

“Kid, are you allright?’’

Happy rubbed his eyes gingerly, and sat up. A man wearing red trunks was squatting beside him checking his pulse.

“where are my wings?’’ Happy cried out in surprise!

The man in the red trunks laughed and said, “ Hey Kid, looks like you really hit your head on a rock!’’ I’m Ethan. I can help you get cleaned up, but first are you ok? Your pulse is rocketing out of space”.

“Space…Ethan was there another….man here? Happy asked

“no, just you. Sorry. But who are you looking for?” Ethan asked

“My father”.

“I’m really sorry. By the way, what is your name?”


“wow, your parents surely were when they named you. Come on, I live right around the corner I’ll fix something for you…you look like you’re hungry.”

“Thanks” Happy took Ethan’s hand and stood up.

“What is this place?” Happy asked Ethan

“ Miami Beach, Florida”. Ethan answered with a cocky smile.

“Sorry you must be thinking that I’m from outer space”, smiled Happy

“It’s ok. Wow, you have a beautiful smile. Hey look, its my sister Freesia!” Ethan said

“Hi! Whose this?” Freesia offered me her hand

It was warm, her skin. That’s when it hit me. My skin had turned the exact shade as hers. I was human!

“This is Happy!” exclaimed Ethan

Freesia had these beautiful violet eyes and really long dark glossy hair, like the black tides of the mighty ocean at night.

Over the days, I told both Ethan and Freesia my backstory and they were both flabbergasted and intrigued. I told Freesia about my mom and how the great Galaxy Tsunami had had my father displaced.

They were really nice to me and in them I found home. Plus it was not in my disposition to be upset for long, so I started learning the ropes of being Human.

Freesia taught me how to swim and surf. She enrolled me into the local public school where I soon discovered that I had a knack for writing and painting. I was great with books and borrowed as much as I could from the school library only to the delight of the librarian, Ms. Amy Bottlenose, who was thrilled that I had a book and not an ipad in my hand.

I made friends too. There was such a palette of people on Earth. In Paradise, every angel was perfect. Here the imperfections and flaws were perfect.

Ethan got me a job at the local country club as a lifeguard, and I got a lot of attention from members of the opposite gender. But I had my eyes only for Freesia. She was completely new territory for me. The only time my heart had slammed so hard against my ribcage, was the first time Dad had taught me how to fly without holding him for support.

Soon, I earned enough money to find a crib nearby, as I didn’t want to impose on Ethan anymore. But they hauled me back into the house hands and clothes saying that I made them Happy and they wouldn’t let me go.

And it wasn’t just them, I realized. People around me were always happy. Their body language would change as I would come into their proximity. Like I had become their ability to smile for. Freesia noticed this too and suggested that I should write a book on being happy.

But what is being happy? I asked myself. Because for me it was a fleeting emotion that was never a constant fixture. True, I was always content, but how could one possibly be happy all the time?

Every night I would journal my thoughts as they flowed, unbarred like one wave upon another. I figured that as a novice to have to pen down a book on happiness I had to get all the research done and to write them down extempore as the words came to me. I spoke to people, learned their individual definitions of happiness. It was amazing- being human. And to be around them. Some were jealous or malicious but when judging the book by its content and not its cover, one had to generalize. So I figured that humans were not born evil. They just grew up in an environment that approved of them being evil.

After work, I would spend hours writing rough drafts and Freesia would always look over my shoulder trying to peek into my progress but I would always yank it out of her sight.

“Why can’t I read it? if you don’t remember I was the one who pushed you into writing in the first place? Freesia asked me with a slight frown on her face.

“ Because it’s not ready, and you really make me nervous. And because you are in it so If I let you read…”

“I’m in it? Pretty please can I read one teensy line? Please Please Please…” begged Freesia

“ No way. Uh-uh! Ethan would you please take her away!”

“Free…don’t bother him let him write. He has to submit his book next week.” Ethan smiled and led Freesia away

“Thanks E. And Freesia, I promise I will let you read my…”

“I don’t want to read your book now. I want to buy it in the bookstore and then read. I just wanted to read the part where I come in”…smiled Freesia crookedly with a very dangerous expression in her eyes. An expression that everybody has while eating chocolate or when they are seriously whipped.

Phew! I was whipped. Or mushed. Or worse.

