A Heart-Melting Love

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This story contains elements of romance, mystory and crime. by Faisal Fransu

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



A Heart-Melting Love

By Faisal Fransu


Mrs. Barbra Arthur said to her grade 11 English students one nice afternoon, “We won’t be in this room for today. Mr. Arthur, who is my husband and also teaches at this school, has invited us to watch a Harry Potter movie with his class. Leave all your stuff here, because we’ll leave his class just before the end of the period. And I’ll be locking the door.”

So all the boys and girls who were in Mrs. Arthur’s class preceded to the next room, where they would be watching a movie with her husband’s class. Among these students was an orphan named Joseph. His parents had died years ago. So he lived in an orphanage. He was blind, which made him different from the rest of the students. They treated him like a stranger.

Earlier that same day, Joseph was telling Samantha how much he loved her. But sadly, she did not love him. As she was going away she said, “You’ll hate me very soon.”

The movie that Mrs. Arthur’s class watched was ‘Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban,’ which is the third movie in the Harry Potter series. Although Joseph could not see, nevertheless he enjoyed the music and the dialog. He had read all of the Harry Potter books and had seen all the movies as well.

When Joseph was on his way to the orphanage after school that day, he opened his backpack to get his headphones. To his amazement, he found a piece of cake wrapped in a paper towel. He recognized at once that it was from Mrs. George, the teacher of food and nutrition. He had taken that class the previous year and had loved it. So Joseph unwrapped the little piece of cake and started eating it.

“Thanks a lot, Mrs. George,” he said in his heart.

When the buss reached the orphanage, which Joseph called home, a young woman was waiting for him. As he was saying goodbyes to the buss driver and the remaining students, she led him into the building. Her name was Rachel. Joseph treated her like a mother, because she had taken a good care of him ever since he came to live in the orphanage.

About an hour later, Joseph began to feel dizzy and he even started throwing up. Finally, he became as dead as a ghost. Rachel and another woman from the orphanage rushed him to a nearby hospital, where he was examined by a well known physician.

“Joseph is poisoned. What was the last thing he ate?”

Both women shook their heads. They were confused. But Rachel even cried.

“He’s not dead,” said the doctor. “He’ll revive in about an hour from now. However, he must stay here for at least a week. We’ll do whatever we can to weaken the affects of the poison.”

Joseph’s case was reported to the school and an investigation had been ordered. Many students felt sorry for Joseph, but none of them visited him. He wasn’t surprised, however, because he knew them very well. A friend that cannot prove his friendship is not a friend.

As the doctor had said, Joseph was able to leave the hospital within a week and returned to school. Most people acted normally at his return as if nothing had happened. But this is not to say that no one was happy to see him again.

For the first time, Samantha talked to him and tried to sit with him during lunch as much as possible. He could not comprehend the sudden change that had come to her. Nevertheless, he was happy that the girl who did not like him before he was sick was now one of the few students who talked to him everyday.

One afternoon, Samantha took Joseph to an empty classroom, and after closing the door behind her, she turned to him and said in a voice of regret, “Do you still love me, Joseph?”

“I’ll keep loving you until I die,” he replied softly.

“Joseph, I almost killed you!” she cried.

“So was that you who put the little piece of cake in my backpack?” he asked with a quivering voice.

“Yes! That was me!” she told him, still crying. “If you want to kill me, please do it now! But please don’t report me to the police! I would rather die in your own hands!”

“Far be it from me to do such a thing!” exclaimed Joseph, horrified. “But I will not report you either.”

“Do you mean to leave me unpunished after I’ve tried to murder you?” she asked in astonishment.

“I can’t punish you because I still love you,” he said quietly.

“But I don’t deserve your love!” she protested.

“Well I can’t stop loving you,” he smiled.

Samantha put her arms around him and wept like a child. She was deeply moved by his love. So she promised to do whatever she could to be worthy of his love.

However, this is not where the story ends. There’s still more to go!

One day, Joseph was called to the principal’s office, where he was told that Samantha had been sentenced to two years imprisonment for trying to murder him through a poisoned cake.

“I knew that it was Samantha who gave me that poisoned cake,” replied Joseph, disappointed. “But I forgave her and we even became best friends!”

“But the law says that she must stay in prison for two years,” responded the principal.

“If I forgave her, then what right does the law have to judge her?” Joseph said angrily. Because she tried to murder me, I alone can decide whether she should be punished or not!”

“Well I can’t do anything for you, Joseph,” the principal told him calmly.

“Either let me go and stay in prison with Samantha or release her!” he said furiously.

But the principal told him that he could not do that. So Joseph went home with a broken spirit. For two days, he did not eat or drink anything. He did not even go to school. In fact, he never left his room.

Finally, Joseph fell ill and was immediately taken to the hospital. The doctor said that he would not live for very long, because there was no blood left in him.

For this reason, Samantha was released from her imprisonment and went to see Joseph right away. She knew that his illness was the cause of her freedom. Samantha promised never to hurt anyone in the future.

The last two hours of Joseph’s life were spent with his sweetheart. She kept crying and saying that she did not deserve his love. Finally, Joseph’s spirit left this world. Samantha decided that she would never merry, because she could not love anyone with the same love that she loved Joseph. No one made any sacrifices for her sake.

The end.

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