A Mournful Ghost

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Here's the first story under my new name.

Submitted: April 23, 2016

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Submitted: April 23, 2016



A Mournful Ghost

By Donald Fransu


Mr. and Mrs. Winters lived in a humble apartment in the town of Leftville. They didn’t have any children, which is why their apartment contained only one bedroom. To tell you the truth, they would’ve had at least one child if it hadn’t been for something that they did. But more of that later.

They both worked as doctors at the nearest hospital. So they had a good income.

So now that we’ve met Mr. and Mrs. Winters, let’s proceed to the actual story which concerns them.

When Mrs. Winters came from work one evening, the supper was sitting on the table, ready to be devoured. Her husband always came home before her. So he cooked the supper.

They were both so tired that they went to bed earlier than usual. Sometimes a good supper makes a person drowsy.

In the middle of the night, Mr. and Mrs. Winters were awakened by an unearthly visitor. They both opened their eyes at the same moment, and discovered a bodiless girl floating in midair. They could not tell what her age was, simply because age doesn’t exist in the spirit world. But there was something in her face that melted their hearts. Deep sadness. It was as if she had cried out her eyes. She looked at them in a way that suggested that they had wronged her somehow.

The next morning, Mr. and Mrs. Winters got up, ate breakfast, and went to work as usual. But they could not forget the dream that they’d had. They discussed it among themselves and concluded that it was nothing but a dream.

“Do you remember how she looked at us as if we had done something terrible to her?” Mrs. Winters had asked.

“I don’t remember doing anything terrible to anyone,” her husband replied.

“And neither do I,” she said.

Most dreams occur only once. But the bodiless girl kept appearing to Mr. and Mrs. Winters every night. So it had to be more than a dream.

On the seventh day, which happened to be a Sunday, Mr. Winters and his wife went to the nearest church to have a chat with the pastor. Their views differed greatly from the pastor’s. Nevertheless, they were great friends with him and his wife.

“What a surprise!” he exclaimed as he beheld them entering the church. Nevertheless, he was glad they had come.

After everybody had left the church, Mr. Winters and his wife were left alone with the pastor. So they told him about the apparition that had been haunting their sleep for the last seven nights.

When Pastor Jonah heard this, he looked excited. He replied, “Believe it or not, I’ve been having the same dream for the last seven nights! But instead of looking sad, the bodiless girl was smiling at me in an encouraging way.”

After further discussion, Mr. Winters said, “I’m almost convinced about the existence of spirits.”

“And if spirits are real, why can’t God be also?” were the words of the pastor as he concluded the discussion.

As they were getting into the car to drive home, Mrs. Winters suddenly exclaimed, “An idea just hit me! Why don’t we sleep in a different house? Just to see if the ghost will still appear to us.”

Her husband agreed to this proposal. But instead of sleeping in the same house, he slept at his family’s house, while his wife slept at her aunt’s home.

Something different happened that night. The ghost appeared to both of them at the same time. This time, however, it spoke to Mrs. Winters.

“Who do you think I am?” it asked.

“How am I supposed to know?” replied Mrs. Winters as she recovered from the shock of hearing the ghost speak. “All I know is that you’re a ghost.”

“And who do you think ghosts are?” was the next question.

“People say that ghosts are the spirits of the dead,” was the reply.

“Which means that these spirits were humans before they died,” said the ghost.

“I suppose so,” answered Mrs. Winters.

And then the ghost cried out with a mournful voice, “But you did not believe in my humanity when you aborted me!”

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