12 The Power Of Love

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This is my twelfth short story. by Faisal Fransu


The Power Of Love

By Faisal Fransu



The kingdoms of Shemalia and Janubia were always at war with one another for no big reasons. But to tell you the truth, the country of Janubia was always the first to start the war. The land of Shemalia was a peaceful country, but it had to fight in order to defend itself from Janubian attacks.

Perhaps you would like to know a little bit about each kingdom. So I’ll do my best to answer all of your questions.

The name ‘Shemalia’ comes from the Arabic word ‘shemal,’ which means ‘north.’ Therefore, from this name you can guess that the weather was very cold. In fact, the Shemalians didn’t know what summer was, because it was always snowing there. Since the Shemalians loved their weather, there were very few people living in the southern part of the country, because it was near the warm kingdom of Janubia. The Shemalians numbered around ninety million, and they lived in an area of forty-four million square kilometres.

Janubia, on the other hand, is an Arabic word that means ‘south.’ It shared a border with Shemalia, which was probably the most dangerous border in the whole world. The Janubians numbered around two hundred million. They inhabited an area around seventeen million square kilometres.

The people of Janubia were never contented with what they had. They always wanted more. . Therefore, King Bosty Loudy called for a meeting with all the politicians of his country to discuss their next war with Shemalia. He said to them, “I think that the population of our country is very small. Also, we do not have as many riches as the Shemalians do. Therefore, I’m going to conquer the city of Hududa, which is right on the boarder with our country. Then it will become a city of our country. What do you think?”

Most of his politicians agreed to this proposal. Therefore, a message was sent to all the Janubian soldiers to get ready to invade the Shemalian city of Hududa within seven days. It was decided that they would first send their air force to invade the city, and then the ground forces would enter the city. They were going to destroy every government building in the city. However, the soldiers were told not to attack the civilian population. Their only goal was to separate Hududa from the rest of the country.

When the people of Shemalia heard that one of their cities was going to be taken by their enemies, their king ordered all the soldiers to prepare themselves to defend the city. Although the population of Shemalia was smaller than that of Janubia, it had a bigger army than the other country.

When the day of the invasion had come, the Janubian planes were flying swiftly toward the Shemalian city of Hududa. Despite their army being smaller than that of the other side, the Janubian soldiers were fierce and swift. But, the Shemalian army, which had more airplanes than the Janubian army, was ready to meet its enemies.

When the Shemalian soldiers saw the swiftness of the Janubian planes, many of them began to retreat. They knew how angry and cruel their enemies were.

When the first Janubian plane had almost reached the city, it sent a flying rocket which destroyed two planes that were defending the city. As the rest of the Shemalian soldiers were observing the destruction of two of their planes, they began retreating a little, which made it easier for the enemies to enter the city.

Then the great battle began! The Janubian air force was attacking the Shemalian planes so swiftly that the city had been captured in less than half an hour. Many of the Shemalian planes were destroyed and those who were on them were dead. The rest of the defending force had left the city in the hands of the invaders. All the government buildings in the city of Hududa had been bombed. Luckily, no one was killed or injured, because no other buildings had been bombed.

Later that day, King Bosty Loudy sent an email to the king of Shemalia that said, “The city of Hududa is now ours. If you attempt to retake it, we’ll take more cities from your country.”

The king of Shemalia said to one of his generals, “Why did you retreat and leave the city in the hands of our enemies?”

The general explained, “We couldn’t defend the city even if we had stayed, because your whole army would have been destroyed! Even though our army is bigger than that of the enemies, yet they are so swift that ten of our planes would be destroyed before we could respond to the first attack.”

Several days later, the Shemalians attempted to retake the city of Hududa, but their whole southern region was captured by the enemies. So now the Janubians had the entire southern region of Shemalia under their control.

When that had been accomplished, King Bosty Loudy said to his officials, “Why don’t we take the rest of Shemalia? We’ll bring most of their population to our country to become our slaves. Then every Janubian citizen who’s a slave will be freed.”

Two weeks later, the whole country of Shemalia was under the control of the Janubians. Most of the Shemalian population had been taken to Janubia as captives. The Shemalians became the slaves of the Janubians.

One winter morning, Prince Truelove, the son of King Bosty Loudy, was walking in one of the streets of his capital when his eyes fell on a beautiful Shemalian slave girl who was cleaning her master’s garden. Instantly Prince Truelove fell in love with her. So he went near the gate of the house and said to her, “Excuse me, please.”

When she heard his voice, she went to the gate to look at him. She was shocked to hear a Janubian person calling her politely.

“What can I do for you, sir?” she finally broke the silence.

Prince Truelove was touched by her sweet voice that he would have cried if he would not have restrained himself.

“Well I’m here just to say hello,” he said rather nervously.