Chapter 3: The Book

Tim Noth, editor-in-chief of Blooms Publication ,was a regular at the club. He was a man of cheerful disposition and liked me in particular because I had rid little Emma’s fear of water. So Ethan, Freesia and I decided to corner his after his swim with my final draft.

“Happy, don’t you look happy son? What can I do for you today?” Exclaimed Tim slapping my back.

“ Sir I have a book for you. And if 40 pages into it you…”

“Happy that is wonderful…I didn’t know you could write! How about you give Shirley a call and fix an appointment with me around noon tomorrow?” said Tim handing me his card

“Thanks Sir, I’m so grateful…” I said shaking his hand.

“Don’t thank me Kid…You light us all up! I will be happy to publish you, if your material is worth it. See you tomorrow.”

With a wave Tim disappeared behind his Tom Ford shades and into his Porsche Cayenne.

Ethan patted me and Freesia flung herself into my arms.

This was it. The one moment that defined forever. I drank in the details. The salty breeze, azure waters, trust fund kids in crisp tennis whites, Freesia’s shining eyes and the way holding her below the cloud decked sky made me feel. Ethan walked towards his Lifeguard chair with a knowing smile and a wave.

“Freesia, after my meeting tomorrow, no matter the outcome, I want to ask you out on a real date…” Happy said his eyes shining

“Finally!” making a twisted puppy face Freesia started walking away. “ and pick me up in a Limo will you?

Shirley looked like she was in love with me the minute I walked in. Her stern face melted stage wise. First a hint of a curve then a full-blown smile. People around her stared at her askance because in the last 10 years no one had ever seen her crack open a grin let alone a smile. So far so good.

I was taken into this very poised waiting area where a cold beverage was served. I wasn’t paying attention as I had bigger things on the line here. Tim came out personally to receive the manuscript. 40 pages into it & I knew I had him. He called the printing unit to run a 20,000 copy first run and got up to congratulate me.

He wrote me an advance cheque and asked me to join him for lunch the very next day at the country club. He also called his personal shopper to take me shopping.

The first thing I did as I passed the Tiffany window was to dash into it much to the horror of the prim personal shopper. Something dainty had caught my eye. It was tear drop pendant with an almost invisible chain. The diamond drop reminded me of the day Freesia had taken me for my first surf lesson. I relived the episode and how Freesia’s face was framed by water droplets as she surfaced from under water- my violet eyed mermaid. I bought it without blinking and spent the day with the personal shopper trying out smart tee shirts and crisp blazers. This was Miami- no suits.

Freesia was looking lovely as usual. Her dress was white and breezy. Her at ease attitude was driving me crazy. She chose the restaurant and complimented me on my new avatar. I couldn’t stop looking into her eyes; they were like the galaxy- full of light and stardust.

I took out a piece of paper and started reading:

“ Living with Freesia is like living on a beach. She makes life so easy and has no complaints or demands. She is not just a fragrant flower, for me Freesia stands for being Free- to fly through life without fear or retribution. She is not only my best friend; she is also my first love. I have never touched something more angel-like. I still remember her warm skin and those beautiful vivid eyes that instantly made me feel at home when I was a homeless angel with broken wings…..”

“I love you”, breathed Freesia from across the table.

Too stunned for words I stood up and gathered her in my arms. Her hair smelt like Spring as I buried my face in it. Without saying a word we wrote our epic moment and I fastened the chain around her neck. After a tiny gasp her fingers slipped into mine and we walked home, the silence of the night only interrupted slightly by our jagged breaths and racing hearts.

On unspoken agreement we both ended up on our backs under the sky, which was peppered with stars. Freesia couldn’t help touching the pendant & Her hand didn’t leave mine.

The cry of the seagulls nudged us awake the next morning. Ethan came up with two mugs of steaming java, and giving us a mock suspicious look pumped my hand in approval.

Chapter 4: Ever after…

Freesia, Ethan and I moved to New york. Ethan became a professional photographer and Freesia pursued her hobby of fine arts at T.I.S.C.H. at NYU. I became the international bestseller everybody was talking about. If Life was a pie I had the cream.

They say people change with time and money, but our bond was unbreakable. Ethan and I bought a beautiful house on Park Avenue and the three of us lived happily together. I had found friends and in the process lost family. But they were my family now. And when I look into the mirror some days the mirror surprises me by showing me my wings. They had grown back again - which truly meant that life had come a full circle for me.

The End

Vasudha Seksaria

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