Eight Cities

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

This story is both fun and confusing. But Hope you enjoy it!

~~Eight Cities: A Humorous Story
By Faisal Fransu

The story that I’m going to tell is filled with funny names. So sit down, and have a handkerchief with you in case you laugh very hard and tears  of merriment fill your eyes.
If you have a map of the land of Eightia, you will notice that the country is divided into eight cities. As you know, most countries are divided into provinces or states, and they have more than just eight cities. But this country is very small. In fact, its population is about sixteen thousand people. But it had a government and eight cities.
At first, the cities of the land of Eightia didn’t have names, but were called by their numbers, like City 1, City 3, etc. Each city has a population of two thousand people. Cities 1-4 are located in the northern part of the country, while cities 5-8 are in the south. City 1 is also the capital.
Well one day, cities 5-8 rebelled against the government. So the country was split into two countries. The northern country had cities 1-4, while the southern country contained cities 5-8.
After the rebellion, the people of City 1 said to one another, “Let’s send our men to Cities 2-4 to take everything that they have. Then we’ll be the richest city in the Northern Country!”
So on the first day of this operation, the men of City 1 entered City 2 and took everything except the people. There was nothing left except the people. Now the people of this country could survive without food for at least a year. So when everything had been taken from City 2, it was renamed Nothing City, because there was nothing left there.
On the second day of this operation, the men of City 1 were sent to City 3 to take some of the things that the city contained, except the people. So City 3 was renamed Something City, because some things were left there. The invaders only took what they could carry.
Then the people of City 1 said, “What should we take from City 4?” Some said, “We’ll take just the things that we want.”
So on the third day of this operation, the soldiers of City 1 were sent to City 4 to take anything that they wanted. So City 4 was renamed Anything City.
When the people of City 1 had taken everything that they could and desired, their city was renamed Everything City. So here are the new names of the northern cities: Everything City, Nothing City, Something City, and Anything City.
After that, the people of City 5 saw what City 1 had done, and they said to one another, “Let’s do the same thing with cities 6-8! But we’ll only take the people of those cities to become our slaves.”
So on the first day of their invasion, the men of City 5 took all those who lived in City 6 as captives. Therefore, City 6 was renamed Nobody City. The men, the women and the children were all carried to City 5 to become slaves.
On the second day of this war, the invaders entered City 7 to take its people as captives. However, some of the inhabitants of City 7 had fled the city. So because some of them remained uncaptured, City 7 was renamed Somebody City, because some of its people were taken and some of them had already fled.
The number of the slaves began to grow. So on the third day, the soldiers were told to take just the people that they wanted. Therefore, City 8 was renamed Anybody City, because the soldiers from City 5 took anybody who was outside at the time of their arrival.
So here are the new names of the southern cities: Everybody City, Nobody City, Somebody City and Anybody City.
Some of the people who had fled from Somebody City before its invasion went to another country. They asked the government of that foreign country to do something about their land.
The king of the foreign country said to them, “At first, all the eight cities belonged to one country. But then you decided to split into two countries. Then the people of City 1 and City 5 began to oppress the rest of the population. Therefore, all we need to do is to attack these two cities. However, I’ll try to restore your country to you through talks first. If talks don’t work, then we’ll have to declare war on them.”
So when City 1 and City 5 heard that the foreign kingdom was going to declare war on them, they were dismayed, because their army was nothing compared to that of the foreign kingdom. Therefore, City 1 decided to restore everything that they had taken from the other northern cities, while City 5 did the same for the rest of the southern cities. However, the eight cities retain their new names to this day.
After this, the north and the south were unified into one country again.

Submitted: August 31, 2015

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