The girl thought that she was dreaming. A Janubian had come to say hello to her?

“Come in, please,” she said as she opened the gate for him.

The prince did not wait for a second invitation but entered the garden and said, “I’m Prince Truelove.”

“The prince of my captors wants to see me?” she asked in bewilderment.

He realized that his people had been very cruel to her people. So he said, “I acknowledge that my people have wronged your people. Yes, I’m against my father the king who conquered your country and brought all your people here to become our slaves. Please accept my humble apology.”

“Apology accepted,” she smiled in her sweet manner.

Just then, her master came into the garden. When he saw that his slave was talking to a man, he was furious with her.

“Who gave you permission to let strangers into my garden?”

If it weren’t for the prince’s protecting arm, her master would have struck her.

“I gave her permission to let me in,” laughed the prince.

“And who are you?” scowled her evil master.

“You don’t know who I am?” the prince was surprised that someone in his own country did not know him. “I’m Prince Truelove.”

At this, the master came and fell at the prince’s feet and said, “I beg your forgiveness, sir. But Why are you talking to my useless slave?”

“Because I want to take her from you,” replied the young man.

“You mean you want her to become your slave?” the cruel master asked.

“Of course,” responded the prince.

The cruel master could not refuse the prince’s request. So he sold the girl to the prince of Janubia, who was in love with her.

“But you still haven’t told me what your name is,” he laughed as they were walking in one of the splendid streets of Janubia city.

“My name is Rachel,” she told him. She felt safe with him, since he was the first Janubian to be kind to her.

Rachel served the prince faithfully. He was a very kind master. In fact, she felt that the work was too easy for her.

Meanwhile, Prince Truelove could not keep his secret from her any longer. So one fine afternoon, he called her into his room and said to her, “From the moment my eyes fell on you, I could not help loving you. I love you to death, Rachel. Will you marry me?”

“I love you too, O dear prince,” she replied, blushing. “But I cannot marry you.”

“And why not?” he asked, coming closer to her and laying his hand on her shoulder.

“Because you’re the son of my captors,” she said. “How can I marry you when your father has brought my people into slavery in your country? How can I marry you when your people hate my people?”

When the prince appeared at dinner that night, he did not look happy at all. What Rachel had told him concerning the cruelty of his nation towards hers was true. But he swore that he would marry her even if it meant turning against his father the king.

“What’s bothering you, dear?” asked the queen. “Why are you so sad?”

“Because I love a Shemalian girl,” replied her son. “But she doesn’t want to marry me unless we release her people from slavery.”

“Are you crazy?” scowled his father, King Bosty Loudy. “How can you love a slave girl?”

“She’s very sweet and pretty,” moaned the prince.

“Can’t you marry her against her will?” asked his father, more quietly now.

“What’s the purpose of marriage if there’s no love in it?” said his son.

The next morning, King Bosty Loudy was chatting with his wife when their conversation was interrupted by a slave who was carrying a note from Prince Truelove. Here it is:

“To my father, King Bosty Loudy,


I have decided that if you do not release the Shemalians from their captivity and pull out of their country, I am no longer your son. I will no longer be a prince. I am also thinking to start a revolution that would overthrow you. I’m doing all this because of my love for Rachel, the slave girl from Shemalia.

From your son,


Prince Truelove of Janubia”

For the first time in his life, King Bosty Loudy felt depressed and scared. He certainly did not want to lose his kingship. So he called for his prime minister and said to him, “I’m thinking to release all the Shemalian slaves. My son is in love with one of their women, and if I don’t free them, my own son will revolt against me. But how can I convince the other politicians to agree with me?”

“That’s where you will need my wisdom to help you,” smiled the prime minister. “I request that you should send a Shemalian woman to become the slave of every politician who’s not married. When he falls in love with her and asks her to marry him, she’ll refuse of course. So then he’ll be on your side in releasing the Shemalian slaves. When that happens, those women will certainly want to marry those politicians who have freed them by their love.”

“Then go and do as you’ve said,” remarked the king.

But five minutes later, the prime minister returned to the king and reported that twenty-five men had already fallen in love with Shemalian women. But the women had refused them, because they were their captors. So the only way to let those womento agree to marry the twenty-five politicians was by freeing all the Shemalian slaves.

Several months later, all the Shemalians were back in their country again. Their country had been returned to them. For the first time in hundreds of years, numerous treaties were signed between the two kingdoms.

Prince Truelove and Rachel were now a happy couple who lived in the capital of Janubia. King Bosty Loudy had also reformed. His new name became King Gentle Humble.

Let me leave you with the words of a former Shemalian slave girl: “They conquered and enslaved us by cruelty, but we conquered and captivated their hearts by love, and by our beauty.”

The end.


Submitted: March 01, 2013

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