A Lover In Despair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here's another story from my heart. Hope it will touch your heart!

A Lover In Despair

By Faisal Fransu


The story begins on the afternoon of a Holy Thursday. When lunch was over, all the students at Learninghouse high school returned to their classes. But there was a student in Mrs. Godfree’s religion class who wasn’t taking that course. So what was he doing in that class? And why was he skipping his own class? Mrs. Godfree will explain.

“Good afternoon, everybody. Because we are in the Passion week, I’ve decided to invite one of my former students that I taught last year, to speak to you. He’s an inspirational person. But I shall let him tell his own story. So help me to welcome Sargon Hoob!”

Sargon smiled and said, “Well hello, everybody. I would like to thank Mrs. Godfree for inviting me to speak to you during this holy week. So let me tell you a little about myself. So I was born in Iraq, which is mentioned in the Bible many times… --- But I was born blind. I didn’t go to school until I came to this country several years ago.” Then he went on to explain various matters, which are not worthy to be recorded. But the important thing that he told the students was that he was very lonely.

So when the speech was over, many of the students agreed to talk to him whenever they could. But he didn’t believe them, because he had heard many such promises.

A few days after this speech, Sargon was visited by a couple of girls during lunch. They said that they were from Mrs. Godfree’s class. One of them was named Pearla, which Sargon found to be an interesting name. It fitted her perfectly.

But to his disappointment, they only stayed for less than ten minutes. Two days later, the two girls sat with him again; for also ten minutes. They didn’t sit with him again until the next week. He could feel that they weren’t really interested in sitting with him.

Now in one of his classes, there was a girl who sat with him every day. So he said to her one day, “I think that Pearla is very pretty.”

“Do you like her?” asked his friend, whose name was Olive.

“I do,” he responded.

“Would you like me to tell her?” asked Olive.

“O no thanks,” he sighed. “I’ve been rejected by all the girls that I’ve had feelings for. So I’ll forget about Pearla in a few days.”

“I’m going to text her anyway,” persisted Olive.

If Olive hadn’t texted Pearla, Sargon would’ve forgotten about her and everything would’ve been fine. But because she texted her, it kept Sargon in suspense, which meant that he thought of her more and more, until his feelings had increased.

A week past and there was no answer from Pearla. So Sargon decided to message her on Facebook. He wrote, “Hi Pearla. Did you get Olive’s message?”

And she wrote back, “Yes.”

“So do you have an answer for me?” he asked next.

“Well, I’m so sorry, but I only like you as a friend,” was the declaration that stabbed him in the heart. “And I want to focus on school right now.”

Sargon was utterly broken. All his hopes were dashed to the ground. The moment she rejected his love, he loved her even more, which is what happens with most gentlemen.

But it was all Olive’s fault. If she hadn’t texted Pearla none of this would have happened. Back then, his feelings for her weren’t that strong. They only became stronger when she rejected him. But what cannot be cured must be endured.

So for about a year and a half, he pleaded with her to try and love him, but to no avail. It was like chasing after the wind. He was falling deeper and deeper into despair, or “the slough of despond,” to use John Bunyan’s words.

Nevertheless, to tell you the truth, Sargon tried to love other girls to make him forget Pearla. However, he could not stop himself from loving her. There were a few girls who would have been glad to date him, but he felt that he could not give them his heart, since it was with Pearla.

Finally, Sargon lost interest in all fun activities, and he was always miserable looking. He even slept without supper at times, because his grief was too much for him.

His teachers were telling him to see a doctor or someone who could help him with his “depression,” as they called it. However, he knew in his heart that no one could fix his heart except the person who broke it.

At last, driven to despair, he made up his mind to do something. So one night, having had no supper, he left his house all by himself, and just kept walking. Of course, his energy could not last for very long, so after an hour of walking, he collapsed onto a sidewalk and fell into a swoon. It was very cold and snowing hard. So Sargon, the lover in despair, was being buried in the snow mercilessly.

The next morning, as Pearla was getting ready for school, she looked out the window and noticed an object that looked like a person buried in the snow. Only a part of the person’s coat was visible. So she went outside to investigate. She managed to get the object out of the snowy grave. What was her horror when she discovered that it was Sargon, the boy she had rejected! For a moment, her heart stood still. Guilt could be read on her face.

But there was no time to lose. So she composed herself and rushed into the house to call 911. The ambulance was there in no time. So Sargon was taken to the hospital. Pearla went with them as well.

Of course she was not permitted to enter the patient’s room. Therefore, she decided to post a prayer request on her Facebook page. However, before she had a time to write anything, she noticed that she had an unread message. This is what it said:

“Dear Pearla,


This pain is more than I can bear. I’m drowning in the ocean of grief. So I’ve decided to give up everything-school and everything. So I will run away… I don’t care where I end up. But I sincerely hope that you have a wonderful life.


Yours always,


Sargon Hoob.”

And then she realized the full extent of her guilt. She had murdered an innocent man by her rejection! To add to her misery, no one noticed her sorrow. It was as if the whole world had turned against her. She was praying with all her heart to be forgiven.

A nurse came out to her and said, “Do you know this gentleman?”

“Yes, and I’ve killed him!” whaled Pearla.

“What are you talking about?” said the nurse somewhat angrily.

“He loved me with all his heart. But I rejected him. He was in so much pain that he decided to take his own life.”

“No, he didn’t commit suicide,” the woman assured her. “He’s awake and is asking for you.”

So Pearla followed the nurse into the patient’s room, where she broke down in tears. She held him tight and cried as if her heart would break.

“I’m so sorry, Sargon! I didn’t deserve all this love from you. --- And I promise to be all yours from now on.”

“No, I don’t want you to love me just because of guilt,” he finally spoke.

“No, it’s not just guilt, but I’ve also learned to love you. Please don’t send me away from you, for it would break my already broken heart!”

“I will never send you away from me, Pearla. Your name means pearl, and you’re my only sweet pearl.”

Submitted: December 18, 2014

© Copyright 2021 199429. All rights reserved.

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